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Oct 29th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Ha, ha, ha, Hillary Clobbers Obama in West Virginia
Ha, ha, ha, Hillary Clobbers Obama in West Virginia PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 15 May 2008 23:17

He (Obama) has sown doubts about his ability to win white, working-class votes.  --David S. Broder, Washington Post

How sweet, how deliciously sweet … Those CNN, MSNBC and NBC talk heads and precocious kuno print pundits and Democratic Party leaders were ALL wrong about Hillary.  They counted her out and they were proved wrong.


Very wrong!

Their constant whining about Hillary needing to get out of the race and allow B. HUSSEIN Obama to move on is not only insulting, to say the least, but also a momentous stupidity. 

If Obama were such a strong candidate, he would have ALREADY won the 2,026 delegates he needs to be declared the winner.  He would have reached that number ALREADY long before now, especially with the large amount of money he has spent on this campaign.

But he has not.  He’s still floundering.

On the other hand, burdened by debt and under heavy, relentless pressure to quit, Ms. Hillary YET scored another resounding victory, this time last Tuesday in West Virginia.  And surely that cast doubt on whether Mr. Obama – for all his millions of dollars raised, pledged delegates won and winning momentum – is ELECTABLE in the November general election.

“The bottom line is this: The White House is won in the swing states, and I am winning in the swing states,” Hillary told a celebrating crowd in West Virginia.  “I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign….”

Go for it, Ms. Hillary.

I am with you all the way, and millions of others out there, too.  You’re the candidate who speaks to our hearts, our intellect and our souls.  To us, you’re the leader of leaders and the BETTER candidate than Mr. Obama. 

We have seen your dignity, your strength of character, your PRIDE in America and your confidence in us as a people.  We have seen your ability to rise above the rhetoric of politics. 

Most of all, we have seen your GRIT as a fighter and that brought out the fighter in us, too … instilling in us the belief that we can do better, and we will!

Ms. Hillary has won the swing states, the big states and the battleground states, like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California -- and of course, Michigan and Florida.

MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE: It’s been said over and over that mathematically speaking Ms. Hillary has lost and that Mr. Obama is now the Democrat presumptive nominee.  As I write this, Mr. Obama has 1,887 delegates to Ms. Hillary’s 1,718.  To clinch the nomination, 2,026 is needed. 

Mr. Obama has also now surpassed Ms. Hillary in the superdelegates count and slowly but surely, more are jumping to Obama’s side.  The latest superdelegates count is 267 for Obama and 256 for Ms. Hillary.  About 253 are still uncommitted.

But beyond that there’s another math that we should also look into.  Ms. Hillary has won the swing states, the big states and the battleground states, like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California. 

According to national polls, IF Ms. Hillary becomes the nominee, this would be the math of the electoral votes in the general election this November: Clinton, 280.  McCain, 258.  If Mr. Obama becomes the nominee: Obama, 254.  Mccain, 273.  Conclusion: Clinton beats McCain; McCain beats Obama.

Also, the African-Americans who clearly support Senator Obama ONLY makeup 11% of the general election voting population.  And, women who make up the majority of Mrs. Clinton supporters are within the 55% of the voting population.  And white men who support Mrs. Clinton make up the 45%.

If y’all wanna talk about math … that’s THE math, the OTHER math, that many have chosen to ignore.  In this math, if Mr. Obama goes against Mr. McCain, Obama loses.  If Ms. Hillary runs against Mr. McCain, Ms. Hillary wins.  That’s also the math the superdelegates of the Democrat Party, who will name the nominee, will have to think hard about.

EDWARDS ENDORSES OBAMA: A day after Ms. Hillary routed Mr. Obama in West Virginia, John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, the man who claims to champion the poor and sports a $400 haircut, endorsed Mr. Obama.

So, one loser endorses another loser.  Who cares?


Former Senator Edwards said that Mr. Obama has NOT been around “long enough” to have much of a political track record of credibility.

Or shall I say, one pretty boy endorses another pretty boy.  And what does this white pretty boy want from the black pretty boy?  The VP slot perhaps?  According to news reports, in January, Mr. Edwards said he would not accept a vice-presidential post or a Cabinet position from Mr. Obama.  “No, absolutely not,” he said.  But PRIVATELY, he told friends he would consider the role of VP … or perhaps, the position of Attorney General.  Hmmm….

When he was still campaigning as a presidential candidate, Mr. Edwards had criticized Senator Obama for “voting ABSENT” 100 times while serving in the Illinois Legislature” and for “taking money from political action committees.”  He also said that Mr. Obama has NOT been around “long enough” to have much of a political track record of credibility.

But last Wednesday, the two PRETTY BOYS were both lovey-dovey to each other.  They hugged and kissed and exchanged kind words to each other.  Mr. Edwards said Senator Obama “stands with me” in championing for the poor and in “cutting poverty in half within 10 years….”

Yeah, right.  The man who vows to cut poverty in half pays $400 for a haircut.  Hmmm….  I wonder how much Mr. Obama pays for his?  And how much does he give for tips to his lady hairdresser? 

Does he call her “sweetie,” too?

Hmmm….  How sweet namanJJ   

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