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Aug 23rd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako My Honest-To-Goodness Take on Barack Hussein Obama
My Honest-To-Goodness Take on Barack Hussein Obama PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Saturday, 03 November 2012 17:17



By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako

A picture is worth a thousand words.


This story came about when I forwarded to my friend and fellow journalist, Joseph G. Lariosa (JGL), a bunch of photos taken in Chicago showing anti-Obama placards and signs carried by hundreds of Chicagoans, during Obama's campaign visit there in his own hometown and home state.


And with these photos, I wrote this short note: "JGL, Did you miss covering this big Obama event in Chicago?  In case, you did, here are the news photos."


I suppose these photos got the goat of JGL, a well-known supporter of Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) since Mr. Obama came into the national scene four years ago.  For he said in response that according to polls Obama is way ahead and that "numbers don't lie."  But he agreed though that a "photo is worth a thousand words." To read JGL’s latest column on the U.S. election, please click this link: Fearless Forecast: It’s Obama As Voters Keep the Change!


I LIKE MR. OBAMA: I've said that many times. I like the way he dresses, the way he carries himself so elegantly and so arrogantly.  He's a handsome American of Kenyan-Caucasian descent, who was once a naturalized Indonesian. He's got class. I, too, was mesmerized by his eloquent orations of his oracles.  


And I like his stand on same-sex marriage, on the Dream Act, on Immigration, and his Obamacare is okay lang.


BUT then ...


MY RESPONSE TO JGL: Anyway, since the presidential election is merely a three days away, and we all know who we gonna vote for, I'll go straight to my response to JGL's response of those Chicago photos.


It's my honest-to-goodness take on Mr. Obama.  Here it is, Dear Readers.  Sit tight and enjoy.  Kind of brutal, but heck, it's the Barako way.    




You're right, a photo is worth a thousand words, so these several photos that portrays how Chicagoans think of Obama are worth several thousands of words then, right?


You're also right in saying that "numbers don't lie."  I agree.  But BHO is NOT a number, he's a frigging LIAR.  All those things that he said in his HOPE and CHANGE campaign slogans four years ago, none of them materialized.  In fact, this country is now in a worst shape than it was four years ago. 


The crippling economy, the chronic unemployment, the budget deficit, the $20 trillion debt, the depressed home values, the desecrated military ... have become the prevailing ills of this country since BHO became president.  Don't tell me, you don't see that.  You're a journalist, not the PBS kind, I hope, that you don't see these things.  It's all over there in Chicago and all over here in Seattle where I am at; it's all over America, JGL.   


He (BHO) promised a lot of BS.  The only people in America who benefited from his administration were the PALAMUNINS of America.  And I believe ONLY these PALAMUNINS would be voting again for BHO




Majority of these PALAMUNINS are immigrants and minorities.  I hate to say that, but it's the truth.  It's also the truth that a vast majority of Black Americans, PALAMUNINS OR not, would be voting for BHO.  Racially, it's the right thing to do. And I don't blame 'em.  


It's the same thing with the Muslim Americans. They will also vote for BHO, because BHO is allegedly a Muslim. He admitted that. He's a practicing Muslim.  He even said that the Muslim morning chant IS "the most beautiful sound in this world to hear." He also said that the Muslim people had "helped built America and contributed a lot to America."  If I were a Muslim, I would probably shout that to the world, too.  And probably, I would also endeavor to be rewarded with  virgins in the after life, you know what I mean? 


By the same token, if one of the presidential nominees now is of Filipino heritage, surely Fil-Ams would be voting for that Filipino, right?  We would be shouting, until we are all hoarse: "Ang Pilipino, angat sa mundo!"       


If BHO wins, that's solid proof that the PALAMUNINS have grown in numbers.  And that clearly means that this country has gone to sh_t.  But he ain't gonna win.


It's NOT going to be the PALAMUNINS, who would decide the re-election of BHO.  Thank goodness.  It would be the Electoral College, a set of electors (538 of them), but only 270 of them are needed to install Mitt Romney as the next president. 


This college of electors know ... surely they know that it's time for BHO to go.  They gave him the opportunity to lead this country to prosperity, but he failed, and led this country to perfidy.    


I tell you, JGL, BHO ain't no good.  He's a BTBS!  As in Big Time Bull Sh_tter!  Get my drift? 


When I became a deputy sheriff in Florida and attended the Law Enforcement Academy there, on the first day of class, our instructor asked: "How can you tell when a criminal is lying?"  There were several answers provided by the class, and all were wrong.


Finally, our instructor gave this simple, correct answer: "Every time he opens his mouth."  And added that most criminals are also ELOQUENT speakers of BS.  JGL, every time I hear BHO ELOQUENTLY speaks, that very first lesson in my Law Enforcement class that I attended many years ago, never fails to come to mind.  That's all.  JJ



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