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Mar 27th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Whatever Happened to the FilVets' Bill? And a Tale of Two Presidents: Ahmadinejad and Bush
Whatever Happened to the FilVets' Bill? And a Tale of Two Presidents: Ahmadinejad and Bush PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Tuesday, 06 November 2007 13:22

I’ve got a couple of questions first: Whatever happened to the FilVets issue? There used to be cacophonies of voices and noises and fanfare about it. Now, nothing … not a sound is heard, not a word. Not even a lost voice in the wilderness.

Did it die a NATURAL DEATH in Congress? All those people who were gung-ho about it are now all tameme. Did they all die a NATURAL DEATH, too, from high blood pressure? Or, did they all perish from stab wounds? You know, from stabbing each other on the back.

And, what happened to that clown, what’s his face name? Yeah, Filner. That guy na mahilig manguto ng mga Pinoy. Mga biglang nagsipaglahong lahat. Parang ningas kugon, ika nga. Oh, well, as I’ve said, it ain’t gonna pass.

Here is an Update: Both Senator Akaka and Congressman Filner have, through their respective assistants given me the latest update on the FilVets' Equity Bill (EB). According to Sharon Schultze the office of Congressman Filner is feverishly working to schedule a vote on the EB this month (November). I asked Sharon if it's at all possible to have it scheduled before November 11 to give our celebration of Veterans Day more significance. She said they will try but cannot give me a definite promise. She said, however, that oncethe EB is scheduled, it is assured of passage. The same assurance came from Senator Akaka's office. We are all hoping this happens before November 11 so let's keep on praying that the Lord may will it as we have prayed. Sharon promised to keep me posted and I shall inform you and the team accordingly. By Col. Romy Monteyro (Ret.)


MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD (pronounced AH-MAD-IN-THE-HEAD), the president of Iran, has gained international attention because of his defiance to America and contempt for Mr. Bush, and for his outrageous statements about the holocaust and the Jewish people.

But make no mistake. This little punk is only all bark and bluster. According to Intelligence Reports, "he does not control Iran’s nuclear program, its military or its foreign policy." The bite and the power belong to its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the 12-member Guardian Council of religious leaders, who can VETO any bill Iran’s parliament passes.

Yeah, that’s right, almost like the Bush government. Congress passes a bill, approved by the people, and Mr. Bush vetoes it. You know, just like the way he vetoed SCHIP, the health insurance for America’s poor children. And, just like the way he vetoed the wishes of the American people to bring the troops home from Iraq.

Sometimes I wonder who’s the real AH-MAD-IN-THE-HEAD. Perhaps, we have two AH-MAD-IN-THE-HEADS in this world.

Now … will anyone be amazed if George W. Bush orders a preemptive attack on Iran before the presidential election, using that vote to justify aggression in defense of America and to swing the election to the goofy GOPS? What do y’all think?

BTW, I overheard this snatches of conversation at my favorite Starbucks hang-out:

First Voice: "Ironic, isn’t? Bush promised to restore DIGNITY to the Oval Office after Bill Clinton …"

Second Voice: "That’s right … instead he became our first TORTURE president, trashing our standing around the world …"

Third Voice: "… And now it may be a Clinton who cleans up his mess!"

First Voice, Second Voice and Third Voice in UNISON: Ha! Ha! Ha!

ANOTHER BUSH LAP DOG RESIGNS: Karen Hughes, one of the last members of Mr. Bush’s Texas inner sanctum, who was given the job of "reversing America’s plummeting image abroad," announced that she’ll resign. The job that was created for her: Director of the State Department Public Policy Programs. The budget allotted to her: $900 million a year.

But, public polls show that the "image of the United States declined SUBSTANTIALLY in the Muslim world … and elsewhere overseas … during Mr. Bush’s presidency." And the numbers have not improved during Hughes two-year stint. In some cases, it had gotten worse. Political media experts contend that Hughes was "too focused on defending Bush’s foreign policy and not on selling U.S. values and culture."

A lap dog is a lap dog is a lap dog. GOOD RIDDANCE to this Texas lap dawg. That was a waste of taxpayers’ money. Yours … and mine. They could have given that money to the FILVETS instead.

PANTIES FOR PEACE: I kid you not. This "Panties For Peace" is a campaign on behalf of democracy in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), and it’s growing in momentum world-wide. By mailing packets of women’ underwear to Myanmar embassies around the world, activists hope to defeat the ruling junta by exploiting its superstitious beliefs that contact with ladies personal garments will sap a man’s strength.

Ha! Can you imagine that? Junta yata ng mga bakla ‘yun. Hey, do you know what will sap my strength? Not ladies panties, that’s for sure. Do you wanna know? Do I have to spell it out? It also begins with the letter, "P."

BILLIONS OF DOLLARS MORE: Do y’all know that Mr. Bush asked Congress to appropriate $196 billion in emergency funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? That’s $46 billion more than the $150 billion that he requested earlier this year. The additional money would cover Bush’s TROOP SURGE … and upgraded armor-plated vehicles built to withstand roadside bombs.

Close to 4000 of our troops have now died in Iraq, majority from roadside bombs. Hundreds of thousands of our troops have been maimed for life, majority from roadside bombs … FINALLY the Decider had said our troops there need armor-plated vehicles to protect them from roadside bombs.

Ah-mad-in-the-head, indeed!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 11 November 2007 08:46

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