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Mar 25th
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COPD Is the fourth-leading cause of deaths in U.S.A. But It Is Undiagnosed in the PH?

COPD Is the fourth-leading cause of deaths in the United States. Please read this link:

It’s natural as we age to notice our bodies slowing down; perhaps we aren’t as strong or as fast as we once were. Many Americans over 40 who have smoked mistake a chronic cough or general feeling of being tired as an inevitable sign of aging. In fact, they could be harboring the disease that is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.

From CNBC News:  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a phrase that describes a group of lung conditions that are on the rise around the world. Like many diseases, early diagnosis and treatment of COPD is key, since no cure exists. COPD makes it difficult for patients to empty air from their lungs due to a narrowing of the airways. For many COPD patients, about 50 percent of lung capacity has already been lost by the time they’re diagnosed. Although COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S., research funding lags behind due to misconceptions around the condition and a lack of diagnoses.

Understanding what COPD is and its effects could go a long way toward encouraging those who may have COPD to seek treatment.

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  • [mabuhay] : COPD is the 4th-leading cause of deaths in the U.S.: «link» COPD is not diagnosed at all in the PH?
  • mabuhay : Should the PH be renamed? Pls read: «link»
  • mabuhay : «link» Here is the latest development in the teachers' strike in Los Angeles, CA. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner, and United Teachers of LA (UTLA) union president Alex Caputo-Pearl will hold a press conference to provide an update on bargaining.
  • mabuhay : Reply to Courtney Masella-O'Brien: Thanks for your opinion on my UNSOLICITED ADVICE, as posted in different Democratic-and-Filipino Facebook Groups. In life, timing is everything. One does not announce political plans while his or her house (political turf or bailiwick) is burning. We will see if my poltical opinion is validated by CA voters during the presidential primary in 2020. -- Reply was posted in «link»
  • mabuhay : Courtney Masella-O'Brien commented: The front runner won’t be Garcetti. When should Kamala have waited to announce? After the strike? When the government reopens? When Mueller gives his report? There’s always going to be a crisis. The time is now for change. The time is now for Kamala to jump in feet first and make change!
  • mabuhay : We wish our Readers and Friends who are in the U.S.A. a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day (and Weekend, too).
  • mabuhay : THIS 2007 THANKSGIVING ESSAY saved some of my friends from financial ruin the following year. Here's the original posting in Facebook, as reposted last year in several FB Groups: QUOTE. On Thanksgiving Day 2007, several authors and I wrote articles of caution for the American and world economies. Here was my piece: «link» Our warning should have been heeded,
  • mabuhay : I sent this note to: @ Consul General Adel Cruz There may be a second victim of Filipino descent, Marine Corps veteran Dan Manrique (per mainstream-media reports). Pls ask your staff to check the true identity of Mr. Manrique. Thank you for your posting about Ms. Alaina Housley.
  • mabuhay : Consul General Adel Cruz earlier posted today in his Timeline: Deeply saddened to hear that Ms. Alaina Housley, a FilAm freshman at Pepperdine University, was among the fatalities in the senseless and brutal mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California late last night. My deepest condolences and prayers to her family and the families of the other victims of this tragedy ...
  • mabuhay : Here's a suggested spiritual reading: «link» For your reflection tomorrow, All Saints' Day and then on Friday, for the All Souls' Day.

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