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Sep 29th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Men Gossip More Often Than Women?
Men Gossip More Often Than Women? PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 19 July 2007 04:13

A Cup o' Kapeng Barako

It must be true. I read it in a tabloid that men, macho men, big hairy men and hunky, muscled men, or even those little men amongst us, GOSSIP MORE than women.

He, he, he. I think that’s funeeee. But it’s true. That’s what it says in this tabloid I’ve just read.

We, men, may call it "locker-room banter, or "networking," or maybe, "keeping in touch." But in form and substance, it’s called, simply and truly, GOSSIP! And, men do it everyday. Hey, I do it. Well, not everyday. Maybe, every other day. PLEASE don’t tell me that YOU don’t do it or had never done it. Because … you’re lying, bro.

This juicy tale are findings of the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC), a non-profit think thank based in England. It defines GOSSIP as "chatty talk among friends," and the "process of informally communicating value-laden information about members of a social setting."

Further quoting this tabloid, the Center’s other findings are:

. Men are likely to gossip with work colleagues, love partners and female friends.

. Men gossip about work, politics or other highbrow topics less than 5-percent of the time, unless (check this out) women are present! Then the proportion of male conversation increases to impress the women.

. Men spend much more time than women talking about themselves … and that gossip is the mutterings of the powerless.

Even the Academia and Wannabe Journalists

And now hear this, teachers! Ken Stewart, a former professor and now a family-and-marriage therapist in Minnesota, said the worst gossip mills is ACADEMIA, "with a lot of smart people with a lot of time on their hands who are not as powerful as they’d like to be."

For example, when someone else gets the promotion to full professor, sharing dirt on him or her isn’t kind, but it sure is comforting. (Like those kinds of gossips, I suppose, among Fil-Am journalists, or for that matter, even among wannabe journalists).

This study also found that "while women are more likely to talk bout RELATIONSHIPS, when it comes to nasty, vicious, backstabbing information about other people, men do that JUST AS MUCH as women."

But according to this study, there’s a bright side to gossip, too. Men are not really that CYNICAL at all. Most are genuinely interested in other people.

"Gossip," said Stewart," is a way of creating a network of information, a way of saying, ‘I heard about something that made me curious.’ In that sense, it’s a good thing. It knits together community."

So, with that in mind, let me share this interesting GOSSIP from "Uncle Ben" Giovanelli of Chicago. Last week I emailed him and said that I mentioned him in my column and that I incorporated a couple of his DYOKS he sent me.

He wrote back: "Thanks Bro … I hope they have a sense of humor. Oh well, it was a good change of pace for Fil-Ams. We live with enough pressure and confusion in our lives, we all need to take a break from our EGOS. We all take ourselves much too serious.

"Hey, by the way, have you taken in Michael Moore’s new film, "Sicko"? It’s about how the medical and drug companies are running the USA … and how some members of Congress are filling their pockets by special interest groups to evade any chance of change.

"I, along with the entire audience went from a HIGH, of a standing ovation to a LOW, of some outright crying and some sniffles. The movie has balls as does the producer. I say, good job, Michael Moore!

"I also picked up a conversation between Wolf Blitzer of CNN on the ‘net, about how that Indian Doctor, Sanji Gupta tried to discredit Moore’s assertions in his movie. It was quite a heated debate. Check it out. Oh, well, enough for now. Keep the faith, Bro. Over and out." (Signed) Uncle Ben.

Good gossip, Uncle Ben. Clean as a whistle … got anything "UNCLEAN"? Just kidding.

Romy Marquez's Breaking News

This is another good gossip. Last week, my prolific and highly-esteemed colleague, Romy Marquez cc’d me a copy of his latest story before it saw print, "BREAKING NEWS: Filner Exposes Scams in FilVets’ Ranks," with a note that reads:

"Good morning to all … It seems scammers are all over the place that even Congressman Filner complains about them. Here’s the latest development in our community. Thanks and best regards." (Signed) Romy Marquez.

After reading Romy’s story, I wrote him: "Pare … Thanks for the heads up. Good story. This is the way I see it: the FIGHT now seemed to be for self-serving recognition … of who should be the SUPREMO of this fight for Filvets Equity, with Representative Filner acting as JUDGE and JURY. You know, just like the fight between Aguinaldo and Bonifacio. They fought for the same cause, YET they were insanely jealous of each other.

"Pare, para sa akin … this FilVets issue has too many cooks who are cooking the broth. Kaya and labas diyan: GELE-GELE."

Romy responded: "Well, they can fight for whatever. But the outstanding issue remains the scam being perpetrated on the hapless veterans. Pare, mahirap na ang mga ito, ginagatasan pa!"

If these emailed exchanges are dubbed as gossips, then gossip is a good thing. If it’s a way of creating a network of information, or a way of knitting together our community, or a way of keeping in touch, then I am all for it.

Let’s gossip on!

Hey, got one to share? Psssst, I got one.

# # #

Last Updated on Monday, 15 October 2007 05:01

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