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Feb 17th
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Senator Harris Should Have Waited for Right Timing

By Bobby M. Reyes

MY UNSOLICITED ADVICE. Actually Sen. Kamala Harris of CA should not have announced her presidential bid today. Why? Her announcement on MLK's Day was bad, as her home state's biggest school district (and second biggest in the country, after New York City's) is still on a teachers' strike.

One of her perceived CA presidential opponents, Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti, made a wise decision. Mayor Eric offered his office as the venue for the ongoing week-old negotiations between the teachers' union and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The mayor earlier called also on CA Gov. Gavin Newsom and appealed for help, so as to end the teachers' strike. Obviously, state funds -- aside from city financial aid -- can help solve the problems of the teachers and the school district.

Tomorrow, Jan. 22nd, tens of thousands of teachers would resume their picket lines.

Both the educators, school officials and the families of students would not appreciate really Senator Harris' action today. She has her priorities wrong.

While both Senator Harris and Mayor Garcetti have only the moral right to intervene (as the LAUSD and the teachers' union are not under their jurisdiction), Mayor Garcetti showed an act of statesmanship, a class move at that.

On the other hand, Senator Harris displayed a common self-serving political practice. She played politics today and forgot the welfare of more-than 600,000 students of the LAUSD, who are her constituents, she being the Junior Senator of CA.

As I posted before, the CA presidential primary would decide whether Senator Harris or Mayor Garcetti (if he indeed runs) would become one of the frontrunners in the Democratic presidential derby. Why? If a Californian cannot win his or her home state's primary, where else can he or she win?

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  • mabuhay : Reply to Courtney Masella-O'Brien: Thanks for your opinion on my UNSOLICITED ADVICE, as posted in different Democratic-and-Filipino Facebook Groups. In life, timing is everything. One does not announce political plans while his or her house (political turf or bailiwick) is burning. We will see if my poltical opinion is validated by CA voters during the presidential primary in 2020. -- Reply was posted in «link»
  • mabuhay : Courtney Masella-O'Brien commented: The front runner won’t be Garcetti. When should Kamala have waited to announce? After the strike? When the government reopens? When Mueller gives his report? There’s always going to be a crisis. The time is now for change. The time is now for Kamala to jump in feet first and make change!
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