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Jul 20th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako How Shall We Call the Motherland? "Pinas" or "PH"? My Take ...
How Shall We Call the Motherland? "Pinas" or "PH"? My Take ... PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 20:29


And Who Planted the Bombs at the Boston Marathon?


By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako



A stranger asks you: "Where are you from?"


You answer, "I am from the land of PH"?


I am sure the next question that stranger would ask you, is: "Where is the land of PH?  Is that a new country?"


Surely, you would say, "No, it's not a new country.  it's the old Philippine Island."


And surely, too, that stranger would ask next: "Why did y'all change the name of your country from Philippines to PH?"


And you would answer, "Because it's a more respectful name for us, Filipinos"  Now, may I ask you, Dear Readers: "Is it?"


As I said in my previous Kapeng Barako story, "Flips and Pinoys..." words that I said that I don't believe are OFFENSIVE at all, and so with that word, "Pinas." 


Expounding on this: I don't really understand why that word, "Pinas," would be politically incorrect or "disrespectful" to Filipinos in the Philippines and to us, Fil-Ams, while the word "PH" is not.


"Pinas" is the shortened name for the word, Pilipinas.  Whereas, "PH" is the shortened name for Philippines. Pilipinas/Pinas is a Tagalog word, right?  Whereas, Philippines/PH is the Kano word for Pilipinas/Pinas, right?  (Editor's Note: PH is the country code for the Philippines. Please see at the end of this column three articles about it, including one written by Jesse Jose himself.)


Now, why would Filipinos in the Philippines, or us here Fil-Ams in America, prefer to call the Motherland in the Kano language? 


I think that's wrong. 


Because to me, that's tantamount to "Americanizing" the name of our Motherland.  Why this preference for the Kano word, when the Pinoy word is a much more suitable and endearing word?


I think the word "PH" sounds like an OBSCENE word, or a word with an obscene connotations ... like Piece of Hubris Island, or whatever words would come to mind to rename the Motherland.


PEE-ETCH/PEE-ITCH: To rename the Philippines, "PH" would not only have several OBSCENE connotations, but it would also sound stupid, if uttered by Filipinos.  Because it would sound "Pee-Etch," or Pee-Itch (depends what part of Pinas you came from), instead of "Pee-Aitch," which is the correct pronunciation. 


To me, "Pinas" is an ENDEARING word for the Motherland, whereas "PH" is a STUPID word, which can have, as I said, several OBSCENE connotations...and when the letter "H" is uttered by many Filipinos, can also sound OBSCENE, or even dirty like the Pilipino slang word, "etchas," which in the Kano word means, turd or feces. 


"PEE" and "ETCH(AS)": what a combination of letter/words to name the Motherland!  That's offensive, di ba?  Okey ngarud, I rest my case na.  Let's talk about something else.


WHO PLANTED THOSE BOMBS?: As y'all know, two bombs blew up seconds apart this Monday at the finish line of the world-famous marathon in Boston.  Three people were killed and more than 170 were injured.


Initial investigation of the blast confirmed that the explosions were made of pressure cookers.  The same type of pressure cooker explosives that have been used in Afghanistan and Pakistan ... the same type of device that was used in the attempted May 2010 Times Square bombing.  Lucky for New Yorkers, the bombs were discovered before it all blew up.


In a speech, President Obama said we shouldn't jump into "conclusions" as to who were the people who blew up these bombs in Boston.


Those bombs were made and used by Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan to blow up our American soldiers there ... isn't that enough conclusions as to who were responsible for this bombing in Boston


I rest my case on this matter, too.  That's all.  JJ  


Editor’s Note: “PH” (actually “PHP”) is the “country code” by reason of an international agreement, as reported by Joseph G. Lariosa in this link:


Jesse Jose also commented earlier on PH in his column, as per this link:


This editor wrote also an “Unsolicited Advice” on the “PH” as the “country code” for the Philippines, as can be accessed in this link:



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