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Sep 27th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Obama, the FilVets and on Immigration
Obama, the FilVets and on Immigration PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Wednesday, 27 June 2007 09:52

A Cup o' Kapeng Barako

These are delicious words: “I’m often asked why, given my lower-than-low opinion of this administration, I don’t at least raise the subject of whether George W. Bush should be IMPEACHED. I answer with three scary words that tend to end the discussion: President Dick Cheney.”

Washington Post syndicated columnist Eugene Robinson wrote them. He also said that the Bush-Cheney relationship is like the "Pinocchio-Geppetto relationship." Mr. Bush is the puppet-like Pinocchio, whereas VP Cheney is Geppetto, the guy who "pulls all the strings."

Okay ngarud, so Sen. Barack Hussien Obama, the good senator from the State of Illinois and president wannabe of the United States of America has given his full support and endorsement to the Filvets-Equity issue.

Good for him. He needs all the votes he can get from us, Fil-Ams. You can ask any politician now running for office to endorse whatever you want them to endorse, and they’ll endorse it. Kasi, malapit na ang election.

I don’t think that bill has the full support of Congress. I don’t think it will get passed. If that happens, HIMALA for sure. If that miracle will happen, surely Mr. Bush will VETO it.

And it’s only right that it’d be vetoed.

Because I think to pass it into law would be an OUTRAGE to the American people and an INSULT to our soldiers! Because I think our soldiers who are now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve the FUNDING instead!

They’re dying there everyday, getting blown up and getting maimed. They have been screaming and begging for better BODY ARMORS and better ARMORED VEHICLES to protect them from the insurgents’ IEDs and rocket launchers.

But they haven’t gotten them because of … shortage of FUNDING!

Also, according to the New York Times, "shameful details continue to emerge on the neglectful care to soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"More than nine out of 10 disabled veterans have been kept waiting for benefit evaluations beyond the 40-day limit set by the Pentagon and that many have waited up to a year and a half for their medical benefits …" due to lack of FUNDING!

A study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) of Congress in several Army bases portrayed a system overwhelmed by the dual wars. The number of cases of soldiers needing evaluation has leapt by the thousands. And the system is stymied … from lack of FUNDING!

The story, the report continued, "isn’t much better at the Veterans Affairs Department. With a backlog of 600,000 claims, the VA took four to six months to process a veteran’s initial paperwork and more than 20 months for appealed decisions due to lack of trained personnel, modern computer systems …" and nil FUNDING!

The study also disclosed that the VA will be "swamped by several hundreds of thousands of more claims in the next five years, adding up to $150 billion in costs." And where will all that FUNDING come from?

So, surely Sen. Barack Hussien Obama must be pulling our legs in saying that he supports giving the MONEY to the Filvets instead of giving it to our soldiers who are now fighting and dying in Iraq and to America’s wounded vets in dire need of proper care.

With all due respect, Senator, please get off your high horse and knock off the B.S. and don’t be an "OBAMBI."

Okay now, check this out: As y’all know the immigration bill that’s now being hotly debated in Congress would tighten up our borders and workplace enforcement, create a guest-worker program and provide ways to gain legal status for many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

There’s an easy solution to that. Round up all those 12-million illegals, then give them a water canteen and a rifle and ship them all to Iraq. Just kidding, of course. Also, I only heard that. Have you heard this?

In an attempt to break the nagging logjam over immigration, congressional leaders announced today that they were hiring illegal immigrants to write the nation’s immigration bill.

While some observers criticized the decision to employ illegals to draft the very bill that would regulate themselves, Sen. Jon Kyle, R-Ariz., said that the move was a "win-win" situation for the American people.

"No one understands the thorny issue of immigration better than the people who have been sneaking into our country," Kyle said. "Plus, these people work cheap."

According to the plan, the U.S. will bus illegal aliens across the border to work as "guest congressmen" to draft the nation’s new immigration laws.

The illegals will remain in the country long enough to write the immigration laws, after which they will be permitted to run for permanent congressman status.

Lito Gutierrez, 55, a former migrant worker who is taking advantage of the "guest congressman" program, says that while drafting the nation’s immigration laws is arduous work, he still prefers it to his previous job.

"Being a congressman is definitely easier than picking fruit," says Gutierrez. "Plus, you get most of the year off."

I didn’t write that either. Andy Borowitz did. Borowitz was a star pupil of Dave Barry. Notice the writer’s sense of timing, punch lines and expediency. Same-same with Barry’s in their deliciousness. ###

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