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Oct 26th
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Latest "Dicksian" Satire for Mr. Trump and his Few Fil-Am Supporters

WEDNESDAY's WiTkipedia (sic) SATIRE.

By Bobby M. Reyes

My Facebook friend, Belden Granada, often lobs daily his figurative version of a grenade (pun intended) against his favorite targets, the POTUSki and his Trumputinski fanatics. Here is Belden's latest "grenade": QUOTE. Richard Nixon was known as "Tricky Dicky." Trump? Total Dick. UNQUOTE.

Well, as the co-founder of the Philippine-American Society of Pundits, Humorists and Wags (PASPHaW), I am extending an invitation to Belden to join us. My co-founder, Poet-pundit Fred Burce Bunao (now deceased) would have been so proud of Belden and his punditry, especially his exercise of wit and humor.

Well, for the information of Belden and other American pundits, humorists and wags of Filipino descent, here are some of the latest so-called "WiTkipedia" Dicksian (sic) tall tales about the POTUSki and his few Fil-Am supporters:

1.) Many of his Fil-Am detractors call him the 21st-century version of Gen. Benedict Arnold. But they spell it "Benedick."

2.) All PASPHaW members call the POTUSki the "Small Dick," per the Ms. Stormy's now-infamous standard.
However, there is no truth to the rumor that Playboy bunnies call him, Ms. Karen's "small McDickgal, oops, McDickguy" benefactor.

3.) PASPHaW members claim that Fil-Am Republican "Never-Trumper" critics make fun of the POTUSki's brain by calling it the "Dickiam." This is obviously a pun of the "Dikiam," the Filipinos' favorite Chinese fruit preserve that is prune-sized.

4.) Fil-Am human-rights activists allegedly spell "DicKtator" as the term for the wannabe despot, whom this writer has described as the "American version of Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Idi Amin of Uganda -- combined."

5.) Fil-Am workers in Hollywood (CA) claim that Mr. Trump was offered in 2005 the lead role of a planned remake of the 1990 detective film "Dick Tracy" (that starred Warren Beatty). But Mr. Trump supposedly backed out after he learned that the title of the new film was "Dick Crazy."

6.) Even the Overseas-Filipino workers (OFWs) in the United Kingdom have jumped into the punning exercise. They claim that the British Royal Navy would allegedly honor Mr. Trump by naming after him the 12th version of the HMS Discovery, the maiden warship of which was first launched in 1789. The new British man-o-war would be named the "HMS Dickscovery."

Wow, the "BritNoys" -- the Bicolano OFWs in the U.K. -- must have read my 2007 satire (as reprinted as a Facebook Note):

7.) The U.S. Secret Service allegedly uses a double for the POTUS and calls it the "Dickcoy" (sic).

8.) The Fil-Am pundits call the man-made disasters such as the unnecessary COVID cases and more-than 210,000 deaths as "Dicksasters," which could have been avoided by the use of face masks, social distancing, frequent washing of hands and avoidance of crowds in bars and restaurants, rallies, etc.

9.) The Fil-Am critics morbidly call the victims of the "Dicksasters" as the "Unfortunate Dickceased" -- as the "Small Dick, et al" have the victims' blood on their dirty hands. And finally . . .

10.) OFWs and Overseas Filipinos worldwide -- from the sands of Arabia to the deserts of Nevada -- have changed the spelling of "Dikdik," which is the Filipino process of pulverizing, grinding or pounding and which term is usually applied to nuts. Filipinos now use the new spelling, "DickDick," to honor Mr. Trump and his equally-nutty supporters.

Wow, what can you say of Belden and the PASPHaWers use of wit, humor and satire? A double "Wow"? # # # 

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