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Aug 23rd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako President Obama's Second-Term Inauguration, My Take
President Obama's Second-Term Inauguration, My Take PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 24 January 2013 17:34



By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako


"O h-Bah-Ma!  Oh-Bah-Ma!" the crowd chanted. 



Oh, Mama!  One-million strong of them, braving the chilly weather, a sea of white faces and black faces and in-between faces.  But ... where were the Filipino faces?  The tutas and the palamunins?  


Sitting in my living room glued to my TV screen, and switching channels from CNN to FOX News, I didn't see any of them.


It was indeed a large crowd, but according to news reports, it was "one-million less" from President Obama's first inauguration in 2009 that drew a crowd of two-million variety of faces ... dominated, ahem, by black faces.

So, what does that tell you about Mister Oh-Bah-Ma?

LOOK ONE MORE TIME: After delivering his inaugural speech and listening to patriotic songs and a poem written just for the occasion, on his way out of the speaking platform, Obama stopped and turned around to look at the scene on the National Mall and said:  "I want to take a look one more time.  I am not going to see this again.  It's beautiful."  


It was the last time that Barack Hussein Obama would be sworn in as America's president and I suppose he wanted to enjoy the momentous moment ... to savor one of the greatest moments of his life, and so he wanted to have a look at the "beautiful" scene "one more time." 


Heck ya, why not?

And for us, non-believers of the Obama magic and mantra, it's one more time, of four more years, of hoping for the HOPE and CHANGE that he promised four years ago, but did not fulfill.  This time, he promised again he's going to move FORWARD daw that broken promises of hope and change na.


Okey ngarud, we'll see.


I LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA: But please, Dear Readers, don't y'all get me wrong.  I might talk like that about President Obama, but I really do like him.  He's a likeable man, a good looking Black man, an elegant man, and an eloquent speaker.  Even his arrogance is likeable.  It's as likeable as former President George W. Bush's kalog ways and impish mannerisms.


Yes, I did like Mr. Bush. 


And yes, I do like President Obama, too. 


I like him for supporting gay marriage.  I liked it when he came here to Seattle and made a speech, saying that his support for gay marriage is tantamount to "equality for all." 


I also like his stance on immigration.  It echoes the noble words of a poem, that's been etched permanently on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in New York City Harbor, that reads:


"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  The wretched refuse of your teamming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."


And, I like his stance on gun control: the ban of ownership of assault weapons, thorough background checks for buyers, no automatic clips, just ten rounds at the most....  I thoroughly agree with that!


I also like his support for the Dream Act and his so-called Obamacare.  That's generous of Obama, but then where will the money come from? 


It will come from increased taxes, taxes mainly to be paid by the middle class, and that would be you and me, Dear Readers.  You and me, who honestly pays our taxes. 


C UTS OF VETERANS' PENSIONS AND BENEFITS: From this point on is where I begin NOT to like President Obama.  He said that Pentagon and Defense spending will be cut.  I am for bringing the troops back home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  But definitely NOT for cutting down veteran's benefits and their pensions and disability pay. 


I am a disabled Vietnam-era veteran.  And to me and to my fellow veterans and comrades, this is  big f...king NO-NO!  From what I understand, this is going to happen in a few months or so. 


There's going to be a revolution, if that happens, I kid you not, Mister Oh-Bah-Ma.  So, you better do some arm-twisting in Congress, sir. 


THE INAUGURAL SPEECH: President Obama said it was an awesome privilege to take his second oath of office using personal bibles of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.


What about his actual inauguration speech, what's my take on it?  Well, he used the phrase, "We, the people," the beginning words of the preamble of the US Constitution, several times and cited them as the foundation of his administration.


And according to America's most-read newspaper, The Washington Post, he uttered an "unapologetic tone of a politician free of the political constraints that come with future elections" and "embraced than he has in the past a liberal view of government activism" ... and "encouraged new rights and defended programs that have reflected essential Democratic priorities for generations of voters." 


The following lines of his speech are what stood out for me.  With all the eloquence that Obama is noted for, he said:


"America's possibilities are limitless, for WE possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands," he said.  "My fellow Americans, WE are made for this moment, and WE will seize it -- as long as WE seize it together...." 


Well, he, President Barack Hussein Obama, for the second time, "seized" the bull by its horn all right.  It was a mighty speech.  It was a beautiful speech.  It was emotional.  It was poetic.  It was a lullaby to me that I fell asleep before the end....


It wasn't pre-recorded, was it?  I mean, lip-synched, just like the way Beyonce lip-synced her rendition of America's national anthem?  Hey, just asking. 


Oh-Bah-Ma!  Oh-Bah-Ma!  Four more years of Oh-Bah-Ma.  Ohhhhhhhh Mama!  That's all.  JJ   

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