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Jun 26th
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Is Donald Trump the American Nostradamus?

Indeed Mr. Trump Has Correctly Predicted the Happening of Events in the U.S.A.

A Satire by Bobby M. Reyes

T his Monday morning (June 13, 2016), Donald Trump, the Republican Party's presumptive nominee for the presidency, called American TV shows and talk shows and told the hosts and/or news anchors that he "predicted the massacre of some 49 Americans at the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida" in the early hours of Sunday.

Indeed, Mr. Trump can be dubbed the American Nostradamus, for the Donald has predicted correctly the happening of the following events in the U.S.A.:

1.) The four bankruptcies of the Trump-controlled casinos in Atlantic City, NJ.

2.) The end of the "Trump, the Game" in 1989, after it was touted to sell more than the "Monopoly, the Game."

3.) The debacle that was the "Trump Vodka," which was launched in 2006 but folded up in 2012.

4.) The financial disaster that was the "Trump Mortgage" that lasted only for two years (2006-2008).

5.) The closure of the "Trump Airways," the new name of the Eastern Air Shuttle that Mr. Trump bought in 1989 and closed in 1992.

6.) And last but not the least, the closure of the "Trump University," the real-estate unregistered school that thousands of wannabe Realtors and/or brokers found useless that many of its "students" sued for Mr. Trump for fraud.

Indeed, for all his warts and imperfections and/or attributes, Mr. Trump can have a career in fortune-telling business after he loses his bid for The White House in November 2016. # # #

P ublisher's Note: The author has also been called the "Filipino Nostradamus." He made fun of the moniker by writing this article, as can be accessed by clicking or copying it and pasting it on the browser:

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