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Jul 24th
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Isabelo de los Reyes, Founder of the Philippine Labor Movement, Among Other Titles

T oday, July 7, 2014, is the 150th birthday of Isabelo "Don Belong" de los Reyes. As his grandson-in-law and a charter member of the Philippine History Group of Los Angeles, CA, Bobby M. Reyes and his wife, Ceny de los Reyes-Reyes, launched the organization of a U.S.A.-based committee to undertake the celebration of Don Belong's 150th birth anniversary. However, as materials were not completed on time, the commemoration will be moved to Oct 10, 2015, Don Belong's death anniversary. Further announcements will be made in this website and in Facebook at this URL:

This article is from the official file of the Philippine Senate, as annotated by Bobby M. Reyes, a grandson-in-law of Isabelo de los Reyes. The annotation and correction come in italics.

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  • mabuhay : There is a "Civil War" in the Republican Party & the Tea Party assures less support for the GOP from Minority Americans. Pls read «link» When the 2nd-highest ranked GOP congressman loses in the primary in spite of being a true conservative but is open to compromises on issues such as immigration reform, minority voters see the GOP as a bastion of "Rednecks" and anti-minority h
  • mabuhay : Yes, may we all share with our loved ones this Blessed Memorial Day. God bless us all, especially those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country.
  • mabuhay : FYI on Mother's Day. Spain, the PH and other Hispanic countries have a better term for a "Stepmother." Spaniards, Filipinos, Mexicans & other Latinos use affectionately "Madrasta" in calling their StepMommy. But if the Madrasta was like Queen Grimhilde, the StepMom of Snow White, many Filipinos call her "Majadera." I have no idea how the latter term came to be coined. So to the Queens Grimhilde of the world, "Happy Majadera's Day," too.
  • mabuhay : Happy Mother's Day to our Dear Readers who have offspring, adopted or step children. God bless you all.
  • mabuhay : My take on who ordered really the killing of Jesus Christ: «link» But pls read it with the proverbial grain of salt & a lot of wit and humor
  • mabuhay : (Comic Relief for Monday.) Some Filipinos call an American problem as the "Pula (Redneck) & Puti (White) Syndrome." There is the same problem in Russia. Over there, Filipinos call it the "Pula (Red State) & Putin Syndrome." :-) :-)
  • mabuhay : Here's is the history of the April Fools' Day & even its introduction in Sorsogon Proivince": «link» FYI.
  • mabuhay : «link» Good heavens, here is more bad news about "same-sex marriages ('gayrriages')" or "same-sex relationship." FYI.
  • mabuhay : Filipino Seamen Participating in the Search for the Malaysian airliner at the Indian Ocean off Australia. CNN reported that an all-Filipino crew of a car carrier has been asked by Australian maritime authorities to join the search as it was the closest ship to the location of what is suspected as debris that might possibly come from the missing Boeing 777 airliner. For details, pls read: «link» FYI.
  • mabuhay : Attn. Fil-Am Sales Agents of Herbalife. We have heard stories that Herbalife allegedly is promoting more the recruitment of sales agents who are required to pay modest "membership fees" to be able to do business in the company. It indeed appears that Herbalife is not pushing its supposed main function of selling its herbal products to the general public. We want to hear your experience. Pls contact us at «email».

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