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Feb 19th
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How to Create Peace and Progress in Islamic Countries As a Result of the 09-11 Tragedy

How Azerbaijan Can Be the Model Muslim-majority Country for Islamic Nations

An Unsolicited Advice
By Bobby M. Reyes

The mandate given to then-President George W. Bush to declare war against the masterminds of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, DC, has resulted in America's longest war in Afghanistan, which is still ongoing. And another war continues in Iraq, as an offshoot of the 09-11 attacks. It has spread also to Syria, Libya, and other countries in the Middle East, and Africa. The conflict has now affected the City of Marawi in the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

The policy-and-decision makers of the United States of America should have asked Azerbaijan to provide a system that would secure for Afghanistan peace and progress, after the Taliban-led government fell. Azerbaijan was the first Muslim-majority country to field troops in support of the American-led invasion of Afghanistan as a result of the 09-11 tragedy.

Azerbaijan bills itself as "The Country of the Future." It did not declare Islam as the state religion but maintains freedom of religion in the country. It is home to approximately 700,00 plus Christians and 30,000 Jews (that have called a mountainous area near the capital of Baku their sanctuary for more-than 2,200 years). Perhaps the future of a secular, progressive and peaceful Islamic world lies in Muslims adopting Azerbaijan as the model of a civilized, secular, prosperous and intelligent society.

Approximately 75% of Azerbaijan's 9-million-plus Muslim population is Shiite with the rest belonging to the Sunni branch of Islam. Both Sunni-and-Shiite Azerbaijanis live in complete peace with each other and intermarriage is common between them.

The Azerbaijanis also gave the women the right of suffrage a year ahead of the American women getting their right to vote. Azerbaijanis have excelled in arts, especially in songs and dances, including ballet, sciences (with several winners of the Nobel Prize) and even in international sporting events. For a country of 10-million people, certainly "The Land of the Future" can be an excellent model for nation-building in the Islamic world.

The Philippines can also be a model for nation-building. After the United States took over the Philippine archipelago after the Spanish-American War of 1898, the Americans created a state university and a medical center (complete with a school of medicine, medical-research facility and a general hospital), a civil-service system, a military academy and a privately-led economic-development system. But it did not establish a federal-system of government, just like in the United States. All of these could be done, including the setting up of a federal system of government, by Azerbaijan and the presence of Muslim Azerbaijani teachers, instructors and developers would be welcomed more in Islamic countries that are presently undergoing tribal warfare, if not civil war, than by Americans, British or French, many of whom are Christians.

I have written also some other pieces of "Unsolicited Advice" about the deployment of all-Muslim peacekeepers, engineering brigades and medical corps in Islamic countries that are presently mired in warfare. Here are the links to my previous articles:

The above-stated articles contain also links to several other articles about the Afghani-and-Iraqi wars that I wrote or were penned by some of our website's writers.

(To be continued ...)

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