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Mar 26th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Is Sen. Barack Obama an “Oreo” or a “Brother”?
Is Sen. Barack Obama an “Oreo” or a “Brother”? PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 24 January 2008 10:12

You know, Senator Obama, it is very difficult having a straight-up debate with you, because you never take responsibility for any vote, and that has been a pattern . . .                 --Sen. Hillary Clinton


So,for the GOPs this past Saturday, Sen. John McCain, the ex-POW and war hero of the Vietnam “quagmire” won the South Carolina primary, defeating Mike Huckabee, the ex-Baptist minister and Mitt Romney, the ex-Mormon pastor.


This coming Saturday would be for the Democrats and this is going to be a battle royale between Obambi and Billary.

Pundits and talk heads have said that this state would be won by Mr. Barack HUSSIEN Osama … sorry, I mean, Mr. HUSSIEN Obama, y Barack.  And the reason Mr. Barack will win is because all the black voters of the Democrat Party will come out and vote for their man, named HUSSIEN. 

And they said this presidential election is not about RACE? 


As Bill Clinton would say: “Gimme a break.  That’s the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever heard.”

As Bob Herbert, of The New York Times wrote this week in his column: “On Saturday, in a cold, steady rain, voters turned out for the Republican primary.  NEARLY ALL OF THEM – close to 100 percent – were white.  At a dinner party here Saturday night, I was reminded ruefully by one of the guests: ‘It used to be the Democratic Party that was the white man’s party in South Carolina.  Now it’s the GOP.  The black people vote next Saturday.’”

And, en masse, may I add.  

And they said this presidential election is not about RACE? 

As Bill Clinton would say: “Gimme a break.  That’s the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever heard.”

Of course, it’s about race! 

Even though Mr. Obama is not completely black – he’s half and half, half white, half black – he’s nonetheless considered as black.  YET, he ain’t running in this presidential race on the platform of his being black.  Hey, y’all follow me here?  I ain’t done explaining yet … 

And because he’s considered as black, even though his skin coloring is white, the blacks STILL consider him as a “brother.”  And in being that, all the black people of America, majority of them, that is, will surely vote for Mr. Obama, because he’s black.

That’s also why black celebrities are backing him up and endorsing his candidacy.  There’s Oprah and Denzel and Spike … and all the black TV and print pundits and talk heads.  I mean, they’re all solidly behind their “Brother” Barack.  I would, too, if I was black.   

Yeah, man, Barack’s presidential race is about race.

BIGOTRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Do y’all know that the ruling white people of South Carolina still fly their confederate flag down there?  That’s right!  Right there on the grounds of their state capitol in Columbia. 

To Black Americans, this flag is a symbol of racism and of the difficult, abhorrent days of slavery.  But to whites, it’s a symbol of Southern pride and tradition, and of General Lee and of their “genteel” way of life … and of that famous blood-curdling rebel yell: heeehaawww! 

To me, there should only be one flag that should fly in America: the Star and Stripes. That’s it!  (We shouldn’t even fly the Philippine flag, except inside the Philippine Embassy.  To do otherwise would be a display of the well-known Filipino carabao mentality).

Now check this out: Right next to this confederate FLAG that flies in Columbia, S.C., is the statue of Gov. Benjamin Tillman.

Mr. Bob Herbert said, “They still honor Benjamin Tillman down there, which is very much like honoring a malignant tumor. A statue of Tillman, who was known as ‘Pitchfork Ben,’ is on prominent display outside the statehouse.”

Mr. Tillman who served as South Carolina governor and U.S. senator in the early part of the 1920s publicly defended the lynching of blacks.  Several thousands of young black men were lynched all over America.  The last one was in the early 1960s. 

Speaking before the U.S. Senate, Governor Tillman declared: “We of the South have never recognized the right of the Negro to govern white men, and we never will.  We have never believed him to be the equal of the white man, and we will not submit to his gratifying lust on our wives and daughters without lynching him.”

As Ms. Hillary said, Senator Obama “never took any responsibility for any vote."

OREO” OR “BROTHER”: So, as I was saying, this presidential race of Mr. Obama is about his RACE.  But he said he’s not running on that issue.  That’s not my platform, he said.  My platform is about CHANGE, he said.  About changing the status quo.  About changing the mentality of this country.  About changing America for the better.    

That’s fine.  Go on then.  I am with that. 

But does Mr. Obama got what it takes?  Or, is he just all talk?  All poetry, no prose.  From what I understand, when he was a state senator of Illinois, he didn’t do anything.  He didn’t vote on anything.  What he was famously known for was in representing Chicago “slum landlords.”  Then, when he became a U.S. senator, he didn’t do anything either.  He was physically present during sessions, but he didn’t take on issues. 

As Ms. Hillary said, he “never took any responsibility for any vote."  And, he FLIP-FLOPED on his stand on the Iraq War. 

If Mr. Obama is truly for CHANGE, I wanna see him change first that blatant bigotry that’s on display right in the heart of South Carolina!  I wanna see him take down that flag that symbolizes the oppression of his race!  I wanna see him demolish that statue of that horrible man who defended the LYNCHING of black men!   

If Senator Obama is really a true “brother” and not an “Oreo,” I wanna see him take on a responsibility for a CHANGE … and tear those symbols down!  Then, perhaps, I’ll believe in his mantra of “change.”    JJ

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