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Oct 30th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Feedbacks and Comments on My “Kissing Cousins” Column
Feedbacks and Comments on My “Kissing Cousins” Column PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 06:17

Writing is agonizing. For writers, wannabe writers and even kuno writers (that’s me), there’s nothing more thrilling and satisfying than receiving feedbacks and comments on stories that we write.

We crave for those comments. We long for those feedbacks. We want to know if we’re being read. We want to hear from readers. Because you see, we are a bunch of INSECURE egomaniacs.

Seriously now, I did receive several comments for my story last week, "Dining in Carmel ... ites." If you missed that, hey, shame on you!

The first to comment was my favorite cuz, Manny Belbis of Chicago. He’s not only my favorite cuz, but also my number one fan of my Kapeng Barako column in the Windy City. He wrote this en toto. I didn’t change, delete nor add any words.

"Hey, pare ko! This is beautiful. I think I am reading your spiritual side, my cuz. Haysoooos, with character, with tenderness, with sensitivity, with passion for life, with bountiful love for people…." (Signed) ManWell.

His wife, Becky, wrote, too:

"Dear Jesse … Read your story and enjoyed it. It was very detailed and interesting. Readers like these kind of stories because it is very TOUCHING, SENSITIVE and HONEST. I am sure people will find it very interesting because it is very rare that people get to be invited inside a monastery, but much more getting invited to dinner. We felt much honored to be included in Sister Grace Marie’s dinner invitation. Thanks a million.

"Sister Grace Marie emailed me and I had responded and thanked her for such an opportunity to witness her vows. We will never forget that momentous day. Praise the Lord! Looking forward in three years time to attend the FINAL VOWS.

"Also, thank you so much for your hospitality. You and Maribel were just awesome hosts. The ‘care basket’ was great. What a great idea! Ayos na ayos. Wala kaming masabi. At a scale of 1 to 10, that weekend with you guys was a 20!!! Again, thank you very much. We are lucky to have COUSINS like you and Maribel. Love." (Signed) Manny and Becky.

Then came these letters from the NAVARROS of Vancouver, Canada. Tessie wrote first:

"Maraming salamat sa masarap na lunch at saka sa sobrang tamis ng mga Asian pears. At siyempre sa sobrang pag asikaso ninyo sa amin. Pasensya na at naubos ang mga bunga.

"Natutuwa ako at nagkita-kita tayong muli. Sabi ko kay Rey ay dapat talaga na pupunta kami, kasi para na itong reunion mg mga magpinsan. Kaya Friday ay tumawag siya sa office nila na di siya papasok ng Linggo. Masaya tayong lahat at iyon ang mahalaga. Nagkaroon ng bonding ang magpipinsn kahit sandaling oras lang.

"Nabasa ko ang MAGANDANG column mo at buong buo ang kwento doon. Sayang di kami kasama sa "DINING IN CARME … ites."

"Again, thank you very much. Ingat kayo lagi. With you in prayers." (Signed) Tess.

Then Lolet:

"I enjoyed reading your write-up of the event last Sunday. The prayer of Ate Gace is VERY TOUCHING. I love it. Thank you for sharing this with us." (Signed) Rosalie Fedalizo, DataWave Services, Canada, Inc.

Cristy, for Cristina, but who we fondly call, "Matutina" or "Miss Universe" wrote this:

"Hello there, Mr. Jesse … Hope everything’s well with you and Ate Belle. Yes! Yes! Yes! I read it! Ang galing galing … inggit naman ako. Mukhang ang sarap ng handa ni Sister Grace. And the song, ‘AVE MARIA’ of Mr. Manuel … saying hindi namin narinig. Sana pala nagparinig siya ng isang sample while we were there at your house.

"But anyway, siguradong nagustuhan ng mga ka sisteran doon sa Carmelite monastery yung kanta niya.

"That was a VERY NICE ONE, Mr. Jesse. Take care and stay well. Regards to Ate Belle." (Signed) Tina.

Sister Grace Marie wrote, too:

"Dear Jesse … Thank you very much for sharing your story. You have written BEATIFULLY of your wonderful experience. Last Sunday’s event was truly a great blessing from the Lord to all of us. He blesses us so, not because we deserve it, but because He is all Good and all Love. Let us give thanks and praise to Him in all that we do…. All the sisters enjoyed your story and said that you’re a very good writer." (Signed) Grace.

So, those were the comments and feedbacks of my KISSING COUSINS on my story last week. But, I think, the crowning comments came from my two publishers: Yoly T. of Chicago and Bobby Reyes of California.

When I told Yoly T. in an email about all the feedbacks, she said:

"Hi Bestpren … I am glad that everybody liked your story. You’re an awesome storyteller is all I can say…. Sige, gotta cook breakfast for me and my Bartolytes." (Signed) Yoly.

And, this from Bobby Reyes, excerpts of which read:

"Hi, Ka Jesse …. Congratulations for this fine article that you penned. I like in particular your excellent use of metaphors such as describing the Asian pear trees "pregnant with fruits." But, I bet that the solemn occasion to a perfect family reunion could have been better if the hosts served Kapeng Barako, right?" (Signed) Bobby Reyes.

For a KUNO (sic) writers like me, nothing could be better than feedbacks and comments, such as these. For the agony of writing becomes ecstasy. JJ


(Editor’s Note: Jesse Jose is a legitimate writer and not a "kuno" type like the perrytale writer or Diony-Batongmaliit-kind of wannabe scribe. This was why we invited Mr. Jose to write a column for what is now the fastest-growing community web site in the Filipino cyberspace. The "Cup o’ Kapeng Barako" column and Ka Jesse’s wit and humor are some of the reasons why the MabuhayRadio jumped more-than seven-million slots in the’s rankings of web sites. Finally, last Saturday, Oct. 21, 2007, we cracked the one-millionth rank. We are now the world’s 972,180th busiest web site, according to And we did it in just the first week of our seventh month of operation. A long way to go before we become the world’s 99,999th most-active site, which we targeted on our second anniversary on April 9, 2009. Maraming salamat, Ka Jesse, and your thousands of readers.)

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