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Jul 14th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Farewell, Falwell . . . Paul and Alberto, too
Farewell, Falwell . . . Paul and Alberto, too PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Tuesday, 22 May 2007 08:55

A Cup o' Kapeng Barako   

I’ve been looking at the race for the Republican presidential nomination, and I’ve come to a disturbing conclusion:  Maybe we’ve all been too hard on President Bush.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. 

Bush has degraded our government and undermined the rule of law; he has led us into strategic disaster and moral squalor. But the leading contenders for the Republican nomination have given us little reason to believe they would behave differently.  Why should they? 

The principles Bush has betrayed are principles today’s GOP, dominated by movement conservatives, no longer honors.  In fact, rank-and-file Republicans continue to approve strongly of Bush’s policies – and the more UN-AMERICAN the policy, the more they support it . . .


Oh, my goodness!   

Of course, I didn’t say that.  Paul Krugman, a syndicated columnist of The New York Times said that in his recent column.  I couldn’t have written something so blunt, so true and yet as profound as something like that.  I wish I could have.  I’ve thought about it.  But I was not able to verbalize it.   

BTW … have you heard that Democrats and a sizable number of GOPs in Congress and in the U.S. Senate are calling for a NO-CONFIDENCE VOTE on Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, saying he has become “too weakened” to run the Justice Department? Not only because of those politically-motivated firings of those eight federal prosecutors.  But also because when he was still the White House legal counsel of Mr. Bush, Gonzales was found out to have visited the sickbed of then-Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004 to pressure Ashcroft to APPROVE THE LEGALITY of Bush’s eavesdropping program, which Ashcroft refused to do. To eavesdrop on Americans, in America, without warrant, is against the law.   When Mr. Bush appointed Gonzalez as America’s top law enforcement officer, thousands and thousands of Americans were wiretapped without warrants. My goodness!   

BTW … have you also heard that Mr. Bush is expected to quickly nominate a replacement for DISGRACED and now FIRED World Bank GIRL-CRAZY president Paul Wolfowitz, the former “architect” of the Iraq War and former assistant to the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who was also FIRED? 

According to the Beltway Boys of Fox News that as soon as Mr. Bush hears from his talent scouts, there would be a nomination … and guess where those talent scouts have looked? From the International Arabian Horse Association, where the famously DISGRAFUL “Brownie” of FEMA was recruited … and then FIRED for doing “a heckuva of a job” during Hurricane Katrina. 

My goodness! 

Now, check this out.  I’ve been hearing a lot of goofy GOPs and talk heads on Fox News falling all over themselves, saying what a great and religious man of God Televangelist Jerry Falwell was.  As y’all know he passed away last week.  I’ll never wish death on anybody.  That’s only for MANGKUKULAMS.  But I don’t mourn his death. I think he was an evil man. During the 60’s civil rights movement, he called the CIVIL-RIGHTS movement the CIVIL-WRONG movement.  And that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was “not a sincere” man of God.  He preached that God meant for “Negroes to serve Whites.” He embraced the APARTHEID regime of South Africa, under President P.W. Botha and denounced Bishop Desmond Tutu as a “phony.” 

During an evangelical conference in 1999, Mr. Falwell said that the “anti-Christ’ was a “male Jew alive in the world today.”  He also said that “Tinky-Winky” of the children’s TV show, “Teletubbies” was a “gay role model.” And, he had denounced, loud and clear, Prophet Muhammad as a “terrorist.”   And that “AIDS is the wrath of God upon homosexuals.” He told Christians that it was their “duty” to jump into the political fray.  And they did, with millions of them registering and voting for the first time in 1980 . . . that helped put President Ronald Reagan into the White House.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Mr. Falwell said, “I really believe that the PAGANS, and the ABORTIONISTS and the FEMINISTS and the GAYS and the LESBIANS and the ACLU . . . all of them who tried secularize America, I point the finger in their faces and say, ‘You helped this happen.’” 

My goodness! 

As syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., said:  “This Christianity’s moral purview was reduced to two issues: abortion and homosexuality.  It had nothing to say about feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, helping the helpless.” “Worse, it was mean, smug and self-satisfied,” Pitts added.  “The language of faith, forgiveness and forbearance became the language of demonization, marginalization and objectification.” Indeed, he was a demon on this earth.  He preached hate.   

So, farewell, Mr. Falwell.  Good riddance.  You, too, Mr. Wolfowitz … and soon you, Senor Gonzales. 

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Last Updated on Friday, 25 May 2007 08:28

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