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Aug 12th
Home Sections A Poet's Corner Ode to an Oddball (A Poem by Romeo P. Marquez)
Ode to an Oddball (A Poem by Romeo P. Marquez) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Saturday, 29 September 2007 04:51

The News UpFront: (Literary page in lieu of TOP STORY) as of Saturday, 29 September 2007

~ To encourage the participation of our readers, specially those who are literary inclined, we're running this poem written in the aftermath of the unraveling of one of the grand hoaxes in San Diego's Filipino community. Here's a piece about a self-declared "wordsmith" who also calls himself, hold your laughter please, "a publishing morass". Has anybody heard of "Kupitbahay" and why it stopped after a few issues?



Ode to an Oddball



Morass, mores, morose

rhyming words, not oxymoron

wordsmith says "I'm morass"

not meant to be a "dumb ass".


Imbecile, idiot, mean moron

"I'm morass", you simpleton!

Is that meant more meat

down there as in "more ass"?


Wordsmith's got a piece of paper,

stole it and called it his paper,

"Kupitbahay" it proclaimed

what scoundrel laid such claim.


"Kupitbahay" you cheat!

"publishing morass" too, you freak

what now of other papers

with more than pieces of paper.

"Publishing morass"

yes you are, huh, wordsmith?

putrid, rotten thief, a rogue,

a sly, double-dealing filth.


"Morass" you said you are

knowing too what morons are,

morass is slough, swamp, quagmire,

also quicksand for morons

like you are.


.Wordsmith, hark back!

empty words come forth

sleek, smooth from a fork

of tongue, mind and purpose.


A scrapbook the paper's

more likely, not a book

nor journal, neither a diary

but a scrap seems likely.


Generous sheets of paper,

cut, pieced like fish wrapper,

stained with multicolored ink

to conceal the muddy stink.


A wrapper of a paper,

chatting, babbling, prattling

forever pricking men, tricking minds,

treating one and all asunder.


Mr. Wordsmith what moron you are!

a baron of trash, lord of hogwash

full of dung, safe in a dungeon

at home in your deep morass.


A mud flat is a morass,

a pit Mr. Wordsmith fits,

deep hell of a hole hole,

Mr. Wordsmith would make whole.



BREAKING NEWS - The Literary Page

. . . . . A community service of San Diego's Philippine Village Voice ( or at 619.265.0611) for the information and better understanding of the public. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Last Updated on Monday, 15 October 2007 03:31

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