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Aug 23rd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako An Angry American Looks Back and Forward in Anger
An Angry American Looks Back and Forward in Anger PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 06 December 2012 16:24


Hear ye! Hear ye!  Hear the Fury of an Angry American

By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako

T he presidential election is long over.  And we, who voted for former Gov. Mitt Romney should shut up now and lick our wounds, so the healing can begin.


But it seems not to be the case for many Americans.  They are still hurting and in pain, still traumatized by their defeat.  These Americans believe that it has marked "the end of the way the Founding Fathers foresaw America." 


And many are still angry.


I believe that these Americans who are angry at the turnout of this past election are the TRUE Americans, the patriotic kind of Americans, whose love for this country is true and uncompromising.


I am one of these Americans.  Though this country is NOT my native country, but my adopted country, I consider myself a patriotic American.  I love this country. 


Through the years I've learned to love this country.  My love for this country is also uncompromising. I was a warrior of this country.  I've laid my life for this country, and if called on again to do it, I won't hesitate her call and come running.


The enemy of America is my personal enemy.  People who scream their hate of: "Death to America!" is my enemy.


And I especially despise people who live here in America and live off the benefits that they receive from America, YET they have this HATE for America.  And believe me, Dear Readers, I personally know some of these despicable people.  One of them is a writer daw and one is a priest, who is a friend of this writer.  They have both openly espoused of their hate for America.


They hate America, yet they live here in America, subsisting and living off the "monies and bennies" that they receive from America"PALAMUNINS" is what they are.  For my mainstream readers, these "PALAMUNINS" are the so-called "parasites" of America


These parasites know how to manipulate the system on how to receive their free monies and bennies. Monies and bennies that came off from the sweat of the hardworking people of America ... and off the backs of American veterans. 


Early next year, the Obama administration will begn taking away portions from veterans' pensions and disability pay to give to these palamunins (social parasites).  Can you imagine that?    


Yes, I know that I've said in my previous Kapeng Barako story that I've begun "licking my wounds" and had wished President Obama "all the best."


But many who voted for former Governor Romney are stll unconsolable and angry that there are even talks now in "27 states" of the United States of America to secede.  Of course, it's not going to happen.  But for many people in many different states to even want to consider secession is tantamount to REJECTION of the re-election of President Obama.


HOW OBAMA WAS RE-ELECTED: Perhaps, this piece that follows on how Mr. Obama got re-elected can shed light on the how of the re-election of Barack Obama.  It was written by an angry American, named J.D. Zumwalt.  And sent to me by a cyberspace friend, "tbd," with a note that reads, "Kudos.  Well said.  The best retort yet."


I agree, Dear Readers.  It's the best retort yet.  Mr. Zumwalt needs to be heard.  Kind of late, but better late than never.  His retort is aptly titled:


"The Magic Spaceship Mentality."


If you turn on the TV or radio, you will hear analysts giving you all of the reasons why the president was re-elected. I don’t think they get it – I think I do. I am going to explain how it happened – And much more importantly – Why it is the start of the end of our nation. The president got elected because of three groups:

1. He had the black vote. He had the black vote no matter what he did or what he said. 96% of the black persons who voted – Voted for Obama. (Don’t you dare call me a bigot – I did NOT vote due to race – They did.)

2. He had the vote of the guilty white people. There is a huge group of white people who delight in saying things like, “They just want Obama out of office because he is black.” It makes them feel good about themselves. It makes them feel they are better than those of us who vote for the best candidate and don’t give a hoot what color he is. These people couldn’t tell you the issues if their lives depended on them doing so. (And, by the way – As a white man, I would have voted against George Washington if he had the record Obama had. I would also have voted against ANYONE who had Biden as a comic side-kick.)

3. All of the folks who I buy phones and groceries for, voted for Obama and Biden. All of the ones who I help with rent and all their other bills, voted for Obama and Biden. They voted for them because they know I am tired of them free-loading off of me. They knew that without their benefactors in office they might lose some of their free stuff. The problem is – There are so many free-loaders now that we can’t out-vote them.

