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Jan 27th
Home Sections A Poet's Corner AN ETERNAL INSTANT
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Written by Maya Teague   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 20:11


A Poem by Maya Teague



And you shall remember - many years from now,

When the gardens of your soul seem parched

Though resplendent still

And cloud formations no longer speak to you

When the cauldrons of your dreams deliver no flame

And your autobiography is all you can invoke

Your dusty reveries will yield nothing more

Than glimmers of feats and crucibles

Look deeply, not so much into your happy remembrances

But into your most gaping wounds, your most broken self…


There you will find me.


I wish not to be remembered for the joys I gave you

Nor the sunny laughter I oft sent your way

Remember me for the scars I helped cleanse

The lacerations of your soul I made whole again.

For is not the purpose of every heart to be reborn, engorged

To hold a greater afterlife love that is there for the taking?


And you shall remember once more –

On one propitious night moons ago,

The fourteenth day of the month of lovers

Amidst a blistering rainstorm

You knocked at the portal of my soul.

Like a soldier delivered from harsh battles

You appeared to me, touchingly hungry, as was I

For a bond without borders.

With the tenderness of a skilled lover and the craving

Of a vulturine newborn upon it’s mother’s breast

You wakened my purest longings, your scent

Still wrapped in my hidden loins

Without a question, I left you a piece of my heart.


And there…for one eternal moment

I embraced you and I danced.



~ Maya Teague


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