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Mar 27th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako More-than a Chip Off the Old Block
More-than a Chip Off the Old Block PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 19 June 2009 22:46

My wife, Maribel, said that “happy news must be shared.”  So, I am sharing this with y’all.  But if you don’t wanna partake in this happiness, which I am sure a handful out there won’t, please flip this page and go away na.


Now … to my dear readers who are still with me, this little story began when I wrote my Bestpren, Yoly T. this letter last week:


Hello Bestpren,


Just want to let you know that Chris and his girlfriend, Jacklyn Rostie, who is also a broadcast journalist in Iowa, will be in Chicago this weekend, just “to check the place out,” they said.  They’ll be staying at the Chicago South Loop Hotel and will be there from Saturday to Wednesday.  I told him to give you a call and see you and Bart down there, perhaps … at magmano sa inyo.  Do you mind if I give him your cell phone number?


When you see him, don’t be surprised that he’s no longer a boy.  He’s a man now and very self-assured and tall (6-foot-two).  And his girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous … when on TV, that is.  But in person, simple lang ang ayos.  Well, have fun with them.  (Signed, Jesse)


My Bestpren said that “if they have the time, they can give us a call.  We have a full schedule Saturday and Sunday but we don’t have any thing important going on on Monday and Tuesday….”


The last time my Bestpren saw Chris was ages ago, when he was still in elementary school.  In his high-school years and college freshman year, Chris had a column in Philippine Time and MegaScene, called “Sports Talk.”  And this writing experience, plus Bart and Yoly’s endorsement, had helped Chris get some scholarship money when he attended the Edgar Murrows School of Broadcast Journalism at Washington State U.


* Editor’s Note: To read an earlier story in this website about Chris Jose, please click on this link, Jesse's Son Wins Wyoming Broadcasters' Awards 


So in a way Yoly and Bart were among Chris’s many mentors, who had seen his growth from boy to man.


I am supposed to be telling y’all the good news, but you know, it never fails that when I begin to talk about this son of mine, I always get too chatty and diverted … and lost in thoughts.  Though he’s a “sutil,” and my wife fondly calls him that, he’s our pride and joy.  I call him, “Bam” though, ever since I can remember, shortened from the name, “Bambino,” that his Lola Menny (my wife’s mom) gave him. His Lola said that he looked like Baby Jesus, the Bambino, when Chris was still a baby … 


You see what I mean?  I am lost, again, talking about this son of mine.


THE GOOD NEWS, THE GOOD NEWS: So the good news is … that while Chris and Jacklyn were in Chicago, Chris PROPOSED to Jacklyn, his girlfriend for almost like two years now. 


Then he called his mom to tell her what he did. Then, of course, Maribel told me. When she blurted out, “I have good news from Sutil,” I thought at first Chris won another broadcasting award or perhaps, took that job offer in California.  But when my wife said, “Chris had proposed to Jacklyn,” I had to sit down.


For all of a sudden, I felt old!  Time had flown so swiftly by!


But Maribel was so happy.  She was smiling from ear to ear, gushing with happiness.  Magkaka-apo na rin ako,” she said.  “If a girl, she’ll be bright and beautiful, like Jacklyn.  If a boy, intelligent and handsome, like Sutil.”


W ishing to share her happiness and tell the whole world about it, my wife mass e-mailed “everybody.”  And that “everybody” are relatives from Canada to Florida to California to the Philippines.  And dear friends, like Yoly and Bart, who would be happy, too, to hear our happy news.  My wife wrote:


I would like to share the good news that Christopher has finally proposed to Jacklyn.  I receive a phone call from Chris earlier today to share the good news.  Chris shared that he proposed on his bended knees with the ring at hand on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago.


Time has really flown!  We are so happy and excited for the two of them!


In droves, came the reply of “congratulations.”  My Bestpren and my Erapok were among the firsts to write back.  They wrote:


Congratulations and Best Wishes to Chris and Jacklyn!


Finally the gorgeous couple will soon tie the knot!  Let us know about the rest of the details as soon as they’re available and we’ll proudly make the announcement in our MegaScene!  (Signed, Bart and Yoly)


Then Bart in an e-mail solely to me, said:



So now you will have your own manugang.  Merkana pa!

Congrats!  (Signed, BT)


As I said before, Bart and I call each other, Erapok.  I replied:



At blonde na blonde pa.  Tunay na blonde.  Hindi bleached blonde. 

(Signed, Jesse)


After meeting Chris and Jacklyn, Bart wrote again:




We just came home from our meetings.  The first one was with Chris and Jacklyn at the China Town.  We had a late lunch.


Wow, the couple is gorgeous.  Chris is impressive and someone who can mix well even with the older folks like us.  One thing good about him is that you won’t feel the generation gap.  He is so conversant.  Bagay na bagay sa kanyang piniling career.  We talked about a lot of things.  And certainly we enjoyed their presence.  We told them to come again at anytime they feel like.


Chris agreed that his countenance is very much like his beautiful mom.  That’s what a lot of people say, according to him.


Regards.  (Signed, BT)



I replied:




Hello Erapok and Bestpren,


Thank you very much for meeting Chris and Jacklyn.  Chris said that he enjoyed your company and that both of you are a “good couple.”


I am sure they would want to see Chicago again one of these days, especially the shores of Lake Michigan, where Chris proposed to Jacklyn.  It’s a happy and memorable place for them.  And perhaps at that time we’ll fly over there and see you guys, too.


Yoly wrote back:


That’s a great plan and something to look forward to.  We did enjoy their company as well.  I think they really are very much in love with each other.  We wish them the best.  (Signed, Yoly and Bart)


Then … I wrote to my son:


Hello Bam,


Your mom told me the good news … the happy news.  She was really gushing with happiness when she told me the good news.  Congratulations to you and Jacklyn.  I am happy, too, for both of you.  Take care of yourself always and regards to Jacklyn.  See you in August….  (Signed, Pops)


Chris’s reply:


Thanks, Pops.  It is an exciting time for both of us.  See you in a few months.  (Signed, Chris)


Yes, indeed, dear readers, happy news must be shared, and thank you for allowing me to share my happiness with y’all.  JJ


* Editor’s Note: We changed without the knowledge of our Jesse Jose the title of this instant article. Originally it was called, A little happy news that I want to share.”  We think that the new title is more appropriate. What do you think, Dear Readers? And congratulations and best wishes to the Jose Family, especially Chris and Jacklyn, from all of us in the # # #  


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Last Updated on Friday, 19 June 2009 23:09
Comments (3)
1 Saturday, 20 June 2009 16:08
Hi Jess,

Congratulations to you and your wife!!! What a happy occasion...unfortunately, you are quite right about one thing - it sure is a reminder that as parents, we are getting older. Nice article especially for Father's Day.

2 Saturday, 20 June 2009 18:53
Wow! Congratulations! Best wishes to Chris and Jacklyn.

We're so happy to hear the good news. Bagay na bagay sila. I'm sure magaganda ang magiging mga apo ninyo.
3 Tuesday, 23 June 2009 06:44
Hi Jesse,

Thank you for sharing your article. It was fun reading it.

Sister Grace Marie,
Carmelites Monastery,
Shoreline, Washington

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