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Jul 20th
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The Fourth of July Is RP-US "Interdependence Day"


By Bobby M. Reyes

Part Two of a Series on Philippine Independence

Poet-pundit Fred Burce Bunao is my literary mentor. He told me that a Greek philosopher once said, "History is the art of choosing from among so many lies that which resembles most the truth." Mr. Bunao, who looks that old, could not recall, however, if it was his friend, Herodotus, or another pal, Pliny the Elder, who said it.

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"USA Today has come out with a new survey: Apparently three out of four people make up 75 percent of the population."--David Letterman

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  • mabuhay : Pls read: How to Rid the PH of Corruption:«link»
  • mabuhay : How to rid the PH of graft and corruption (as written in January 2011): «link»
  • mabuhay : Let's welcome our new Contributing Editor, Ms. Agnes Ali, who is an OFW working in the KSA. To view her blog, pls go to this link:«link»
  • mabuhay : We hope to have the materials displayed -- in 2020 -- in several National Cemeteries and sites like the MacArthur Park & Pershing Square in L.A., CA,.on Veterans' Day next year as well.
  • mabuhay : FYI. We hope to include in our coming Fil-Am Military History exhibit at the L.A. National Cemetery in next year's Memorial Day a tribute to Fil-Am soldiers who gave up their lives at Iraq or Afghanistan. Pls see a simple token of appreciation posted by Prof. Alex Fabros (who himself is a retired U.S. veteran): «link»
  • mabuhay : To join &/or participate in these endeavors, pls visit «link» Remember that we are documenting a historic first in American politics and the U.S. presidency and/or vice presidency. This project will help the Women's Liberation Movement achieve in 2020 what has eluded American woman voters and female politicians for more-than a century of political activism.
  • mabuhay : Our book project will be done by a group of multiethnic journalists, book authors, writers, editors, broadcasters and cinematographers. Another difference is that our project comes also with a 13-part series of documentary films about the coming successes of the five or more American woman aspirants for President. And of course the failures of all but one of the woman aspirants. To join and/or participate in these grand endeavors, pls visit «link» Rememb
  • mabuhay : We intend to do a 2020 version of this highly-successful book: "The Making of the President, 1960", as written by journalist Theodore White and published by Atheneum Publishers in 1961. It is a book that recounts and analyzes the 1960 election in which the first Irish-American Catholic, John F. Kennedy, was elected President of the United States. We predict that the unprecedented Kennedy victory in 1960 shall be repeated when American voters elect their first Woman President in 2020. Our book pr
  • mabuhay : The Trump Administration ignoring woman leaders -- both in the public-and-private sectors -- in its decision-making and policy-forming actions will be one of the major reasons why a good Democratic woman candidate will defeat Mr. Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Besides, it is pay-back time for all the women that Mr. Trump allegedly molested and/or whose fetuses he ordered to be aborted, as reported by the press. Karmageddon Time is coming for the Trumps and they will pay dearly for all
  • mabuhay : The event that led to the writing of this essay started on April 8, 2001, and was published in our website during the Holy Week of that year. I re-published it on Facebook in 2011. And every Lenten Season, I bring it back to my Timeline and other Fil-Am media groups. Here is the link to my essay: «link» It is sad to note that when a Filipino member of the pr

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