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May 21st
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Mayor Garcetti Makes Bold-but-Visionary Statement About Jerusalem

The L.A. Mayor Proposes that Jerusalem Becomes the Capital City of Both Israel and Palestine

By Bobby M. Reyes

Actually Los Angeles (CA) City Mayor Eric Garcetti made the boldest -- and most-prudent and visionary -- statement about Jerusalem as the "capital city of both Israel and (the coming State of) Palestine."

While detractors -- both from Israeli and Muslim groups -- are bashing Mayor Garcetti for his remark about supporting the move to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the critics only "heard selectively" (or chose not to hear in full) the statement of Mayor Garcetti.

Pls read this article:

Actually, the critics chose to misquote Mayor Garcetti.

Here are parts of Mayor Garcetti's official statement:
QUOTE. In response to the Friday interview, Garcetti issued a statement Sunday saying his goal was not to choose sides, but to support the goal of Jerusalem as a future dual capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state. The statement read:

“The only path to lasting peace, and the only moral course, is to be pro-Palestine and pro-Israel. I recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; and I have always recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state that we all want to emerge from negotiations toward a true two-state solution.

“As I made clear in my comments last week, I disagree strongly with how the Trump Administration made its decision,” Garcetti said. “It was outside the scope of any talks, without balance or coordination ..." UNQUOTE.

Yes, Mayor Garcetti made the boldest but visionary move of announcing his support for Jerusalem to be BOTH the capital of Israel and the coming state of Palestine.

To the limited knowledge of this journalist, no American politician or statesman ever had the guts to state the same proposal -- perhaps as a precondition to a long lasting-and-permanent peace between the Israelis and the Arab Muslims.

Mayor Garcetti knows what he is talking about as he studied International Relations and taught in two schools the subject of Foreign Relations. # # #

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