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Jan 26th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako A Crazy Carnage at Virginia Tech
A Crazy Carnage at Virginia Tech PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Wednesday, 25 April 2007 15:35

Crazy, I tell ya.

Last week, when Seung-hui Cho, an Asian-American immigrant of Korean descent and a creative writing senior student at Virginia Tech, committed the deadliest shooting rampage in a school campus in US modern history, TV pundits, news commentators, print and broadcast, shrilled: What was the motive?  What was the motive?  What was the motive?

For heaven’s sake, there was no motive!


The guy was sick.  He was mentally ill.  He was hearing voices, telling him to kill, kill, kill!  He was insane.  He was a monster, from-Jekyll-to-Hyde monster, who had to kill simply because he had to. 

Cho killed 32 people, and himself. According to news reports, Cho first shot and killed two fellow students in his school dorm, then headed across the school’s sprawling campus to kill 30 more students and teachers in a building where classes were being held. But there was a TWO-HOUR INTERVAL between the two shootings.

During this lag, Cho went back to his room, took a video of himself, brandishing his guns and spitting his mad epithets at the world.  Then he packaged the whole thing, went to a post office and sent the package to NBC News in New York. Crazy … 

Meanwhile, the police who were investigating the first shooting were running around like chickens with their heads cut off and their thumbs up their butts … FAILED to give the alarm that the killer was still on the loose!  FAILED to secure the campus!  And consequently FAILED to protect those students and teachers from Cho’s killing spree. 

Talking about police stupidity, that’s the height of it. When Cho began his second rampage, students were walking about on the campus and many classes were in session.  Cho simply entered one of the buildings and walked in one classroom and shot the teacher and students and walked out.   

Then he walked in another classroom and shot the teacher and students and walked out.   Then, again, he walked in another classroom and shot the teacher and students and walked out. And, AGAIN, in another classroom, he shot and killed more.  Then, he shot himself.

Where were those fat cops?  (I saw pictures of some of those cops on TV and in the papers carrying the dead bodies off after the carnage and the majority were FAT!  And, I mean, really, FAT-FAT!) Can’t really blame those cops for their INABILITY, can ya?  Now, don’t y’all get me wrong again?  I am not prejudiced against fat people.  Only against FAT and STUPID COPS.  Because, let me put it this way, can they really protect me?  Or you?  And our families?

Anyway, back to Cho.  As I said, the guy was crazy.  But before he went completely bonkers, there were signs.  Many signs.

A year ago, two female students called Virginia Tech police and complained that they were being “hounded” and “stalked” by Cho, with repeated phone calls, IMs, and notes. They did not know Cho and did not want to know him. He had no friends.  He was a loner.

In class, some of his female classmates also complained that Cho were taking pictures of their legs with his cell phone from under his desk. The teacher of his writing class told university administrators about his weird demeanor in class and his DISTURBING, violent and profanity-filled writings. “Duh,” they said.

One of Cho’s roommates had, at one time, called police to say that Cho “seemed suicidal.” “I don’t think at the time you could have said he’s definitely going to shoot someone. But we had talked about he was likely to do that if there was someone that was going to do it,” said the roommate.

Officers went to speak with Cho. He was referred to a local health center, and then by order of a Virginia judge, sent to a psychiatric care hospital.  The judge’s order read that Cho was “mentally ill and in need of hospitalization, and presents an IMMINENT DANGER to himself or others … so SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL as to be substantially unable to care for self, and is INCAPABLE of volunteering or unwilling to volunteer for treatment.”

The CRAZY thing about this judge order was an asterisk that also read: “The alternatives to involuntary hospitalization and treatment were investigated and were deemed suitable.  I have found that there is LESS RESTRICTIVE alternative to involuntary hospitalization and treatment in this case … and I, therefore, direct that the person named receive an OUTPATIENT TREATMENT.”

In other words, Cho’s case “fell through to the crack.”  After a couple of days, he was released from psychiatric care.  After being adjudicated as DANGEROUS and mentally ill, he was set free.  Crazy …

Then, he bought those guns and ammos, and the rest is now America’s nightmarish history. The gun shop owner where he bought the weapons from said there ain’t nothing on Cho that could prevent him from buying guns.  Any kind of guns, for that matter.  Yeah, even assault guns.  On guns, the NRA rules this country.

Crazy, I tell ya.  But who?  Cho … or us?   # # # 

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