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Sep 28th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Chicago's Fil-Am Press Club Threatens Legal Action Against This Web Site
Chicago's Fil-Am Press Club Threatens Legal Action Against This Web Site PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Sunday, 10 June 2007 05:50

(Editor’s Note: The National Press Club of the Philippines affiliate in Chicago recently censured and wanted to sanction columnist Jesse Jose. Mr. Jose, however, resigned from the press club before any sanction could be meted out. The following e-mail was sent by a certain Esperanza Talavera Sanchez to the Illinois-based Filipino-American press club in defense of Mr. Jose. More commentaries at the end of this article, as this web site has reprinted the "dialogue" among the parties involved in the controversy. The issue now is whether a press club has the right to censure and/or sanction a member for views expressed in a column that some club officers find racially or morally offensive?)

Hereunder, Dear Readers, is the threat from an officer of the Philippine National Press Club of Chicago to call for an immediate legal action against the editor of this online publication. And the editor's reply follows.

In a message dated 6/11/2007 4:44:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Tingjoven writes:
The NPC list serve is a private, NOT A PUBLIC list serve.  You have no right to publish the private conversations of a private entity (where you do not belong) without the entity's permission.
This calls for an immediate legal action.
Thank you.
Ting Joven
Dear Ting:
I welcome any legal action that you and/or the NPC Executive Board may wish to pursue at the soonest possible time.
If you do not know history, any press club belongs to the so-called Fourth Estate, which is unofficially the fourth branch of government in a democratic country. The Fourth Estate has, therefore, public-benefit functions, duties and responsibilities. Because you are a public-benefit entity, any member of the public may demand transparency from your press club and all media organizations. And when you started sending by e-mail the various messages about the Jesse Jose brouhaha, your dialogue became public domain. Ngarud?
Bringing me to court will make my day.
Bobby M. Reyes

The columnist, Jesse Jose, is phenomenal and irreverent. His viewpoint stings but with merit. He is one columnist who never runs out of readers. 

You became indignant for his differing views on the FilVets and other ethnic minorities. You were of one mind that he committed a grave offense and sanctioned him. You were relentless in your efforts in assailing his character.

It was such a comedy and a tragedy. You all met and had an inquiry. Was Mr. Jose present during the inquiry? Was an invitation extended to him to be physically present or be available by phone during the time of the inquiry? Then his rights have been gravely violated if the responses were no to those questions.

It was also a comedy and a farce. You sanctioned Mr. Jose who was no longer a member of your group during the so-called inquiry. It is so sad that you would not stop hounding him. When is the end to this harassment?

I am a taxpayer. I do hope that Mr. Jerry Clarito, a duly-elected official, did not use government time in sanctioning and assailing Mr. Jose. I do hope too, that the named elected official has other programs to pursue for his constituents other than the FilVets issue.

The war in Iraq rages. A thousand soldiers have died and will continue to die (Editor’s Note: Actually more than 1,500 American soldiers have died as of today, June 10, 2007). Families will continue to mourn. Funds are running out for this war and in aiding the families of the fallen soldiers. What a shame to seek on-going monetary funding for the FilVets while the soldiers in Iraq don't even have armored body vests and vehicles for their protection!

There are so many pressing issues in the community that awaits leadership. You have wasted too much time and efforts rebuking a person who has different outlook and viewpoints from you.

Thank you,

Esperanza Talavera Sanchez

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Last Updated on Monday, 11 June 2007 13:34

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