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May 30th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Si Pakyaw, Namamakyaw, ng mga Laos na Boksingero
Si Pakyaw, Namamakyaw, ng mga Laos na Boksingero PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 14 May 2009 20:09

T apos na ang boksing. There’s nothing more to talk about.  Manny Pacquiao (pronounced Pak-Yaw) won.  True …  the fight is all over.


But surely, we can still talk about it.  Hash it out a little, you know.  And share with y’all my take on Pakyaw.  You don’t have to agree.


Yes, indeed, he won.  He handily won and knocked out COLD, with a right cross, his latest boxing opponent, Ricky Hatton of England.  Talagang tulog. Sa second round pa lang, tulog na.  Right in the middle of the ring, Hatton was in dreamland, snoring away.


Filipinos all over the world were ecstatic and went wild with joy when they saw that.


Pakyaw is the world’s greatest fighter, they screamed.  He’s the best.  He’s unbeatable.  He’s a hero.  He’s superman.  A batman.  A spiderman.  A pacman …


When he arrived home in the Philippines, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, AKA Pandak, declared the day a national holiday.  For many days thereafter, Filipinos celebrated. They danced on the streets.


S port writers wrote that Manny Pacquiao, AKA, Pacman, was like a fiesty “pit bull” in mauling Hatton.  And Hatton was like a docile “mutt.”


I saw the fight on Ru Tube.  Some parts in the fight were shown in slow motion.  Twice, I closely watched the whole thing.


Pakyaw was no pit bull.  He was a runner. He was a clincher. A couple of times, he turned his back on Hatton and ran from Hatton’s attacks.


And it looked like that THAT left cross that knocked Hatton out was delivered BLINDLY to the jaw of Hatton.


In other words, a lucky punch!


It was a mighty powerful punch, no doubt about that.  Napangiwi nga si Hatton.  And like a cut-down timber, Hatton fell heavily flat on his back, right there in the middle of the ring.  I don’t know how long exactly he was unconscious, but when he woke up, he looked UNSCATHED and UNHURT …


And RELIEVED that the fight was all over.  Kuwarta na kasi.  Like winning the lotto.


It was a FIXED fight.  Like that fight with De La Hoya.  Palabas lang.  Pera … y’all know what I mean?  Para sa akin, si Pakyaw, namamakyaw lang ng mga laos na boksingero!


O nce again, Filipinos all over the world got fooled.  And what’s really bad about it, is that we blindly believe in something that only fools believe in.  Filipinos are too naïve and too hard-up for a hero, that’s why we easily believed in Pakyaw’s superman feats … and that’s a damn shame!


As one mainstream American sports writer said of the Hatton/Pakyaw fight: “It’s a CON JOB.”  It’s the same thing with Pakyaw’s fight against De La Hoya.  Palabas lang, a Manny Pakyaw Productions, just like the FPJ Productions, where the late Fernando Poe, Jr. was always the bida.”


I say that because Pakyaw seems to fight boxers ONLY na mga laos na.  Mga champion nga.  Pero mga dating champion na.  Has been.  Sent to pasture.  And retired.


Lured by lotsa money, they all came out to fight the Pacman.  And all lost, of course.  But, who’s got the money?  While the Pacman was acknowledging the Filipino worshippers lapping and groveling at his feet, the “losers” grabbed the money and ran.


Do y’all know that when Pakyaw fought De La Hoya, De La Hoya got paid handsomely?  Much, much, more than Pakyaw.  That’s a fact.  What does that tell you?  I wonder if the same thing happened with Hatton.


Probably …


The Pacman should fight his “own size,” fighters who are in their fighting prime and on top of their game, just like him.


True, he’s a good fighter.  Even a “great fighter.”  Sure, I’ll concede to that.  A great fighter, that is, among pipitsugin fighters.  If he’s one of the bests, he should be fighting the bests, NOT the pipitsugins.  Why does he confine himself to fighting (to borrow my good friend, Joseph Lariosa’s words) “the underachievers and the over-the-hills”?  If he’s really that good, he should expand his reach beyond his comfort zone into a fighting arena where the bests fight only the bests.


Kaso, champion lang ng mga pipitsugin si Pacman, eh.  That’s my take on Pakyaw as a boxer.


B ut readers, please don’t get me wrong.  I like Pakyaw.  A couple of years ago, I wrote a story about him, praising him for his perseverance in reaching his goal, despite his humble beginnings as a panadero in his province.


