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Sep 27th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako "Bulag" at "Bogok" (sic) Daw Ako
"Bulag" at "Bogok" (sic) Daw Ako PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Sunday, 10 June 2012 15:58


By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako 


I laughed and I laughed and laughed. 


Yes, I LMFAO.  It was soooooo funny.  It was like watching "Saturday Night Live," or better yet, "Eat Bulaga."  Iba talaga ang Pilipino.  Da bess nga at angat sa mundo, even in their comments for writings not to their likings.


I am talking about some of the many comments I received from my story, "Conviction of Chief Justice 'Da Thief' Renato Corona: Lutong Makaw."  Most were funny, some were insulting and a few were intimidating and one sounding like a threat on my life.  These comments, definitely, must be shared with all my my Barako readers and with all my friends and free-thinking katotos.  And, with my American buddies, who served with me during the war in Vietnam.  These buddies of mine love to laugh, too, at comments such as these, especially at comments that threatens.... 


The funniest comment, I think, was this: "Magkano ba ang lagay sa 'yo ni Thief, Chief justice Corona?  Bogok (sic) ka ba at bulag?"


Another said, "Your rationale reminds me of someone who is couple of sandwiches short of a picnic...."  Another said that "my arguments are faulty and deceptive, more of a joke."  And another said that I only "make myself sikat by reversing public opinion" and I am totally "wrong" for assuming that I am sikat.


And one was a real threat to my life, I think.  Or maybe, it's some kind of a warning ... or perhaps, some kind of a "good Samaritan" warning to be more careful with my words.  He said, " that's why so many journalists are now six feet under the ground, because of the way they do their 'supposedly' journalistic work."


Then another asked, "Who's this JJ?"  A reply to this question was answered that I am "the same JJ" daw who denigrated Jessica Sanchez, a Filipino-Mexican contestant on American Idol and that Pilipino boksingero and elected congressman Manny Pakyaw, the idol of all.


On and on, the comments went.  All were angry and unkind comments.  


In response, I said to all of them: "Mga Katoto, salamat sa mga comments ninyo.  Your collective, same-same comments remind me of the three monkeys sitting on their hinds.  Y'all know about these three monkeys, right?  The first monkey has its hands on its ears who hears no evil; the second has its hands on its eyes and sees no evil; and the third has its hands on his mouth, who speaks no evil.  All in one, one for all ... for Pee Noy tutas and all.  Hehehe."


"Mahirap naman kung lahat tayo, iisa ang pag-iisip," I said, "eh di lahat tayo mga mukhang unggoy.  Someone has to be different and be the Barako amongst us, and that Barako is (ahem) me."


I suppose that angered the katotos more.  Though nobody bothered to reply to my response, I felt the vibrations of their seething anger and hate for me.  I know, because not only am I a Barako, the king in the lubluban, with lots of mud to sling, I am also a witch and a psychic.  Kaya, walang talab ang kulam sa akin.


A GENTLE, LADY-LIKE BUT PROVOKING COMMENT: This is the best comment of all, I think.  It came from a  lady, named Lorna Chua.  It was finely written.  Though she showed her anger, and castigated me of possessing an immoral and dangerous mentality, it was was gently written, with subtleness, like that song, "Killing Me Softly."  I believe Ms. Chua is one fine lady.  She wrote, and this is her letter, en toto and verbatim::


"Mr. JJ, you have a dangerous way of presenting your arguments.  As you said you do it the "barako way."  You have intelligence with lots of pride, nothing else.


"In time, you will observe that intelligence per se is a dangerous thing.  When you reach the age of those whom you call "ang tatanda na," I pray you will learn to temper your intelligence with morality.  Then you will be of better use for society.


"As of now, I am thankful that the 20 senators are cognizant of true moral values.  May we move forward as a nation...."


And my Barako response to this lady?.


Ms Chua, thank you for your comments.  But may I beg to differ from your depiction of me?  No, I am not dangerous.  I am not a criminal.  I am a journalist who's unafraid to voice out my opinion.  FEARLESS, may I say, is the word for that!  Yes, Ms. Chua, fearless are journalists like me, who write the the way we see things, NOT the way others would like us to see things.  There are many of us in this category. 


Yes, perhaps, some of these comrades-journalists of mine are now six feet under the ground.  But surely their souls are now in heaven with the Lord.  They died in the pursuit of TRUTH.


If that is "pride" on my part, as you said, then, so be it.  I am a proud, fearless journalist.  And I promise you, I will continue to voice out my opinion fearlessly.  Dissent is my way of serving a society that believes in democracy. 


Once again, Ms. Chua, thank you for your comments.  Take care now.


Now, Dear Readers, may I ask this question?:  Who is the bogok (sic) here in this story?  And may I say to this person who called me "bogok" that the correct spelling of that word is, "bugok." 


Okey ngarud, that's all.  I am done laughing now.  JJ 


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