So, here’s what happened. Group one, group two and group three have combined. They have become so powerful that we can never – ever – defeat them in any election. They will continue to grow. We will continue to shrink. They have taken over. We have lost. It is over.


I didn’t make this about race, the liberals did. It is about all the persons who march to the polls to vote and have no FACTS other than, “I like him because he is black” or “I think he will keep giving me free stuff.”


Conservatives have plenty of black heroes that we work hard to elect. What do the liberals say about them? They accuse them of being “Uncle Toms” of some other racial slur. Who’s the bigot? Let’s look at the facts.

Conservatives came together for this election. We voted. We talked and pulled and did all we could do to get the truth out to our fellow Americans. Still – We lost.


We lost because a very charismatic leader was able to convince a large group of people that no matter what the facts indicate – there is a magic spaceship waiting for them. All they have to do is to trust the leader. Don’t bother to do the simple math that indicates we are absolutely headed for financial ruin. Forget the evidence that proves a cover up has occurred in the murder of our Ambassador in Libya.

Don’t believe Romney and do NOT check out the facts of what he says. If the President says he is not telling the truth – He MUST be a liar.

This was the last chance we had. We will never have this chance again. We gave it our best shot and we lost. We lost because we let this sneak up on us. Somehow, we woke up one morning and found out that half of our earnings go to support dead-beats. None of us remember voting for this to happen. I don’t recall telling any of my political representatives to make sure they took as much of my money as they wanted in order to pass it on to someone who didn’t feel like going to work.

I have no memory of agreeing to allow some human dog in heat to father all the kids he wanted and giving me the bill to raise his kids. We won’t even talk about the mother’s responsibility. If the father isn’t dead, in jail or working two jobs – His butt needs to support his own kids.


What kind of nerve do you liberals have coming from the hospital with your new kid and presenting me with the bills for the birth and for raising the child? If I balk, you insist that the government help you. You have the nerve to DEMAND money from the government.

Who in the hell do you think provides money to the government? It is me. It is all of the other people who work hard and who have managed to take care of themselves and their children. The money is provided by all of the major businesses and corporations you deadbeats hate so much. Next time you demand the government pay for something, at least be accurate in your speech.


Yell out, “I want some of the money that does not belong to me. I want some of that money all the hard working people make. Give it to me because I don’t feel like working. I WANT it NOW. Give it to me or I will yell louder and I won’t vote for you!”


That’s the truth about Government Money and all you panhandlers need to know the truth.

I am in no mood for any of you crying liberals to accuse me of the things you will accuse me of. Speaking the truth does not make you a bigot. Voting for or against a person because of his race does make you a bigot, and that’s what you did.

I am not cold-hearted or cheap because I don’t want to help people who are too lazy to do ANYTHING except have random sex and eat. This is not a moral judgment – This is a financial decision. You do whatever you want. I don’t care. Just don’t ask me to pay for it.

Yes ladies and gentlemen – We have a serious problem. The deadbeats have figured out the electoral system. Vote for food. Vote for condoms. Vote for free everything. The government will pay for it if you elect the right person. And you know what? There is not a darned thing you can do about it!


Too many people believe any fairytale they are told. I always thought that if our nation was destroyed it would be by an armed enemy. I’ll be darned – It turns out we are going to be destroyed by whining guilt ridden liberals who are too dim witted to look at the facts.

Let me know when you see the deficit go down. Let me know when you can afford gas. Let me know when you see our military become stronger. Call me when persons start taking responsibility for their own actions. I’ll end with the words of Thomas Jefferson:

“To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt …. I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple.”

God bless our beloved Nation.

(Reprinted with permission from "The Voice of North Carolina, Ltd.”)


That's all, Dear Readers.  Thank you for hearing out the voice of this Angry American.  JJ


Last Updated on Thursday, 06 December 2012 16:33

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