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Dec 08th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako The Ukraine Crisis; the Missing Malaysian Plane; and a Sex Scandal in the Military: My Take
The Ukraine Crisis; the Missing Malaysian Plane; and a Sex Scandal in the Military: My Take PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Written by Jesse Jose   
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 05:23


By Jesse Jose
A Cup O' Kapeng Barako

F or many weeks now, there were two developing world-wide news stories that had been developing endlessly, with no end in sight, it seems. 
One, is the Ukraine crisis and the annexation of Crimea to Russia. 
Two, is the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, with 239 people on board.
My simple take on these two stories?  I said "simple," because I am simple-minded. 
On the Ukraine crisis and Crimea annexation: Now supposing Mr. Obama has also made the move to "annex" Tijuana, Mexico to the United States, would Mr. Putin resist and declare to put "sanctions" on the United States?  I don't think Mr. Putin would dare na makialam.  
Also, the citizens of Crimea, in a referendum, had voted to approve the annexation of their peninsula to Russia, so what's the problem there? 
I don't think Obama will win over Putin on this one.  To me, mas magaling si Putin kaysa kay Obama on strategy.
Now ... on that missing Malaysian plane: The pilots' name were: Zaharie Ahmad Shah and Fariq Ab Hamid.  Muslim names, right?  Like Barack Hussein Obama, right?  I think Ah-Mad-In-The-Head called on them to perform their jihad.  And, they're now enjoying their rewards of "virgins" up there somewhere.  And, when will Ah-Mad call on BHO naman to perform his own jihad?  
That I dunno.  I am simple-minded.
Okay, enough of that.
AN AFFAIR THAT BECAME A SEX SCANDAl: The news story that truly caught my attention was of that of U.S. Army general -- Brig. Gen Jeffrey Sinclair -- who became the center of a sexual scandal case that put the military justice system on trial when he was spared from prison last week and merely sentenced a $20,000 fine and a reprimand.
A sentence daw according to legal experts and a women's group and some members of Congress as "shockingly light."
Upon sentencing, Sinclair immediately announced his retirement that was considered daw a "humiliating fall" for the battle-tested military leader once considered a rising star in the army.  He was the deputy commander of the storied 82nd Airborne division that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Y'all remember General (now also retired) David Petraeus?  He was also considered a rising star until a sex scandal caught up with him, that he also suffered a humiliating fall.  Before his affair was discovered, Petraeus even considered a run as a presidential candidate, y'all remember that?  I wrote about it my Kapeng Barako column a couple of years ago.
The adage is true that behind a man's downfall is having good sex with another woman other than your wife.  That is, of course, if you're not careful.  But then, no secret remains a secret for long. 
That happened to me, I got caught, too, you see.  But I am no General nor an Admiral, so no scandal came out of it.  I didn't escape punishment though from my wife.  I slept "outside the kulambo" for many, many nights.  I would have preferred paying the fine with credit cards and whatever reprimands I deserved.
But back to General Sinclair.  Here's the way the trial and the sentencing was reported in the New York Times and my take on it, paragraph by paragraph, in my own simple-minded way.
New York Times: Two former lovers, now enemies told their stories.  Seated at the defense table, in his be-medalled dress blue uniform, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair admitted that he has wronged the woman, a 34-year-old Army captain and intelligence officer, with whom he had an adulterous affair for almost three years.....
My Take: Illicit sex is good sex, that's for sure!  This wasn't a quickie.  It lasted for three years.
New York Times: "I led her to believe that I would leave my wife and that we would be together at some point in the future.  This was not true," Sinclair, 51, who is married with two children, told the judge.
My Take: Bill Clinton, from what I can recall (it depends what is IS is), also said the same thing to Monica during their short-lived affair in the bathroom of the Oval Office.
New York Times: Then, as the court martial entered its sentencing phase, it was the captain's turn.  Speaking haltingly and with emotion, the captain, wearing her dress blues, denied that she wanted the general to end his marriage.  But she felt trapped, unappreciated and despondent as the affair was ending, she said.  And added, "I felt like I was just being used for sex and for his physical purposes."
My Take: She was merely being used for sex?  Bwahahahaha!  Come on, Captain, what do you think is an adulterous affair for?  You knew the guy was married.  Yet, you consented to the affair, and while it lasted, you also had fun, I am sure.  It takes two to tango, ma'am.
New York Times: The dueling testimony came on a day when Sinclair pleaded guilty to an array of charges, including mistreating the captain, disobeying a commander's order not to speak to her, using derogatory language to describe female officers, and misusing his government charge card.
My Take: You're really a bad boy, General, sir.  Illicit sex made you insane.  But I don't blame you, sir.  I understand.  Illicit sex is exciting.
New York Times: With those pleas ... military prosecutors agreed to drop sexual assault charges that were far more serious, including that he twice forced the captain to perform oral sex, threatened to kill her and her family if she revealed the relationship, and had "open and notorious sex" with her in a parked car in Germany and on an exposed hotel balcony in Arizona.
My Take: Oh, wow!  I wonder if those scenes are on video.  And "forcing her to perform oral sex" on you?  You're really a bad boy, General, sir.  Supposing she bit your dick off.  I wonder how would you had explained that kind of "service-connected disability" to your wife?
New York Times: If convicted of those charges, he could have faced life in prison and permanent registration as a sex offender.
My Take: If ... but the "if" did not happen.
New York Times: The case faltered ... when military lawyers concluded that the woman might have lied under oath....  Her problematic testimony even led the former lead investigator to quit the case.
My Take: Captain, lying under oath in the court of law is a felony.  You could have served time in jail for that.
New York Times: But a civilian lawyer representing the woman, said the captain stood by her story that General Sinclair forced the captain to perform oral sex on him...."
My Take: In the military, orders are orders.  They must be obeyed, especially if an order comes from a General.  And rank has its privileges, including ... oral sex to be performed with force by underlings.
New York Times: The decision of the military judge to merely give the General a slap on the hand and a fine of $20,000 was "a sweeping victory" for the General.  "The system worked," he said.  "All I want to do now is to go North and hug my wife and kids."
My Take: All is well that ends well.  But it's not the end of sexual scandals, or sexual assaults or sexual affairs in the military.  The next one will come along soon.  Until then, that's all.  JJ 

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