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Jun 02nd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako On Pakyaw and the Eagle Feather of Truth
On Pakyaw and the Eagle Feather of Truth PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 13:26


By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako 


Y 'all ever heard of the Eagle Feather of Truth?


It's a Native American legend, or perhaps, a belief.  The concept is that, among all birds, the eagle soars nearest to heavens.  So, when an earthbound human being holds a feather plucked from an eagle, it's like holding the "ear" of God.


In other words, while holding this feather, you can't lie.  You can NOT be untruthful in your words, otherwise that would be lying to the Almighty One.


I am holding an Eagle Feather now.


In my previous Barako column, I wrote a story titled, "Yeah ... Okey Ngarud, Bilib Na 'Ko Kay Pakyaw."  Well, I must confess I told a bunch of lies there, lied through my teeth, in fact.  But you see, I didn't have an Eagle Feather with me then.  But now I am holding one, so I must tell the truth and take back what I've said "na bilib na 'ko kay Pakyaw."   


Here's how this all came about:


A fter I've written that story and had sent it to LOLO Bobby Reyes for publication on his on-line magazine that LOLO Bobby immediately published, Ed Navarra, a cyberspace friend (y'all know him, right?  Yeah, he's now NaFFAA's national chairman), sent me a video of the fight.


I watched it closely.  I watched it over and over.  I wanted to make sure that what I was seeing was what I was seeing.  Not imagining it.  Or, hallucinating over it . . .


Then I emailed Ed and told him this.  And yes, I swear, while holding an Eagle Feather in my hand!


Hey Ed,


Thanks for sending the video of the Pakyaw/Margarita fight.  Finally, I got to see it this morning.


From what I've seen of this video, Pakyaw, as a fighter, is a runner.  Takbo ng takbo.  It was Margarita who kept pressing the attack.  There were a few times when Pakyaw got cornered on the ropes, but luckily for Pakyaw, he got away. 


I'll give it to Pakyaw, he's really good in getting out from traps.


The way I see it from this video, the fight should had been a draw.  And Margarita given points for his aggressiveness, and from being on a constant attack, from 1st round to 12th round.


Pakyaw kept running away from Margarita and would counterattack only ONLY upon seeing an opening.


From my experience in my younger days (that's a long, long time ago) as a competitor in Tae Kwon Do tournaments: THE attacker would always leave himself wide open upon initiating an attack.  That's what happened to Margarita.  He left himself wide open, too many times.


Once again, thanks for forwarding the video.  Take care.




That's what told Ed Navarra, Dear Readers.   But may I add, without meaning to boast, but merely to tell the truth: In a fight, either on the streets or up there in the ring, the best strategy that had worked for me would be to wait for my opponent to commit himself and to make the first move; to watch him closely and WAIT for that opening, then swiftly, without batting an eye, counter his attack.  Because, you see, when you attack, you step out from your guarded stance and telegraph an opening to an opponent, who waits.  


In other words, in attacking, you could be setting yourself up to a lethal counterattack from your opponent.  And only a MORON would do that. Y'all catch my drift?    


So, from that strategy of vulnerability, Margarita became the "toro" to the "torero" that was Pakyaw. Too many times, Margarita left himself wide open. 


Kaya, namiesta ... at namakyaw si Pakyaw!


My take? My honest to goodness take, with an Eagle Feather of Truth in my hand?


Pakyaw, as fighter, is a runner. He doesn't and wouldn't stand toe to toe against his opponents. He runs from them. And really, I could care less if Pakyaw had won or not. I don't care for him.  Hindi ako bilib sa kanya!  JJ


PS: I know that, once again, I'd be ostracized and cursed to high heavens and be called all kinds of obscene names for this, but the Eagle Feather of Truth that I hold in my hand compels me to tell the truth. Perhaps, the KapalMuks of NaFFAA, when they speak, should all get a hold of their own Eagle Feathers, too, ha? Okey ngarud, talk to y'all later. # # #  

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Comments (2)
1 Thursday, 02 December 2010 17:14
Hi Jesse,

I'm not a boxer, wrestler or karate expert. However, I'm a student of Sun Tzu who wrote "Art of War" some 2,500 years ago. What Pacquiao did was in line with Sun Tzu's strategy: withdraw when enemy is strong and attack when he is weak and hit him where he is most vulnerable. Well, "Maga rito. maga roon" Margarita's bloody face proved Pacquiao superiority in spite of the fact that Pacquiao was five inches shorter and 17 pounds lighter.

By the way, talking about "eagle feather," I wrote an article about it in 2003.

2 Thursday, 02 December 2010 17:15
Hello Perry,

I agree with you. You're right. Pero, para sa akin, takbuhin si Pakyaw. I've also watched some of his other fight videos. His strategy has always been "takbo ng takbo." I don't really care for that kind of strategy, Sun Tzu man o hindi. For me, in a fight, fair and square, a man, a real man, a real fighter, that is, will stand toe to toe against his opponent. It's okay not to be too aggressive ... and to wait and then deflect and counter your opponent's attack.

BUT to RUN and RUN and RUN all throughout the duration of the fight is, for me, NOT a fair and square fight. So, as I've said, as a fighter, Pakyaw is a runner. The takbuhin kind of a fighter. Pare, sa Kamias, hindi uubra ang ganyan strategy. But you know that. You're a Kamias Boy.

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate. You're a scholar and a gentleman. Take care now.


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