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Jun 16th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako A Conversation with Lourdes Ceballos About the FilVets
A Conversation with Lourdes Ceballos About the FilVets PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Wednesday, 05 September 2007 08:22

A Cup o’ Kapeng Barako

Y’all can call me a pariah. I don’t give a damn. A couple of weeks ago, I had this online conversation with Lourdes Ceballos about the Filipino veterans (FilVets). Lourdes is the veep of the NPC/PhilUSA of Chicago, a group of press people kuno in the Midwest. She’s a fine lady.

She and I had this exchange of e-mails, which I quote en toto. "Well, Jesse … Now that you mention the 'FILVETS' Equity and the reference you had months ago previously written about its monetary aspect and 'Kung-Fu fighting each other,' among the NPCers, I like to remind you that from the first e-mail you sent about your view on the veterans’ funding, I responded to you that there is another Bill which does not make the Filipino vets concerned only with money. The other Bill is just as vital (as) and less contentious than the demand for dollars of the Equity Bill.

"This is the Filipino Veterans Family Reunification Bill which seeks to bring over soon the immediate family members already petitioned legally by our Fil-Am vets. It provides family values, security and yet requires not a single cent of outlay from the US Congress. This Bill has never been the target of Kung-Fu fighting anywhere, by 'Holy Cows,' 'Buffoons,' 'Crusaders,' in the NPC-PhilUSA, not even in the USA Congress.

"This is why I understand and sympathize with your view that the FilVets plight should not be perceived only as equity-for-$$$ Kung-Fu battle, but as a Holy Crusade for morals or money. (Signed) Lourdes."

My response: "Hello Lourdes . . .  Well said. How are you? Been so long, huh? You guys miss me? I don’t miss any of you. There was so much buffoonery going on within the 'Society of Buffoons' that I just had to make my exit then. Just like what Romy Marquez had done most recently. It’s him that the BUFFOONS were after this time.

"Have you read that play, 'The Crucible,' written by Arthur Miller? What the BUFFOONS of the NPC-PhilUSA have done mirror the essence of that play.

"As to that FilVets Family Reunification Bill … that bill, my dear, has been shot down. That’s already KAPUT in Congress. I don’t understand why the families of the FilVets deserve that kind of special treatment anyway. Why couldn’t they get in line just like everybody else?

"I had to get in line when I got my family over here … and I am a VET, too. A war vet in the U.S. military at that, with 20 years of active service!

"The next bill that’s going to be shot down is the FilVets Equity Bill. And I really do think it should be shot down!

"I don’t think the FilVets deserve that PENSION that the Holy Crusaders of this bill have been asking for so long. Because … yung mga Kano nga na lumaban din sa guerra are not getting this pension that you guys have been harping about. Yung mga Pinoy vets pa kaya?

"The Holy Crusaders of this bill are out of their minds if they think this bill would get passed in Congress. To get a pension from the U.S. Military, the service member must serve at least 20 years of active duty. The FilVets have only served the duration of WW II, and that’s only four years

"Anyway, why are we so fixated on this issue? Wala na ba tayong ibang issue kung hindi ‘to? Representative FILNER, et al, and the rest of his cohorts … ‘yan mga ‘yan, nang-uuto lang ng mga Pinoy.

"Our own Fil-Am community leaders fighting KUNO for this cause are the present-day Dons Quixote. And they’re all beginning to look like clowns and buffoons, too, Kung-Fu fighting each other … stepping on each as they clamber up the ladder for recognition. Parang mga alimango’t alimasag in a bucket, pulling each other down. You know what I mean?

"These FilVets are not really KAWAWA, as we claim them to be. They get Medicare/Medicaid, VA care, Social Security benefits, SSI, food stamps, welfare money, free apartment housings … the whole smear, the whole care package. They get more benefits than I do. Perhaps, even more than many U.S. Vets I’ve seen panhandling on street corners. Ngayon gusto pa ng pension. Susmaryusep!!! (Signed) Jesse.

I didn’t get any response from Lourdes. Y’all can call me a pariah for my opinions. I don’t really give a damn.


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