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Jul 14th
Home Sections A Poet's Corner A Tribute to Dad
A Tribute to Dad PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Written by Maya Teague   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 19:03

H-e was there when you were launched, his bright-eyed little child,

A-nd the day you cooed “da-da” he went absolutely wild!

P-itter-patter of your tiny feet music to his ears

P-laying games, building trains, piggybacking through the years.

Y-oung and carefree you were then, he a steadfast helping hand,


F-irm and wise, always kind when he rose to take a stand

A-t life’s crossroads, he’d appear to guide you on your way

T-ies were strained, words were said, when you briefly went astray

H-is enduring love sustains you, but his light is growing dim

E-re he takes a worse turn, won’t you tell him you love him?

R-arely did you take the time to say what’s in your heart

S-top this painful guessing game, it’s never late to start.


D-ad, I love you and I thank you, before you gently go

A-ll the lessons you have taught me, from my soul will sweetly flow

Y-ou see, my own father I have lost. That’s why I know.



In POP's memory

~ Maya Teague ~
Last Updated on Saturday, 20 June 2009 19:08

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