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Jan 27th
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Some Filipinos Need to Stop "Reinventing" Rizal (As Updated)


By Knight Commander of Rizal Sir Bobby M. Reyes

 People are often stunned when I, a member of the Order of the Knights of Rizal (OKR), try to stop some Filipinos and certain Overseas Filipinos from making a mockery, if not an overkill, of Jose Rizal, his teachings and beliefs. And today, December 30th, on the occasion of Rizal's death anniversary, he will again be subjected to an overkill at many functions in the Filipino-American communities. In many of today's programs, Rizal's name will be used again in vain.

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  • mabuhay : My prophecy in form of a Haiku poem gets fulfilled today, Jan. 20, 2021. A new day has indeed come to the United States of America. Several fellow writers told me that I was probably -- to their limited knowledge -- the only Facebook writer who prophesied the defeat of Mr. Trump in a Haiku poem. Here is my posting made on Sept. 5, 2020: Trump’s sunset is come. It is darkest before dawn. Biden is sunrise. «link»
  • mabuhay : Dear Friends and Fellow Members: We wish you and your family the very-best for the New Year. We will be softly-launching today, Jan. 1, 2021, a movement to help more our PH homeland for the next 25-years. If you want to know about this movement, pls visit and/or join «link»
  • mabuhay : Pls read Bobby Reyes' column in
  • mabuhay : Our Best Wishes for a Blessed and Happy Advent Season to All our Readers.
  • mabuhay : We wish all our Readers and Visitors a Blessed and Bountiful Thanksgiving. God bless you all.
  • mabuhay : Here is the maiden issue of my column in the Philippine Daily Mirror of New York City. «link» It will appear regularly every Wednesday. I am returning (at least online) to New York, as some of my friends and I are now ready to implement bold ideas that I first proposed to NY-based acquaintances and kin in 1977 -- 43-years ago.
  • mabuhay : Texan voters, whether they are Republicans, Independents or Democrats, know that Mr. Trump is "All Hat and No Cattle" politician.
  • mabuhay : And many Texans now realize that Mr. Trump has refused to utter or mention "Climate Change." The Trump Administration is not doing its job of preparing Texas and other Great States for the onslaught of "Climate Change." In fact, Mr. Trump continues to insist that "'Global Warming' is a hoax invented by the Chinese."
  • mabuhay : And Trump's trade war with the Chinese is the proximate cause why more-than 450 Texan-&-Red-State farmers have committed suicide due to the coming bankruptcies of their farms. b«link»
  • mabuhay : Here's a report about South Texas' growing problem with toxic sites that are being severely-affected by strong-&-more-frequent hurricanes, storms and tornadoes. «link»

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