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Aug 23rd
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Women Going Into Combat? That's a Stupid Idea!
Women Going Into Combat? That's a Stupid Idea! PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 08 February 2013 17:17



By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako


So outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have removed the military ban on woman serving on combat, opening hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and elite commando jobs.


Did I hear that right?  What kind of combat?


I am a Vietnam-era veteran and I've had several experiences going into combat with women, and most of them were joyously memorable.  Because ... they happened NOT in the front lines, NOT in mucky, muddy foxholes, NOT in leech and snake-infested jungles, but in perfumed bedrooms, underneath silky bed sheets, with rhythmic beating music in the background to go with the rhythms of your "beatings."  Y'all know what I mean, friends and comrades? 


Yeah, that's how I see going into combat with women.


I came from the old school of thought, you see, where women are loved, adored, and placed on a pedestal ... and when nighttime comes taken to bed to be ravished all night long. 


And thanks to a double dosage of Viagra, at my age, I can still do it.


Seriously now ... it's true that most women are equal to most men in courage, skill and patriotism and are even superior in other areas like educational attainments.  Like for instance my wife, who is well-accomplished in the world of the academe, and who has attained heights in that world more than I can ever dream of attaining. 


And we all know, the ratio of women graduating from college also indicates that women are superior in numbers than men.  And that's because women have more brains than men.  Women. Whether we, men, want to admit or not, are smarter than us.


And in the military ... women these days, I heard, excel as sharpshooters, snipers and pilots, as well as "button-pushers" in computerized warfare, like in directing armed drones to their intended targets.


But ground combat?


Ground combat is one area where women, biologically, are not equal to men, that's for sure.


The argument that the performance of women on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan proved that they are capable of ground combat is false logic to me.  Just because women in forward support units can return fire when necessary -- or die -- doesn't necessarily mean they are equal to men in ground combat.


Real combat has got nothing to do with stepping on an IED or suffering the consequences of being in the enemy's line of fire or in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Real combat is engaging and attacking the enemy, aggressively with deliberate offensive action.  True combat is killing the enemy, face to face, hand to hand, without mercy. 


Real combat is to kill or be killed!  Real combat is ugliness and destruction; blood and carnage, grime and filth ... and gruesome death.  Can women soldiers handle that?  Yeah, okay, perhaps some can.


THE EMOTIONS OF GROUND COMBAT: Stephen E. Ambrose in his classic World War II book, "Band of Brothers," describes ground combat in this way: "The experiences of men in combat produces emotions stronger than civilians can know, emotions of terror, panic, anger, sorrow, bewilderment, helplessness, uselessness, and each of these feelings drained energy and mental stability."


"Each moment of combat," Ambrose expounds, "imposes a strain so great that men will break in direct relation to the intensity and duration of their exposure."  And that most men "reached his peak of effectiveness in the first 90 days of combat," that after that his "efficiency began to fall off, that he became "steadily less valuable thereafter until he was completely useless."


Can women handle that?  Can 18-year-old "girls" soldiering kuno handle that?  The grime and the filth, the blood and the carnage ... and the impossible physical demands made on the body?  Can they handle that?  Yeah, okay, perhaps a few wonder women can.


Eighteen-year-old males, on the other hand, have the advantage of being endowed with testosterone, the hormone that fuels not only sexual libido and aggressiveness, but also upper body strength, which is a must in ground combat. 


THE FACTS: We mustn't also discount the fact that while in the act of killing the enemy in close combat, soldiers are burdened with all kinds of gears, weighing 80 to 90 pounds that they have logged for miles and miles on endless days and nights. 


You have to have enduring physical strength for that, that's a fact.  Females possess only half the upper body strength of males, that's a fact.


And, up to this point, not a single woman has passed the rigid physical training of the Navy SEALs, and of the Army's Special Forces and Airborne Rangers and of the Infantry Units of the Marine Corps.  That's a fact.


Women simply have none of the the physical capability to pass the training.  And these are the military units that are usually called on to face the enemy in close combat.  That's a fact. 


THE HORRID FACT: And, it's also a known horrid fact that if a female soldier is captured in combat, she would surely face special tortures and the enemy soldiers who have captured her would fight over her as who would be the first to rape her.


Now ... would you want that to happen to your daughter or sister, or to your girlfriend or wife?


From the old world I came from, that's unthinkable. 


From that world, women are loved, adored and placed on a pedestal only. 


From that world, women are not made to become soldiers and get sent to war to battle enemies and be placed in a situation where they can be killed and sent back home in body bags, or maimed, or captured, tortured and violated viciously and repeatedly by the enemies. 


From this world of mine, women are precious, soft and gentle and can only be treated as such and gently ravished only with love.


And what world is that?  It's called the Barako world, Dear Readers.  It's a man's world, where men rules, and where women are adored and placed only on a pedestal.


Women going into combat?  In my world, that's stupid idea, I tell ya.  JJ


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