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Jul 10th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako A Win for Scott Brown as GOP Senator and a Kick in the Butt for President Obama
A Win for Scott Brown as GOP Senator and a Kick in the Butt for President Obama PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 22 January 2010 14:11


By Jesse Jose

A Cup O’ Kapeng Barako


Heck of a job, Brownie! – George W. Bush


T hen President George W. Bush said that to another Brown, FEMA Director Michael Brown, during the Katrina debacle in New Orleans, Louisiana a few years back.  Y’all remember him, right?  You know, that clownish guy who worried about what clothes he should wear and how he would look like on TV than doing something urgently for the victims of Hurricane Katrina … and then halfway on his way to the scene of the disaster, made a stop first in a fine restaurant to dine leisurely on lobster and steak.


This cretin dined while people died.  He was a horse trainer before he became a FEMA director, a political appointee of Mr. Bush.  Hah!


Now this Brown, Scott Phillip Brown, that is, Republican Scott Brown, a little-known state senator just a few weeks ago, Tuesday this week, beat in a big-time way Democrat Martha Coakley to win the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat long held by Edward Kennedy.


This historic victory, the first time since 1972 that the GOP has won a Massachusetts Senate race, Brown will occupy the “Kennedy seat” that Edward held for 47 years before his death last year.  This seat was once held by John F. Kennedy before he became President in 1961.


No doubt about it, this win by Scott Brown is a KICK IN THE BUTT for President Obama, who on Wednesday of this week marks the first anniversary of his inauguration.  How fitting.  How sweet for the party of GOPS (not GOOFS, mind you).


And the reason for this win, as Massachusetts election consultant, Dan Payne, ironically, a Democrat, said, “Scott Brown caught the wave …” 


And what wave is that?  Surely, NOT just a single wave, but several waves.  And these waves, said Dan Payne, are:


. The people’s worry about jobs.


. Their anger about Wall Street bonuses.


. Their upset about back-door deals that have been made for healthcare legislation, commonly known as, OBAMACARE.   


. Their fear of nuts like the underwear bomber.


And if I may add, the huge DEFICIT, the overspending, the bailouts, the looming bankruptcy of America … and the recent appalling decision of Mr. Obama to try that fat-lipped Nigerian underwear terrorist as a “criminal” rather than an enemy combatant.


R ep. Steny Hoyer, the House Majority leader, rationalizes the failures of the Obama Administration. “We’re all pretty unpopular,” he said.  “Why?  Because people don’t feel good.  We’re the leaders and we’re in office and they expect us to do something about it.”


Well, at least, the Democrats themselves are aware that they’re messing up and in danger, politically. Hey, y’all can thank your leader, Mr. Obama, for that. He blew it. One year into his office, he blew it, he blew it all away, taxpayers’ money, they were.  Spread the wealth. Hah!


So … Scott Brown, who will be sworn in next month, will become the 41st Republican senator, just enough numbers to allow Republicans to derail the very unpopular OBAMACARE that divides this country … and to block any legislation in the Senate, if they stick together.  The victory of Brown reduces the Democratic majority in the Senate to 59 votes, just short of the 60 needed to break GOP filibusters.


In other words, this win of Brown redrew the political landscape headed into the 2010 elections and a SWIFT KICK IN THE BUTT of Mr. Obama. Heck of a job, Brownie!


I like this Scotty Brownie.  As my two sons, Jon and Chris, would say, “he’s a cool dude.”  Cooler than Barack, that’s for sure.  He’s the epitome of the regular guy.  He drives a truck, just like me, and many other men, just like me.  He was a soldier, a lieutenant colonel in the Massachusetts National Guard.  He said he joined the National Guard when he was 20 to help pay for his law school at Boston College.  Exactly the same reason for many young men and women of America in joining the military – to help pay for the rising cost of college tuition fees.


Rep. Steny Hoyer, the House Majority leader, rationalizes the failures of the Obama Administration. ‘We’re all pretty unpopular. Why? Because people don’t feel good. We’re the leaders and we’re in office and they expect us to do something about it.’



N ow, check this out: When Scott was 22, he posed as a centerfold model in the much-circulated magazine for women, “Cosmopolitan,” the counterpart of the men’s magazine, “Playboy.”  Cool.  In this long ago issue of Cosmopolitan, Scott Brown was named, “America’s Sexiest Man.  And in the two-page centerfold photo, he’s seen reclining on a blanket -- naked and smiling, young muscles rippling -- with merely a wrist acting as a covering, as written, “for his manly bits.”  Cool, indeed.


Right after the senator-elect’s win was announced, he praised the Kennedys, and the first person he called was Victoria, Edward Kennedy’s widow.  That’s magnanimity at its best. Surely, that’s the coolest of all that is cool in this world.


According to news reports, when President Obama called to congratulate him, Brown challenged Obama to “a game of two-on-two hoops: he and Ayla (Brown’s 21-year-old daughter, a senior forward on the Boston College basketball team) against the president and a player of his choosing.”


Indeed, this Brown has also got big cojones to challenge, “ALREADY,” President Obama, a Black Man, to a game of hoops.  Hoops, as we all know, is the game where black men naturally excel.  The next challenge, perhaps, would be in 2012 for the seat that Obama sits on now….


Let it be known, too, that Scott Brown at 50, is also an accomplished athlete who jumps into “frigid lakes at five in the morning for triathlon training” and a proud competitive athlete, who applied this competiveness in winning his senatorial race.


“I treated this campaign like a sprint triathlon,” Mr. Brown said.  You have to be good in everything, 18, 19 hours a day.  We were just out there cranking.”


Heck of a cranking job, Brownie! 


It was a spectacular win. You’re the man now. America has embraced you and year 2012 will soon be here.  America is pondering now that it might be you who would be the right man to replace this man who promised “change” and “unity in America,” promises that merely remained as promises, barren and unfulfilled.  Beat him first in two-on-two basketball, then on 2012, beat him again in the presidential elections. 


Yes, you can!  You betcha, America will be cheering you on, just like it did in Massachusetts.   JJ     

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Last Updated on Friday, 22 January 2010 16:49

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