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Dec 04th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Senator Obama: “I am now the man . . . this is my moment, my time”
Senator Obama: “I am now the man . . . this is my moment, my time” PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 06 June 2008 21:18

Finally, it’s over.  At long last, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is now the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, who would be going against Senator John McCain in the November presidential general election.  It’s a history-making event they said, because Mr. Obama is the first African American to head a major-party ticket and the nominee for President of the United States.




It’s been a hard fought nominating battle for both Mr. Obama and Ms. Hillary.  Looking back, there are many “could haves” and “should haves” and questions of “why.”


For instance: I don’t want to sound like a sour grape but Ms. Hillary SHOULD and COULD HAVE won the nomination, if only EACH of the delegate count in Florida and Michigan votes were counted fully as one full count, NOT half a count each!


Editor's Notes: Jesse Jose is a retired US Navy chief journalist and a former deputy sheriff in Florida. He has written for several military and civilian publications, including the "Pacific Star and Stripes", "Navy Times", "All Hands", and other AP/UPI-oriented civilian newspapers all over the country.While in the Navy, he won three Chief of Information (CHINFO) Merit Awards for writing and the Thomas Jefferson Award for a photo feature and investigative reporting. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Also, WHY were the “uncommitted” delegates in Michigan given as delegate count to Mr. Obama when his name was not even on the ballot? 


At first, the Obama camp kept harping that the delegates count in Michigan should NOT be counted because Obama’s name was not on the ballot. 


But after the committee of dunces of the National Democratic Party decided that the delegates count could be counted, the “uncommitted” votes were given to Obama, plus four more that they took away from Ms. Hillary.  When this happened, nobody from the Obama camp or from the boot-licking, lapping, biased media said a word, silently acquiescing to the blatant unfairness of the decision.


And, that, did Hillary in!


So, at a rally last Tuesday night in St. Paul, Minnesota that many people said, “looks more like a revival than a rally,” Sen. Obama orated before a chanting, cheering and worshipping audience: “Tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another – a journey that will bring a new and better day to America … This is our moment.  This is our time.  Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past….”




I watched all this unfold on CNN, sitting in my living room next to my wife. 


Parang si Martin Luther King kung magsalita ‘to," I said to her.


Ganyan ang style ng mga itim,” she answered.  “Orate ng orate.


Kanino naman kaya kinopya ‘yun speech na ‘yun?” I asked.


Baka kay Jesse Jose,” my wife said.  “O, ilipat mo na sa soap ko, kay Piolo Pascual, yung ‘Lobo.’  Malapit ng matapos yun."


My wife is a registered Democrat, but she said that she’s not going to vote for Obama.  “I don’t trust him,” she said.  “Iboboto ko si McCain.  And it’s not because Obama is black.  But because of his inexperience.  He’s got nothing to show for.  What has he done for this country?  What has he accomplished?  What is he compared to McCain?”


I think a lot of Americans feel the same as my wife, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans … and that includes me.


In his speech that evening, Obama had some kind words for Ms. Hillary.  “She has made history not just because she’s a woman who has done what no woman has done before,” he said.  “But because she is a leader who inspires millions of Americans with her strength, courage and her commitment to the causes that brought us here to night.”


When I heard that, I wanted to laugh, because I don’t think Mr. Barack HUSSEIN Obama felt that way.  I bet ya, Obama said to himself: “Finally, I slammed this tenacious bitch off my back … I am now THE man.  I am free at last.  At long last, indeed, I am now the man, the first Black Man, who can rule White America.  Allah is great!  Pastor Wright was right!”




Ya, I am a bigot.  But I am no hypocrite though.


“I want the nearly 18-million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard and no longer to be invisible” – Senator Hillary Clinton

It might look finally over, but Mr. Obama still faces a daunting task of uniting the Democrat Party.  Ms. Hillary said she’ll helped Obama, but she said this: “You know, I understand that a lot of people are asking, ‘What does Hillary want?  What does she want?’”


She then enumerated a list that included “ending the Iraq War,” and “improving the economy” and “providing universal health care to all Americans.”  Then in pointedly clear words unmistakably directed at Obama, she added, “I want the nearly 18-million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard and no longer to be invisible.”


Mighty words.  Is Ms. Hillary asking Obama for half of the spoils?  Perhaps, the VEEP position?


DREAM TEAM: While there’s a lot of drama, suspense and excitement in electing either the FIRST BLACK or the FIRST FEMALE president, combining both Obama and Hillary into the so-called DREAM TEAM, might be too much of a CHANGE for the electorates of America to handle.    


“Besides,” wrote Nicholas Von Hoffman in the Toronto Star, “would a President Obama really feel comfortable with two power-hungry Clintons pacing the halls of the vice president’s mansion?  At a bare minimum, he would have to insist that Chelsea Clinton be installed in the White House as his official taster.”


Hey, why not install Mr. Obama’s favorite 20-year pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, instead?  Or perhaps, so as the White House wouldn’t look too black in the Obama Administration, Rev. Michael Pfleger?  You know, that white pastor, who was a guest at Obama’s church recently and mocked Ms. Hillary while the church’s all-Black congregation clapped and cheered and jumped like monkeys to edge him on.


Kadiri to death naman.  That calls for three yikes.  Yikes!  Yikes!  Yikes!  JJ

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