“He’s an inspiration to all young Filipino achievers, boxers and non-boxers alike,” I wrote then.


His generosity to our poor kababayans in the Philippines is admirable.  He shares with them his earnings and his wealth.  He built a couple of schools in the province where he came from and a huge, well-equipped gym for aspiring world-class boxers to train in.  He unselfishly and continuously donates to charities, and when he’s home, he would sit in front of his mansion and hand out food and money to the poor and hungry.


That’s awesome, I think.  Sure, he might be the “Pakyaw, na namamakyaw ng mga laos na boksingero,” but for his kindness and generosity, he can be dubbed, no doubt, the world’s greatest champion.  JJ 



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Last Updated on Thursday, 14 May 2009 20:43
Comments (6)
1 Saturday, 16 May 2009 10:15
Hi, Bobby:

Please add this typo in the ninth paragraph, instead of six, I mistakenly wrote “five”:
The Pacman at the age of 30 has already collected six titles in four weight classes.
And I added additional comments.

Use this one below, instead.




Dear JJ:

Thank you for plugging my name in your popular column.

I would have been more impressed with your column if you mentioned that at the pre-fights of the Pacquiao-De La Hoya and Pacquiao-Hatton bouts, in our small pool (DOM) of straw votings, you strongly favored both De La Hoya and Hatton to beat Pacquiao.
You never gave Pacquiao a tiny chance to beat either of them. In fact, you predicted that Hatton would knock out Pacquiao in the first round.

Your rooting interests spoke volumes that Pacquiao was not only an underachiever or over-the-hill but also a pipitsugin boxer and that De La Hoya and Hatton were in their prime.

Because if you felt that Pacquiao was in his prime and De La Hoya and Hatton were pipitsugin before the fights, common sense dictated that you would have favored Pacquiao to beat both of them during our pre-fight pollings.

What your column is telling yourself is that you were trying to cover-up your own indiscretions or mistakes in backing De La Hoya and Hatton and you are lying to yourself.

And if you want to be fair to Pacquiao, you should have defined what boxer in his "prime" mean. For instance, what are the criteria of what you mean by “prime” and “over-the-hill.”

Will “prime” mean a certain “range” of age, from 20 to 25 years old?
And if a boxer lost only one time, like Hatton, is he already “over-the-hill”?
Can you name the boxers now in their prime, which you think is better than Pacquiao that Pacquiao should beat? If not, and if and Pacquiao will beat somebody in his prime, you might again be fuming that the said boxer is already “over-the-hill.”

Remember that both Flash Elorde and Pacquiao started both in their amateur boxing at the age of 16. Elorde was considered by the WBC in 1974 as the "greatest junior lightweight (130-pound) champion" of the world after defending the title for seven years. Elorde tried to climb up the 135-pound lightweight but he lost twice at the age of 31.

Muhammad Ali, who tells the world that he is the greatest, had “three-world” titles in his boxing career.

The Pacman at the age of 30 has already collected six titles in four weight classes, yet in your eyes, you are still underrating him as a boxer, who only beat pipitsugins.
As you said in your previous column, you ran into a teacher, who gave you very low marks, although, you were in top of the class. This kind of teacher, who is too hard to please, is called a “terror.”

I also had some school teachers, who were “terrors,” and both were beautiful ladies. But one died too young, the other did not marry because no men dared to court her because she was very strict. Now she is a loner and a pariah and having a hard time associating with relatives and is looking for friends to live with her.

Don’t be a terror to our kababayans, who are trying hard to find a place in the sun.
If they succeed, try to give them the credit where credit is due. It will make you and others feel good.

Because if they fail, you have all the time in the world to ridicule them.
Don’t make it too hard to yourself. Stop fighting yourself. Stop lying to your self when your kababayan makes good. Try to be more charitable with phrase.

Tawag diyan sa’yo, buko ka na, iwas pusoy ka pa.

If you accept your mistakes, and recognize them publicly in your column and apologize about them, then you will be a more credible columnist.

By the way, let me congratulate you for getting it right – Pacman used “left cross” in putting Hatton to sleep.

God bless!


Journal Group Link International
P. O. BOX 805072
CHICAGO IL 60680-4112 U.S.A.
Telefax No. 773.283.5986
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2 Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:04
My name is Maria Cyd Adriatico-Fernandez and I read your column in the latest issue of Mega Scene, at last, someone shared my opinion. I am not a boxing enthusiast, but I learned to appreciate it when Pacquio became famous.

