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Oct 02nd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako My Take on the Shooting of an Unarmed "kid" in Ferguson, MO
My Take on the Shooting of an Unarmed "kid" in Ferguson, MO PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Written by Jesse Jose   
Monday, 01 September 2014 18:30

By Jesse Jose
A Cup O' Kapeng Barako 
It's a disgusting sight!
For two weeks now, I've been watching on TV (Fox News and CNN) and reading in the papers, with disgust, the looting and the robbing and the fighting with police, and the chanting and the endless "hands-up" marching of palamunin-looking people in Ferguson, Missouri, a town where 70% of the people who lives there are blacks.
The town is a ghetto, in other words.
And the reason for these sickening sights, as y'all know, Dear Readers, was because an unarmed black "kid" daw was shot by a white police officer while the kid got his hands up in "surrender." 
That's the story that came out first from witnesses who saw daw what happened.  These witnesses who came forward were all blacks. 
Then, we saw a video of that "kid" robbing a store with another black kid, and pushing away the owner of the store and intimidating him when the owner tried to stop him.  And this "kid" turned to be a six-four, three-hundred pounds giant of a kid. 
A big, huge, monstrous, dangerous punk of a "kid," in other words.
As the story of what happened unfolds: After the robbery, the cop saw him walking in the middle of a busy street, with the other kid who was with him during the store robbery.  The cop stopped and told them to get off the street.  The cop didn't know then that they just robbed a store.
Instead of doing what the cop told them to do, the big "kid" assaulted the cop while in his patrol car and tried to grab the cop's gun.  The "kid" punched the cop twice in the face, that resulted in a broken sockets of his left eye and a dislocated jaw.
The cop was beaten up through the window of his patrol car, in other words.
The "kid" ran from the cop.  The cop managed to get out of his patrol car, fell on the ground, got up, ran after the" kid" and shouted at him to "freeze."
And this where the story took on several versions by witnesses, all blacks.
-- One version said that the cop shot at him while the "kid" was running away from the cop.
-- Another version said the "kid" stopped, turned around with his hands up, and the cop shot him six times.
-- The cop shot daw the "kid" in cold blood.
But now, as the story slowly unfolds further, the "kid" stopped, turned around and in a threatening way, walked towards the cop ... so the cop shot him, six times!  Four in the arms, one on top of his head and another in the jaw.
The shot on top of the "kid's" head was the shot that killed the "kid," according to autopsy reports.  My question at this point is: How did the "kid" manage to get himself shot on top of his head?
The only way he can got shot that way was if he went after the cop, charging at him like a bull.  Susuwagin siguro yung pulis.  With his arms way out at his sides, to tackle him like a huge wrestler would do, just like on TV wrestling shows.  That's the way I see it, Dear Readers.
I USED TO BE A COP, A DEPUTY SHERIFF IN FLORIDA: In our gun range training, we were told that if we find ourselves IN FEAR FOR OUR LIVES, we can use deadly force and shoot ... several times.  Upon pulling out our weapons, we were trained to shoot three times, aiming for the chest.  Or, one to the chest, one in the groin area and one to the facial area.  We practiced and practiced in shooting that way at moving targets, over and over, until it became second nature to us.
And over and over, we were told: To shoot ONLY when in fear for our lives.  In self-defense only, in other words.
It was reported in the news that a few days after this "kid" was killed and while the "hands-up" marching was at its still height, another shooting happened in another town next to Ferguson.
Two officers encountered a man behaving "erratically" and brandishing a knife when they arrived.  The cops repeatedly warned the man: "Stop, drop the knife!"  But the man refused to drop the knife.
Instead, the man approached the cops, knife raised ... so the cops shot and killed after he came within three or four feet of them.
I think that's what happened in Ferguson when this white cop shot and killed this big black "kid."  He tried to attack again the cop, and in fear for his life, the cop shot him several times and killed the "kid." 
I would have done the same....
WAS THE "KID" REALLY A THREAT? To many, an 18-year-old unarmed punk, like Michael Brown, may not appear to pose a deadly threat.  But according to U.S. Supreme Court Justices, "a police officer's perspective is different."
And that's how an officer should be judged, Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote in a 1989 opinion.
"The reasonableness of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, rather than with the 20-20 vision of hindsight," Rehnquist wrote.
The shooting was justified, in other words.  That's all.  JJ

Caution. The views and opinions expressed herein by Jesse Jose do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor and webmaster of this publication. We believe that it is premature to determine what really happened during the said shooting in view of the fact that a Criminal Grand Jury has not decided yet the issue of whether the slaying of the unarmed 18-year citizen was justified or not. We also would like to point out that according to the CNN the police officer (who shot the victim) did not suffer allegedly from injuries that resulted in his suffering a "broken socket in his left eye and a dislocated jaw." We urge our columnist, Jesse Jose, to recheck his facts and make the necessary clarifications to the readers. # # #


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