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Aug 19th
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Iraq Is Not Worth Dying For (As Compared to Ninoy Aquino's Words)


was Hamilton Fish (1808-1893), an American statesman, who said: “If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace.” He was a former Secretary of State, aside from being a representative and senator from New York. The Philippines' Ninoy Aquino apparently copied the first half of Mr. Fish's slogan and gave up his life (in) proving it.

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  • mabuhay : We have reactivated the section "NaFFAAgate" as our friend, Engr. Ed Navarra, is no longer the federation's national chairman. The link again to the NaFFAAgate Section: «link» FYI.
  • mabuhay : Here's the link to the Poe-Noynoy Aquino Slate for the May 2016 elections: «link»
  • mabuhay : Why Not a Grace Poe-Noynoy Aquino Slate for President and Vice President, respectively, for the May 2016 presidential elections? Incumbent President Noynoy Aquino can serve as the tutor of Grace Poe during the campaign and while serving as her Vice President during their term from 2016 to 2022. (As posted in the «link»
  • mabuhay : Today is the 9th death anniversary of Raul Roco, a former Senator and Education Secretary of the PH: «link» He was probably the best Filipino President the country never had.
  • mabuhay : From the Coconut News Network (CNN Kuno). There is no truth to the rumor that The Imperial Manila (TIM) wants to rename itself as "Vatican II" when Pope Francis arrives in the PH in 2015. Do TIM's policy-&-decision makers think that VAT in Vatican means "Value Added Tax"?
  • mabuhay : Here is Part II of "Reinventing the PH Military Series": FYI. «link» Happy reading.
  • mabuhay : Here is Part One of a series on "Reinventing the PH Military" that I wrote in 2007: «link» FYI.
  • mabuhay : There is a "Civil War" in the Republican Party & the Tea Party assures less support for the GOP from Minority Americans. Pls read «link» When the 2nd-highest ranked GOP congressman loses in the primary in spite of being a true conservative but is open to compromises on issues such as immigration reform, minority voters see the GOP as a bastion of "Rednecks" and anti-minority h
  • mabuhay : Yes, may we all share with our loved ones this Blessed Memorial Day. God bless us all, especially those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country.
  • mabuhay : FYI on Mother's Day. Spain, the PH and other Hispanic countries have a better term for a "Stepmother." Spaniards, Filipinos, Mexicans & other Latinos use affectionately "Madrasta" in calling their StepMommy. But if the Madrasta was like Queen Grimhilde, the StepMom of Snow White, many Filipinos call her "Majadera." I have no idea how the latter term came to be coined. So to the Queens Grimhilde of the world, "Happy Majadera's Day," too.

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