Before the Pacquio-Hatton Match, I wrote my thoughts/analysis regarding the Pacquio- de la Hoya and the coming match in my Facebook Account. I had the impression that somewhere/somehow, someone is making money, I wasn't so sure anymore with the boxing ability of our beloved Pacquio, the game is fixed, I supposed.

Cockfighting is better off if you will have to bet anyhow, at least, no one can whisper to the rooster that he needs to lose today and he will be properly renumerated.
3 Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:07
JGL, my friend...

Let me thank you first for reading my column and for your comments.

My friend, I write a column NOT to make an impression, but to opine on things, events and people ... and to express myself and to have fun in expressing myself. If my opinion on Pakyaw is contrary to yours, well, it's your prerogative to differ. And I am not going to take that as a personal affront. It's your opinion and you're entitled to it.

Just like I am entitled to mine, right? And I am NOT going to apologize for my opinion either. I am not in the business of apologizing for my opinions each time it offends you or anybody else. I think it's kind of idiotic of you to ask me that! Also, what "mistake" are you talking about that I need to apologize for? My opinion on Pakyaw? How can an opinion be a mistake? Perhaps in your mind, it's a mistaken opinion. But in my mind, it is not. So, who's to say you're right and I am wrong? You? Don't make me laugh in your face, please.

And who are you to tell me that in order for me to be more "credible as a journalist," I have to "apologize for my mistakes"? My friend, I don't worry about my credibility as a journalist. I've already earned my spurs as a journalist twice over and in MAINSTREAM JOURNALISM, at that. Hindi sa sampay-bakod na journalism lang! In the world of true journalism, nakalibot na ako at pauwi na, papunta ka pa lang. The kind of journalism I delve in now is only for fun, my friend. I am not that kind of a journalist anymore, who is HUNGRY in seeking fame and recognition and his place in the sun. I've had my fame and my recognition ... and I've seen a lot of sun when I was then a hungry journalist.

As to your statement in the pre-fight straw DOM votings of the De La Hoya/Pakyaw and Hatton/Pakyaw fights, I "strongly favored De La Hoya and Hatton," I don't want to nitpick what you said there. But there were no pre-fight straw votings among the DOMs in the De La Hoya/Pakyaw fight. There was a pre-fight straw votings in the Hatton/Pakyaw fight only. And the reason, I picked Hatton to win and to knock out Pakyaw in the first round was because most of you (DOMs) were for Pakyaw, and I was acting merely as the Devil's Advocate, in jest! Couldn't you tell what I did was merely a joke? You took my "vote" seriously? Are you that naive, my friend?

And you're wrong when you said I am a "terror" to our kababayans. I write the way I see things. Not the way that you and others would like me to see things. If a kababayan deserves kudos, I never hesitate to give them the kudos that they deserve. If you don't know that, then you haven't read many of my writings. On the other hand, if I see a "HEROIC" kababayan as merely a figment of our imagination or a hyped-up hero, then I would write my story the way I see him or her ... and I won't spare the rod.

And you're totally wrong again ... and judgmental and out of place to tell me: "Stop fighting yourself! Stop lying to yourself...." Hey, let me say this: Don't be too self-righteous, my friend! Don't be a fundamentalist in your belief on people! And don't ever pronounce your narrow-minded judgment on people ... because that would come back to haunt you and bite you in the ass!

Also, when you said: Try to be more charitable with "PHRASE," you're wrong again! You mean "PRAISE," right? There's a lot of difference beween "PHRASE" and "PRAISE," my friend....

This e-mail is getting long now, so I better end it here. Talk to you later and take care.

4 Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:08
Hi Pareng Jesse,

You can really be serious . . . and candid! Barakong-barako! By the way, ano ba yung "sampay-bakod na journalism". Sounds new to me. Is that similar to "pinabili ng suka"? Thanks and best regards,

Romy Marquez
5 Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:12
Pareng Romy,

It's same-same.

BTW, salamat sa sinabi mo. I needed to write that e-mail to Joseph, you know, to express myself. Take care now.

6 Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:13
Hi, JJ:

Alam ko namang hindi ka sampay-bakod na journalist o pinabiling suka - nakita mo ang aking maling word na "phrase" imbes na "praise." Sorry about that.

Congratulations for being an eagle-eyed journalist!



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