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Mar 30th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Change? What Kind of Change? Loose Change? Or, Sex Change? (Obama Is the "Oreo Candidate")
Change? What Kind of Change? Loose Change? Or, Sex Change? (Obama Is the "Oreo Candidate") PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 10 January 2008 07:51

I live in an upper middle-class neighborhood in the suburbs of Seattle, in a little quiet town called, Auburn.  Majority of the people who live here are whites.  It’s a welcoming and friendly neighborhood, but also reserved.  Most families are also church goers.  


I like this neighborhood a lot.  I’ve made a couple of good friends in this neighborhood.  It’s a typical, small town neighborhood all over America.  It’s the face of America, I think.  I am at home here.

When Barack Hussien Obama won the Iowa caucuses, one of my next door neighbors exclaimed, in horror:  “No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  Absolutely not!” 

Another said, in disgust: “Ain’t no way a Black Man is gonna rule this country.”  And, another said angrily: “Nope!  We are not going to allow it.”

My friend and walking partner, Jerry, said, “I don’t think so.  I don’t think that will happen in America.  Not yet, anyhow.  Not in our lifetime . . .”

“But Obama is not completely Black,” I said.  “He’s half and half.  And, he’s no oreo, you know what I mean?

Jerry asked: “What’s an oreo?”

“Black on the outside, white on the inside,’ I answered.

 My wife votes Democrat but she will not vote for Mr. Obama if he becomes the nominee.

In my own household, my wife, who votes Democrat, said: “If Obama becomes the nominee, I’ll go over to the other side and vote Republican.  That is, if McCain becomes the Republican nominee.  If not, I’ll just NOT vote at all.”

Me?  Just like my wife, I’ll jump the fence, too, to the other side and go for Huckabee, the preacher.  He said that when he becomes America’s President, he’ll ELIMINATE the IRS, do away with income taxes … and taxes on our savings and dividends.  The only taxes he’ll require are sales taxes. 

Eliminate the IRS and income taxes!  Woohooo!  I like that!  Don’t you?  It’s an idiotic idea though.  America thrives on taxes.  We are able to feed the hungry, the poor and the many “palamunins” of this country from our income taxes.

John McCain, the war hero and American patriot.

I do like McCain.  He’s a war hero and a true American patriot.  I like most of his ideas, except on the war in Iraq.  On that issue, he’s a CLONE of Mr. Bush.

So really, I dunno … about jumping over to the side of the GOOFS, I mean, GOPS.    

My two boys, Jon and Chris, are both for Obama.  Because of Obama’s mantra for CHANGE … and of his idealism: an idealism that young Americans can relate to.  The idealism of the youth, the inexperienced, the  rookie … the untested, the “OBAMBIS.”

Barack Hussein Obama said, “We are one nation.  We are one people.  And our time for CHANGE has come.”

Right on, my man!  Beautiful rhetorics.  Obama has a very likeable persona.  Eight years ago, we elected a President on likeability, and we got one who misguided America into war and debt!

So, what kind of change is Obama advocating?  Loose change?  (That’s to borrow Bobby Reyes’ words, a California pundit and editor of this online magazine.) Or, is it sex change?  Or, keep the change?

Mr. Obama, I think, is full of B.S.!  He’s great orator.  No doubt about that.  He reminds me of Dr. Martin Luther King.  But I need to know exactly how he intends to effect this change.  This CHANGE must be more than a political mantra.

In magical words, he said that we need to change the health-care system of America.  I agree with that.  It’s true.  It needs to be changed.  But HOW?  Mr. Obama doesn’t tell us.  He doesn’t tell where he would get the money.  He has no plan.  He merely offers words, beautiful words that blindside the American OBAMBIS, like my two boys.

Is Senator Obama more arrogant than President Bush?

In awe-inspiring words, Mr. Obama said that when he becomes President and Mr. Osama and his Al Qaedas have been “pinpointed” in Pakistan or anywhere else in this world, he would go in “immediately,” bomb the place to smithereens and send in the troops … the United Nations, be damned!  Really, I thought Mr. Bush was an arrogant man . . .

In poetic words, Mr. Obama said that when he becomes President, on day #1 of his presidency, he’s would pull out all the troops from Iraq.  Hey, that’s fine.  Let’s get the hell out of Iraq.  But Mr. Obama doesn’t tell us HOW he’s going to pull out the troops from Iraq.  You just can’t pull out troops from a war zone, with out any specific plans.  Or, without caring what would happen in that part of the world when our troops have left.  That’s irresponsible . . .

I think the CHANGE that Mr. Obama so beautifully talks about is the way he CHANGES HIS MIND on issues.

As Ms. Hillary said: “If you gave a speech, and a very good speech, against the war in Iraq in 2002, and then by 2004, you’re saying you’re not sure how you would have voted, and then by 2005, 2006 and 2007 you vote for $300 billion for the war you said you were against, that’s NOT change . . .”

True, that’s not CHANGE!  Loose change, maybe.  Keep the change, perhaps.  I’d rather believe in someone who’s READY FOR CHANGE than someone who merely chants poetic, meaningless CHANGE and offers false hopes that lure the young and the naïve.  JJ

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