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Oct 18th
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Remembering President Ramon Magsaysay y Del Fierro: A Modern-Day Moses

We bring this article back to the Front Page on the occasion of the 106th birth anniversary of Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay, who is the most-popular and perceived to be the most-honest Chief Executive the Philippines ever had.

[Privilege speech of Sen. Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr., at the Senate, August 28, 2001]

Mr. President:

Today, I stand to honor a man whose rise to fame was nothing short of phenomenal; whose sterling qualities as a leader have been an inspiration to many and whose unblemished record of public service is the star to which many a budding politician aspires to hitch his political ambition.

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  • mabuhay : RE: "Parish of the Future." The church (or any place of worship of any religion) must not only be a temple for spiritual matters but also must address the basic needs of its parishioners (or members). For want of a better name, this column dubs it the "Back-to-Basics Church (or Temple or Synagogue or Mosque)." «link»
  • mabuhay : The "ReVOTElution" proposes to use the pork-barrel funds of some U.S.$16.5-billion (spelled with a "B") -- being received annually by the Philippine Congress and the Office of the President -- in bankrolling Student Loan Funds and other pro-people better initiatives. Like helping Filipino nursing, medical and engineering students to finish their studies in North America or Europe or other developed countries, so that they can qualify to take their Board exams and easily work at the state or pro
  • mabuhay : RE: CA RECALL. Pls remember this adage: "NEVER CHANGE HORSES IN MID-STREAM." It's the most-advisable and-prudent act to do in the trying times of a pandemic. «link»
  • mabuhay : FYI. The Philippine Daily Mirror of NYC has published Part VI of the "ReVOTElution of H.O.P.E." series. Part VI: "How OFW/OF Nations Can Save Filipinos From Themselves and Their Leaders" has been published at this link: «link»
  • mabuhay : "The Fourth of July Must Be Proclaimed (also as) the 'Fil-Am Interdependence Day'.” This piece is principally meant for Americans of Filipino descent and the descendants of American veterans and/or bureaucrats that saw action or served in the Philippines. And for Americans that are Friends of Filipinos. They must read this series with their Thinking Caps on. «link»
  • mabuhay : Happy Philippine Independence Day from Spain.
  • mabuhay : «link» May God continue to bless our deceased veterans in their state of eternal peace and happiness in the Next Life. Amen.
  • mabuhay : May this virtual candle be a symbol of our gratitude to, and eternal remembrance of, military veterans. Yes, we treasure forever the men and women in uniform that rendered the ultimate sacrifice of defending democracy. And the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of their loved ones, their community and all the people of this country and those of the allies of the United State of America. «link»
  • mabuhay : Remember the "BAMOS a ver" proposal for the "Biden B2B Doctrine"? Bamboo was discussed in today's Global Forum of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.) «link» "BAMOS" is the acronym that I coined for "Bamboo, Abaca, Moringa and Other Species."
  • mabuhay : Remember the "BAMOS a ver" proposal for the Mexican-&-U.S. border, as part of the suggested "Biden Back-to-Basics (B2B) Doctrine" -- that I developed in "The Straphanger Column" in the Philippine Daily Mirror of New York? Well today, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, President, Republic of Kenya, mentioned that his Administration has been encouraging and supporting Kenyan farmers in planting and cultivating bamboo. This government policy not only helps the country's reforestation efforts but also i

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