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Oct 04th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako In Politics, the Fun Never Stops …
In Politics, the Fun Never Stops … PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 08 January 2009 16:54

It’s craziness that’s going on here . . .

 --Dana Bash, CNN reporter 


P olitics is truly entertainment galore.  The fun never stops.  I don’t mean to mock anyone either, especially President-elect Barack H. Obama.  In fact, he’s my hero now.  Of course, in the Philippines, my ever-suffering motherland, my hero there is still Erap.  He’s the embodiment of the true kanto boy, the good-looking thug with a good heart, the true macho Filipino.



But we’re not gonna talk about Erap now.  We gonna talk about THAT MAN, Obama … that mythical man, described by pundits of the left and the right as the man who’s got the whole world in his hands.


And this man, we’ve heard, has named four more Clinton administration official as part of his new team at the Justice Department, including David Ogden as deputy attorney general and Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kegan as solicitor general. 


Hey, no problem with that.  That’s super, I think.  Harvard and all.   


T hen, there’s the Punyeta, I mean Panetta, Leon E. Panetta … who would be the chief spook among America’s spooks, the CIA.  This guy is also a loyal Clintonite.  He was a former chief of staff of President Clinton’s White House.  Despite criticism of Mr. Panetta’s lack of intelligence experience, his conformation in the Senate is already in the bag.


So, the process of picking retreads goes on.  Hey, as I said, no problem with that.  The ones being chosen are all good people with good track records under Bill Clinton.


THE BACK-STABBINB\G MAN: Those chosen were all good picks, EXCEPT for that erroneous pick for Commerce Secretary, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, that big time back-stabber, who stabbed the Clintons during last year’s presidential election.  I have written about this guy before and I had described him as “untrustworthy and a big time back-stabber.”  To me, that still holds true.  Now, it’s been found out that he’s also a BIG TIME in the despicable world of deceit and corruption.  So, down the gutter, he goes …


I never did like this guy.  I had a bad feeling about him when I mentioned him in one of my stories, but I couldn’t pinpoint it at that time the reason why.  Now we know.


But who’s gonna take his place?  May I suggest someone?  How about Oprah?  Hey, it’s payback time and Oprah, together with George Soros and William Buffett, donated heavily to the coffers of Mr. Obama’s presidential run.  She should have a place of honor, too.


I think she’ll do well.  She’s a self-made billionaire.  She’s a philanthropist.  And she’s genius in making money.  She’s eloquent and outspoken.  Together with the other elite and Harvard geniuses of the Obama administration, who knows, maybe she can help find a way to turn America’s BANKRUPT economy around.


Mr. Obama said that America is $1-trillion in the hole now and “for years to come.”  That’s not even counting the millions of dollars for the stimulus package that he’ll soon be handing out to STIMULATE America’s economy.


BARACK OBAMA, A “YES DEAR” MAN?: One night, recently, this conversation was overheard from one of the bedrooms of Washington D.C.’s historic Hay-Adams Hotel, where President-elect Obama and his family are lodged temporarily.  In a few days, they will move to the Blair House, a guest house that is the traditional house of presidents-in-waiting before moving into the White House.


At the Hotel, two people were talking: a man and a woman.  The woman sounded like Michelle Obama.  The man has the baritone voice of Mr. Obama.  The woman was doing MOST of the talking.


WOMAN (In a threatening voice): Using Clinton people for your team is fine.  But if I ever see Monica Lewinsky in the White House, you are TOAST!


MAN: Yes, dear….


From that, I suppose, y’all can figure out who’s gonna be running the White House. It ain’t gonna be the mythical man, that’s for sure.


BURRIS, THE MAGIC MAN: Roland Burris, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s pick to put in place of Obama’s vacated Senate seat, had come to Washington Tuesday to be sworn in with the new senators … but he was barred from entering the building.


A ccording to news reports, while senators have their drivers take them past the security checkpoint, Mr. Burris had to disembark from his car on Constitution Ave. and walked in the rain. While senators can take the marble staircase to the senators-only entrance, Mr. Burris had to go through the guard house to be screened for bombs and weapons.


INSTEAD, he was greeted by hundreds of reporters, and he told them: “My name is Roland Burris, the junior senator from the state of Illinois,” he told reporters that gathered around him. “I presented my credential to the secretary of the Senate and was advised that my credentials were not in order and I would not be accepted.  I am not seeking any type of confrontation . . .”


Posing for the cameras, he added, “I am just on display.”


Mr. Burris has been on display since Gov. Blagojevich (pronounced Blah-go-the-bitch), appointed him to the Senate seat that Mr. Obama had vacated and that the guv had been accused of trying to sell to the highest bidder.


“I am enjoying this on behalf of the people of Illinois,” he said. “I am the magic man.”


Mr. Burris, the magic man, is indeed doing a lot of magic. Wherever he goes, the press and onlookers surround him to gawk at his magic. As Dana Bash, a CNN reporter, described the stir that Mr. Burris created this past Tuesday at the nation’s capital: “This is such a madhouse, frankly, with the press and the people around him … it’s craziness that is going on here.”


That was Tuesday. The following day, like magic, became a different story. They welcomed him, ushered him and escorted him … like a senator. The magic man, became “a good friend and a colleague” by all. 


Indeed ngarud, politics is entertainment galore. The fun never stops. It could even be a circus at times. If that’s the case, then I look forward to having fun with the Obama administration for many years to come.  JJ


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Last Updated on Thursday, 08 January 2009 17:02

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