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Aug 03rd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako A Judas, an Indian Chief and Senator Obama’s Speech on Race
A Judas, an Indian Chief and Senator Obama’s Speech on Race PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 28 March 2008 06:16

The KNIVES are out.  The first one to strike was “the Hispanic.”  That’s right … the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson.  Describing to the press the tense conversation he had with Ms. Hillary that he would endorse Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Governor Richardson said, “Let me tell you: We’ve had better conversations.”


I wonder what Senator Hillary told him.  She probably gave him the “ice.”  Mouthfuls of it.  Hey, they don’t call Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a “chilly bitch” for nothing. 


But Governor, sir, with all due respect, what do you expect?  You’re a lousy SOB and big-time backstabber.  You were a close ally, a special trusted friend and a bosom buddy of both Bill and Hillary.  And not too long, you and Bill even had a six pack and watched the Super Bowl together and y’all probably talked about NOT only of football scores but also your scores with floozies together. 


And, you gave your word that you’ll be supporting Ms. Hillary all the way.  And if you remember, sir, when Bill Clinton then was the President of the U.S. of A and you were just an unknown Mexican American, he took a liking on you and elevated you to the national stage and named you his energy secretary … then ambassador to the United Nations.  Then when you wanted to be a governor of your state of New Mexico, they helped you realize that dream.


The Mexican Americans, I know, they know how to return favors.  But you are an ingrate, sir, and a poor role model to all Mexican Americans, and for that matter, to all Americans, hyphenated or not.


After all the good things that the Clintons did for you, you sucked up to B. HUSSEIN Obama and said of him: “There’s something special about this guy.  I’ve been trying to figure it out, but it’s very good.”


I dunno about that.  I don’t see anything “special” about B. HUSSEIN Obama.  But whatever, I am sure, Mr. Obama had already figured you out that if you can backstab the Clintons, who gave you so much, you can just as easily backstab him.  You’re the living picture of Judas Iscariot … sir.


AN INDIAN CHIEF AND HIS BRAVE: Let me pass on this little story to y’all.  I think it answers the BLACK ANGER that Mr. Obama talked about in his speech on race and on his pastor’s venomous remarks.


INDIAN BRAVE: “Chief, I heard your wife ran away, your son died and  your house burned down.”


INDIAN CHIEF: “There are two wolves within me, fighting for control of my heart and soul.  One says that I must fight and rage against the injustice of life.  The other says I must forgive and move on.”


BRAVE: “Which wolf will win?”


CHIEF: “The one I feed.”


So, which wolf within him this pastor feeds?  And what’s the remedy for this BLACK ANGER?  Reparations?  Affirmative Action?  Apologies on a national level?  Free college-level education in Ivy-League Schools?  Minority-owned contracts?  Welfare, Medicare, SSI and other special privileges?  


What is the remedy for that ANGER? 


How about free drugs and Cadillacs?     


Reverend Wright, I think, should take a lesson from that Indian Chief.  Mr. Obama can use that lesson, too.  Instead of justifying his pastor’s venom, he should have advised the Black Man of America to learn how “to wrest control of his heart and soul, forgive and move on” … and rage no more


OBAMA’S SPEECH ON REV. WRIGHT’S VENOM: I suppose y’all heard Senator Obama’s speech defending the hateful, inflammatory sermons of his pastor.  Many said, it was “awesome” and a “once in a lifetime” speech … and “John F. Kennedy-like.”


Oh, please.  Gimme a break.  B. HUSSEIN Obama ain’t no John F. Kennedy.  I must say though that it was a beautiful speech.  He surely knows how to deliver a speech.  But it hardly makes up for having spent 20 years as a member of a church that’s anti-American and blatantly racist … and for regarding his WACKO preacher the most reverential figure in his life. 


In that speech, Mr. Obama publicly acknowledged for the FIRST TIME that he had heard those inflammatory remarks from Wright while he was in church.  Previously, he said, he had NOT heard.  Then, he was confronted with evidences, he took his words back and said, “Oh yeah, I heard.”


The LYING has begun. 


How many more lies will we hear from this man who aspires to be the President of the United States of America?  How many more “awesome” speeches will he deliver to deceive America?  And how many more times will he get caught in his lies?  Is he a George W. Bush in the making?


Who is this man who we all know as Barack HUSSEIN Obama?  Is he the silver-tongued orator who speaks so convincingly of unity and hope and understanding between the races? 


Or, is he the one who gives generously to Jeremiah Wright’s church and sat in the pews of that church for 20 years, listening to his pastor’s message of RACIAL HATE and anti-American views?


In describing Senator Obama’s speech, Charles Krauthammer, a Washington Post columnist, said:  “It’s the Jesse Jackson politics of racial grievance, expressed in Ivy League diction and Harvard Law nuance.  That’s why the speech made so many liberals commentators swoon: It bathed them in racial guilt, while flattering their intellectual pretensions.  An unbeatable combination….”


In ghetto lingo: Right on, baby!  ‘Bama’s B.S. ain’t gonna wash.  JJ

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