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Jul 14th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako President Obama Backs Gay Marriage: Equal Rights For All!
President Obama Backs Gay Marriage: Equal Rights For All! PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 17 May 2012 16:39


By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako


H e's got guts.  He's got courage.  He's got chutzpah. 


He's the personification of the Black Knight, one of the Camelot Knights, who had the courage to challenge King Arthur to a fight.  He then broke the King's sword in three pieces. And wonderfully kicked the King's royal butt.  Luckily for King Arthur, an old man rescued him and nursed back him to health.  Y'all know that story, right?


And yes, just in time this Black Knight came to Seattle, Washington and rescued me.  Y'all know this story, too, right?


As I wrote in my previous two columns, I've been waging a fight myself against fellow Knights of the Knights of Columbus of our Holy family Church here in Auburn, Washington. And getting ganged up and that anytime now, I'll be captured, tied to a stake, tortured and burned. 


I am a "heretic" daw. 


And zealots, bigots and fundamentalists among this Knights of Columbus that I belong to, have told me in no uncertain terms that I ought to leave the "One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church" and seek another faith.  Can you imagine that? 


Kind of scary, I tell ya.  It brings to mind the KKK, which is also a brotherhood of believers, consisting of zealots, bigots and fun(ny)damentalists (sic), whose symbol is also the Cross. A burning Cross.  


And the reason for this wishful, wishy-washy expulsion of mine as a Knight was because I refused to support our Archbishop, the Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain, through a Referendum that would UNDO the law on same sex marriage that has been approved by our state legislators and signed into law by our governor.


Because, you see, our elected leaders of Washington state believe in Equal Rights for all.  But our Archbishop does not believe in it and has told all churches in our diocese and the Knights of Columbus to spread out and fight this law.


So, all the Knights of our church went on a Crusade to seek signatures against this law.  I was personally given a sheet by our Grand Knight to gather forty signatures for this referendum that I view as an anti-equal rights sheet of trash.  So I threw that sheet in the trash, where it belongs!


Several parish priests in churches under the domain of Archbishop Sartain have also dubbed this referendum as "anti-equality."  These churches are: St. James Cathedral, St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, St. Louise's, St. Patrick's, the Christ Our Hope Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of the Lake Church.


THE GOLDEN RULE OF THE BLACK KNIGHT: So, you may ask, who's this Black Knight who came to Seattle, Washington, to rescue me?  None other than the man himself, President Barack Obama. 


A day after endorsing gay marriage on ABC News, he came here and took sides, telling a cheering crowd of Seattleites that "everybody, regardless of sexual orientation" should all be "treated fairly."


He said that this stance of his is deeply-rooted in the Holy Bible that says "to treat others the way you would want to be treated."


Mr. Obama said he arrived at the decision to support gay marriage from talking with gay friends, his two daughters and his wife and several others that in the end, his Christian faith and the Golden Rule and the values that he cares most deeply about, factored in.


He had cited religion in opposing same-sex marriage when he campaigned for president, but a few years later declared his position as "evolving."


Supporting equal rights for all Americans, including same-sex marriage with all its attendant rights and responsibilities, is the right thing to to do.


As Kathleen Parker, a Washington Post syndicated columnist, said, "In this respect, Obama may have evolved in his thinking, as millions of other American have, including yours truly."


And yours truly, too, Dear Readers.


And ... as Leonard Pitts Jr., a Miami Herald syndicated columnist and a multiple-times Pulitzer Prize Award winner, said: "It was a historic moment from a historic president, a moment of POLITICAL COURAGE ... and the timing was serendipity itself."


"Obama's embrace of marriage equality," Mr. Pitts said, "offers not just a REBUKE to one's .... atavistic backwardness, but also a bracing reminder that progress will not be denied, that change comes, come what may."


And, that's the American way!  God bless President Obama.  And, God bless America


I have evolved, too, Dear Readers. I used to be for Mitt Romney. Now, I am for Obama.  He's my kind of a heroic 21st-century Black Knight.  For he fights for EQUALITY for all!  The magical Excalibur sword truly and rightfully belongs to him in slaying more zealots and bigots in this world, especially those in camouflaged as Knights kunoJJ


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