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Nov 26th
Home Sections A Poet's Corner ONE-NIGHT STAND, a Poem by Ilving Tabios-Zamora
ONE-NIGHT STAND, a Poem by Ilving Tabios-Zamora PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Written by Ilving Tabios-Zamora   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 14:30




Ilving Tabios-Zamora



We chanced upon each other by the beach
Like fireflies marooned by the breeze.
In the moonlight you cooed me your songs
In the sand I wrote you my poems.

Soon we pirouetted to the rhythm of the sea
Like butterflies frolicking on their dog-day.
Then we took turns mooning the moon
And flaunted many, many a deep moan.

The stars can only gnash their teeth
As the surfs lapped our clenching feet.
Even the full moon suddenly appeared to be half
When it turned around in a huff.

The day after, I returned.
Gone were my poems.
Not even an echo of your songs.
But still there were the moaning imprints
Of our naked bodies writhing in the sand!

Golly, what was your name? Will I ever kiss you again?




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