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Sep 27th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako On Fairy Tales and Filipino Fairy Godmothers
On Fairy Tales and Filipino Fairy Godmothers PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 05 July 2007 14:00

A Cup o' Kapeng Barako

Those other voices should be welcomed  in our democracy – not deplored

         David S. Broder, Washington Post Writers Group

It’s the Fourth of July as I write this. Are y’all enjoying those different display of fireworks? Hmmmm. I thought my own fireworks were bad, but they’re nothing compared to the fireworks other people are generating somewhere else. Y’all know what I mean?

It’s soooooo petty and soooooo potty.

It’s so funeeeeeee …

And, it’s so sad!

It’s the picture perfect FAIRY TALES that we should NOT tell our children at all. We should all be ashamed.

Talking about fairy tales, I recently received this email from Bobby Reyes, the editor/publisher of the on-line magazine:

"Dear Ka Jesse: Did you know that the NaFFAA national chairperson, Alma Q. Kern, lives in Seattle? One of her best supporters, Anita Sese, lives also in Seattle.

"Perhaps you may want to interview both ladies for your next column or a special issue of it. Ms. Kern has refused to talk to me even online and can you please ask her why? Ms. Anita is known online as the "Fairy Godmother." Perhaps she is the godmother also of Perry Diaz, whom your best friend, Joseph Lariosa, called the "PerryTale writer." Mr. Diaz’ column is called PerryScope. I will forward to you Ms. Anita’s emailed comments about the NaFFAA scandals. If you want to interview Perry Diaz, his email address is

"Mabuhay and good luck with the interviews. (Signed) Bobby M. Reyes."

I answered: "Hello Bobby … Let me formulate some interview questions for these three people that you mentioned. I’ll probably ask them their opinions on the series of exposes that you’ve written on the "NaFFAA crooks." I’ll ask them, too, what they think of you and also ask Ms. Kern why she doesn’t want to talk to you. I’ll tell ‘em that their answers won’t be CENSORED and that this interview would really the best opportunity to voice their sides … on whatever.

"I’ll ask Perry Diaz why he’s called a "PerryTale writer" by Joseph Lariosa. I’ll also ask Ms. Sese why she’s widely known online as the "Fairy Godmother."

"I hope they respond. It’d be fun reading for sure. Okay ngarud, Bobby, take care. (Signed) Ka Jesse.

I wrote Perry Diaz first. "Hey Scoop," I said. (I call Perry, ‘Scoop,’ because of his column, PerryScope and in the way he "outscoops" us, Fil-Am journalists, in getting the news).

"How are you, my friend? What’s you comment on the attached emails between Bobby Reyes and me? Have you read his latest exposes on "NaFFAA crooks" and his story, "How some NaFFAA NEOs hijacked the NAFVE" on his online magazine?

"Hey, I want to incorporate your comments in my next Kapeng Barako column, together with the comments of Ms. Kern and Ms. Sese. That is, if these two ladies are game. You game, buddy? Fair and square ‘to. Let’s keep it clean a little. It’s for publication, you know. Take care and talk to you later. (Signed) Jesse."

Here’s Perry Diaz’ response, en toto.

"Hi Jesse … Glad to hear from you, my friend. You’ve weathered the storm that came your way. My hats are off to you. As a journalist you’re free to express your opinion unless it violates the rights of others, which you didn’t.

"Now, there are journalists in our midst who should be called "calumnist" instead of "columnists." I call them "medialante" for using the media to malign other people. But when a journalist criticizes the work of a fellow journalist, that’s the lowest a journalist could go. First, I believe that a journalist should respect the opinions of other journalists, whether he or she agrees or not. Have you heard of a physician criticizing another physician, or a lawyer another lawyer? That is "professionalism" and journalists should act professionally as well.

"I never heard or read Joseph Lariosa criticize my work. Perhaps I missed his postings. However, after Bobby said that Joseph called my column 'Perry Tale,' I emailed Joseph to confirm what Bobby said, but he never responded. However, if Joseph really said that, all I can say is that he is entitled to his own opinion, which by the way, is only a minority of one. The 3,600+ subscribers of my eNews bulletin, 'BALITA-USA' love my articles. The comments I receive from them spoke highly of my work. Today, I have some of the most prominent journalists/writers in the Philippines contributing to BALITA-USA.

"Bobby titled his story, 'How some NaFFAA NEOs hijacked the NAFVE?' In his article, he especially attacked Jon Melegrito and myself. First of all, how can we hijack NAFVE when NAFVE was our creation? Jon, myself and about 50 others, including representatives of the Philippine-based WWII veterans created it in December 2006 at a summit at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC.

"And let me tell you a SCOOP (you can publish this if you want). When Bobby Reyes posted his suggestion that a summit be held in Los Angeles (his turf, kuno), I contacted Doy Heredia and someone at the Philippine Embassy that we should PRE-EMPT Bobby by calling for a summit at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. Within two days, the summit was announced (sponsored by Ambassador Gaa and NaFFAA). Bobby was invited, but he refused to attend (maybe he cannot go through the security check points at the airports for lack of ID). I know that Bobby will hate me more for this. But what the heck? He is at war with us, right? All the best. (Signed) Perry."

I also wrote Ms. Kern and Ms. Sese to seek their comments. I haven’t gotten any response from Ms. Kern yet. Maybe, NEVER at all. Ms. Sese DELETED my email. Oh, well, can’t win them all. You win some, you lose some. You slay some dragons. Some dragons slay you, like in draconian FAIRY TALES that our children shouldn’t ever be told. # # #

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