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Jul 09th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Three-thousand, Four-hundred Ninety-four . . . and Counting!
Three-thousand, Four-hundred Ninety-four . . . and Counting! PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 08 June 2007 04:19

A Cup o' Kapeng Barako

First, I must say this: I agree with my MegaScene colleague, Ting Joven of Chicago, with what she said in her column last week that if you’re being talked about, you’re "an important person."

And I must be a VERY important person.

Because I am the "talk of the town" in Chicago right now. Yeah, I am the buzz of the town and I am not even from that talkative, gossipy town. From what I understand, the TALK has been going on for so long. I must really be THAT important.

The officers and members of Chicago’s NPC-PhilUSA, a group of press and "de-pressed" people that I used to belong to, are all wagging their tongues about me.

Believe me, when press and de-pressed people wag their tongues, the whole town is all ears and follow suit to wag their own tongues. So there’s a lot of wagging going on. But I LOVE BEING WAGGED ABOUT!!!

What do they talk about? Heck, I dunno. Probably everything about me, including the size and length of my … shoes. And whether I have two lefts or two rights. And why do they talk about me? Heck, I dunno that either … I’ll take that back. That’s a lie. I DO know. But I won’t tell you that now, because it’d be another story, a MIDGET story. And as Bruce Lee said in one of his classic movies: "I am not gonna bother myself with midgets."

Okay, enough already of this mundane talk.

Let’s move on and talk about what we really NEED to talk about: IRAQ!!! Yes, Iraq and the escalating violence there … and the escalating deaths of our troops in that God-forsaken land. Yes, this war is getting bloodier! Car bombings are more frequent than ever. The IED’s are getting deadlier. And the Iraqi insurgents are getting better, smarter and meaner in slaughtering our troops.

Yes -- as I write this -- it’s now THREE-THOUSAND AND FOUR-HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR … and COUNTING!!!

The month of May was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in two and a half years. One-hundred twenty seven young, brave Americans were killed over there. This month, on its first three days alone, 16 soldiers have already been killed! But we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Mr. Bush said America should brace itself for more casualties this summer. This summer, to say it bluntly, many more of our troops will die. Many more Iraqis – men, women and children – will die, too.

There will be many more car bombings to kill Iraqis. There will many more IED’s exploding to kill and maim our soldiers. There will many more bound and tortured and hog-tied dead bodies of Iraqis that will be found in the alleys and side streets of Baghdad. There will be many more kidnappings, murders, carnage and mayhem.

There will be more bombs from U.S. warplanes that will fall in Iraqi cities and towns and kill Iraqi mothers and their babies. Do y’all know that the bombings of Iraq had not stopped? There were more bombs dropped this year than last year. That’s a fact.

My God, what have we done to this country? What have we done to these people? They didn’t hurt us. There are "terrorists" there now, because WE ARE THERE! We are OCCUPIERS of that country … hated and loathed.

Sad. Truly sad. Maddening. Frightening. I am running out of words on how to describe this war. The word, "STUPID," I think, is the perfect word to describe it. Because, it’s so pointless! I cannot see any justification for it.

Let’s move on …

Now that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced his departure this June from Downing Street, we’re getting the TRUTH about his feelings toward the Iraq war and the "DYSFUNCTIONAL" Bush Administration. The London newspaper, "The Guardian" reported that Blair AGONIZED over the war, and asked his political secretary: "Do you think we will ever be free of this?"

It’s clearly known now that Blair was so "frustrated" with Donald Rumsfeld’s tactical mistakes in conducting the war. The Guardian quoted a Downing Street insider, who said that "Tony was literally tearing his hair out … he could see what needed to be done, but he did not have the levers."

Bloody hell, Sir Blair! What part of "pooh-del" didn’t you understand?

Moving on …

As y’all know, Mr. Bush is in "Old Europe" now mending fences with allies there. Better late than never. There’s plenty of work to be done to repair the damage inflicted on America’s moral leadership by the debacle in Iraq and by the sordid images of … "Abu Ghraib." Y’all remember those OBSCENE photos, right?

Mr. Bush, from what I understand, is also having a lover’s spat with his other pal there, Russian President Vladimir Putin. They’re squabbling about the placement of U.S. MISSILES … something like that. Both are talking tough to each other.

Not to worry. These two are PALS. They already have made plans to meet in Maine sometime in July. According to my own pal, Seattle Times columnist Ron Judd, the "two world leaders plan fireside chats to shoot the breeze on their favorite subjects: fishing, clearing brush … and SUBVERTING their nation’s Constitution."

On a final note … So, "Scooter" Lewis Libby, VP Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff is going to prison for 30 months … for LYING and obstruction of justice. Y’all know the story, right?

"Truth matters," said Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who doggedly prosecuted this case. Libby was one of the prime movers to the planning and execution of the Iraq war that has cost America dearly in BLOOD and treasures.

Not counting the rivers of BLOOD that the Iraqi people have shed, its THREE-THOUSAND FOUR-HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR killed U.S. troops for us. And, COUNTING!

Last Updated on Monday, 15 October 2007 20:02

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