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Jan 29th
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Another Rx for Mike R. Bloomberg (Part II)

Another Rx for Mike R. Bloomberg (Part II)

(Second in a series of unsolicited suggestions for inclusion in your platforms of governance and socioeconomic development.)

P lease read this report by your firm: "Corporations paid just 7.6% of total taxes collected by the U.S. government in 2018, the IRS reported late Monday, the lowest share since at least 1960." (Bloomberg News).

IMHO if you win the Democratic Party nomination for President, you have more-than a 65% chance of getting elected.

Among all presidential aspirants in the 2020 election, you have the best training and track record as one of the most-successful "Captains of Corporate America." You showed America how to become wealthy as a scion of a middle-middle-class family -- without using influence peddling and the assistance of capitalist cronies. Your success in business was due to your visionary leadership, honesty and hard work.

As the President, you, Mr. Bloomberg, may be able to reinvent the present "Crony Capitalism" into one that this writer calls the "Cooperative (Co-op) Capitalism."

B ecause the problem with capitalism is that the people -- even the present students of the country's business schools -- lack the capital to compete with the giants of Corporate America.

You can be the most-effective statesman at the Oval Office, who may be able to introduce fundamental changes that can bring economic empowerment to the ordinary people, the ordinary workers and the consumers.

If the ordinary people pay the bulk of the taxes collected by the federal government, then your coming Administration can reinvent the Small Business Administration (SBA) to become more proactive in organizing consumer cooperatives (co-ops), credit unions and even patient-owned health-maintenance co-ops.

You can instruct also your Cabinet-level agencies to partner with the SBA and help labor unions become co-ops and credit unions.

The workers-led "labor co-ops" can become engineering-&-construction brigades that can bid for the coming reconstruction of America's infrastructures, including the building of more-affordable housing that can remedy the homelessness crisis in many U.S. counties and cities.

Even senior citizens who rely on social-security pensions can be aided by credit unions in competing with pay-day loan firms, car-title lenders and pawnshops that charge onerous interest rates. Some seniors borrow from pay-day lenders at a minimum rate of 14.5% per month or an annual rate of 174% per year, without counting some service fees added to the contract. Some loan sharks even charge borrowers of car-title loans to pay more-than $12,000 in 36 months for a $2,500 loan principal.

If we may suggest respectfully, perhaps a President Bloomberg may be able to usher in a "ReVOTElution of H.O.P.E.E.E." It is a suggested acronym for "Helping Ordinary People Enjoy Economic Empowerment." And as this writer coined, "ReVOTElution" is a revolution achieved by and through the exercise of suffrage done peacefully and orderly.

(To be continued ...)
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  • mabuhay : To see more of the Filipino-led "Baby Bloomers for Bloomberg," pls go to this link: «link»
  • mabuhay : Here is the design by my printer of my calling card as a Bloomberg for President volunteer. Candidates appreciate more the efforts of volunteers than their paid staff. Volunteers can only do so little for their chosen candidate — because of their limited resources. But the little things they do mean so much for the candidate in reaching out to the community and neighborhoods. BTW it is a 2-sided card. The back is for Mr. Bloomberg. It is my way of covering his back.
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