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Jan 31st
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, America’s President-in-Waiting
Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, America’s President-in-Waiting PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 08 February 2008 08:48

  “It did take a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush . . .”   --Sen. Hillary Clinton


How true!  How true! No doubt about it: Ms. Hillary will be the President who would clean up the mess that Mr. Bush, the Second, would leave behind: a budget deficit, a huge debt, a bankrupt economy, a looming recession, two ongoing wars, an America divided … and hated overseas. 

Talagang nagkalat ng lagim, ika nga. 

No wonder Americans crave for change!  And we have a very likeable candidate in the person of Barack Obama, who offers this CHANGE for America.  “A change,” his supporters chant, “we can believe in.”

Really?  Can he really?  True, he’s likeable.  I like him, too. 

There’s a lot to like about Mr. Obama.  Handsome, intelligent, Harvard grad, “exotic” upbringing, good dancer with a good rhythm, fabulous speaker, I mean, he’s a PRINCE …   

Seven years ago, America “elected” a very likeable presidential candidate, too, in the person of George W. Bush.  Yes, just like Mr. Obama, he was also handsome and wholesome, and a Harvard grad …    Yes, just like Mr. Obama, he was also a PRINCE.  And very likeable.  But he turned out to be a frog, who likes to holds hands with Arab princes and say to America’s enemies, “bring it on” and to us, Americans, “we’ll stay on course.”   

And look what happened to America!   Yes, let there be CHANGE!   But let’s listen carefully and read up on issues that truly matters.  Let’s don’t get BLINDED by poetic rhethorics and promises that cannot be delivered. 

The New York Times said, "Mrs. Clinton is more qualified right now, to be President . . .”  As written in an editorial in The New York Times a week ago, “the sense of possibility, of a generationl shift, rouses Mr. Obama’s audiences and not just through rhetorical flourishes.  He shows voters that he understands how much they hunger for a break with the Bush years, for leadership and vision and true bipartisanship … “

But we need more SPECIFICS to go with his amorphous promise of a new governing majority, a clearer sense of how he would govern….”

True and I say again, Mr. Obama does not tell us HOW.   

Obama reminds me of our own Chiquito, y’all remember him?  You know, that Filipino comedian turned wannabe small- time politician in the 70’s, who said when asked by a reporter: “Mr. Chiquito, ano po ba ang plataporma ninyo?” To which Chiquito answered: “Ah, hindi ko sasabihin ‘yan, baka kopyahin ng mga kalaban ko.”  I can’t remember now what he was running for, but on the premise that he’s not going to reveal specifics of his policies, Chiquito won that election.

But that was Chiquito in the Philippines, and ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES, y’all know what I mean?  Mr. Obama is running for President of the United States of America, and as leader of the world. “The potential upside of a great Obama presidency is ENTICING,” added The New York Times, “but the country faces huge problems, and will no doubt be facing more that we can’t foresee. 

The next president needs to start immediately on challenges that will require CONCRETE solutions, resolve, and the ability to make government work.  Mrs. Clinton is more qualified right now, to be President….” 

I totally agree.   “Hearing her talk about the presidency, her policies and her answers to America’s big problems,” the editorial continued, “we are hugely impressed by the depth of her knowledge, by the force of her intellect and the breadth of, yes, her experience.”  Right on.  Si Barack ay bubut pa.  Magpahinog muna siya.    

“I try to explain to people, I may be skinny but I am tough,” said Barack HUSSEIN Obama to a crowd in Connecticut, with the Kennedys looking on.  “I am from Chicago.” Really?  Then how come he got his butt kicked in California, the biggest prize of the “Super Tuesday”? 

And in Massachusetts, the land of the Kennedys, where he got a lot of Camelot-like help. Yeah, they even got Oprah, again, putting on for a show for him, with pals Caroline Kennedy, and Maria Shriver Kennedy, and Patrick and Ted, and Michelle Obama.  Even actor Robert DeNiro and singer Stevie Wonder came to join in the gathering … and they all pranced on the makeshift stage, putting on a great show for the gawking masa and their votes.

Oprah said, “People think I endorsed Obama because he’s black.  Well, it hurts me that people think that.  I endorsed Obama because he’s brilliant.” 

Oprah, my dear girl, whose leg are you pulling? 

People ain’t that dumb. Of course, you endorsed Obama because he’s black.  And there are many who have more intelligence than you and Obama put together.  Really, I think, it’s bad enough that a talk show host is endorsing a politician.  Isn’t that a breach of conduct? 

The same thing goes with Toni Morrison, that beloved black author of the black experience, who years ago dubbed Bill Clinton as America’s “first black President.” 

But now says that’s no longer true.  So, what’s the truth? Mr. Obama maybe poetry, black and beautiful, whereas, Ms. Hillary Clinton is harsh sounding, but she’s prose in action and more prepared for the Herculean task of figuring out exactly HOW and WHAT must be done to set things right again in this country.  Her abiding, powerful intellect and her EXPERIENCE tell us she’s capable of doing that.   

She’s America’s President-in-waiting and commander-in-chief.  JJ

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