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Nov 30th
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Enjoy the Turkey and All the Trimmings Today and Prepare for a Recession Tomorrow

Enjoy the Turkey and All the Trimmings Today and Prepare for Economic Slowdown, If Not a Recession, Tomorrow in the USA and RP

NOTE: The author brings back to the Front Page this November 2007 article, as the world now faces lots of crises, especially in the Middle East, compounded by acts of terrorism. All of these factors may usher in a severe economic slowdown in 2016. So, Dear Readers, please heed the warning ... But at least let us all enjoy the Thanksgiving Weekend this year and the coming 2015 Advent Season. Mabuhay!

By Bobby M. Reyes of Sorsogon City and West Covina, CA.

{xtypo_quote} It is better to be poor in a poor country than be poor in a rich country.

                                                       – Max V. Soliven {/xtypo_quote}

The words of the late Max V. Soliven will be one of the consoling facts for Filipinos when the perceived economic recession arrives in the United States and affects the economy of the Philippines.

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  • mabuhay : According to some of his critics, a GOP presidential aspirant should be called "Donald 'Dock' Trump," as he is like a dock, any of several usually broad-leaved weedy plants (as of the genus Silphium). Yes, many claim that Mr. Trump is like a political weed that must be rooted out. -- As published first in the «link»
  • mabuhay : More on now West Covina Mayor Fred Sykes who is running for reelection to the City Council in the Nov. 3rd election:«link» FYI.
  • mabuhay : Happy Halloween to all our Dear Readers and their children &/or grandkids.
  • mabuhay : Pls read «link» President Sergio Osmena was one of the founding fathers of the PH Republic.
  • mabuhay : A Lesson in Sports History. Lolo Bobby asked his grandson, Dean Molina Reyes, if he knew that bowling was invented in the Middle East? And that the first bowling place was named "Alley Baba and his 40 Lanes"? Dean is a rated high-school bowler. --As posted first in the «link»
  • mabuhay : May the Lord Almighty bless us all. May God hopefully remove someday from mortal hearts the hatred for some fellow men & women simply because they do not share 100% their religious beliefs. «link»
  • mabuhay : As a Catholic, my heart breaks for the many Muslim refugees because they too trace their religious roots to Abraham -- just like our Jewish brethren and other Christians. But I wonder why the Muslim refugees do not seek sanctuary in other Muslim countries that are relatively free from turmoil & civil wars. Know why? If the Muslim refugees are Sunnis, they are not welcome by Shiite countries like Iran. If they are Shiites, then they are not welcome by Sunni nations like Saudi Arabia. May the Lord
  • mabuhay : The bulls are no longer running in the Chinese stock market. A worldwide recession is on the horizon. Pls read: «link» Let's keep our fingers crossed & hope that the recession will not happen.
  • mabuhay : Another good friend, Francesco Quinn​ (a son of Anthony Quinn​) died on Aug. 5, 2011. I wrote this piece about him: «link» God bless you, Francesco.
  • mabuhay : May 1st is Labor Day in the Philippines. Here's the biography of the main founder of the PH Labor Movement, Don Belong de los Reyes: «link» Happy Labor Day!

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