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Mar 31st
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A "Firearms Bond" to Prevent Mass Shootings in the United States

One-hundred Essays Before a 77th Birthday
Part 4/100, Jan. 24, 2023.

T his journalist has been campaigning for a "Firearms Bond" to prevent mass shootings in the United States.
@ TIME Magazine Can you please do an article about an urgent bill calling for the mandatory requirement of a "Firearms Bond"? Here are the details of my postings in 2020 and 2021 about the suggested "Firearms Bond":

A FIREARMS BOND PROPOSAL was published again on Feb. 4, 2022, in the Philippine Daily Mirror (PDM) of NYC. It said "It will be easy for a bolder President Biden and his allies in the US Congress to push the necessary legislation to require the 'firearms bond' as a precondition for gun ownership." Here is the link to the article:

The PDM column on "firearms bond" mentioned the link also to its discussion on Facebook and the fact it was sent to then presidential primary candidates Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden in January 2020.

If only the Executive Department and the U.S. Congress passed legislation in Spring 2020, then many of the shooters in mass killings from its passage in 2020 up to now could have been stripped of their right to possess firearms, as they could not obtain the firearms bond. Why? Private insurance companies are more-strict (than gun registration or purchase) in vetting the gun would-be buyer. Insurance firms do just issue third-party liability to car owners and homeowners coverage (if the firearms-bond insurance is included in it) or bonds without checking on the insured person's background.

Thank you, TIME Magazine.

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