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Dec 03rd
Home Sections A Poet's Corner Sister (A Poem by Maya Teague)
Sister (A Poem by Maya Teague) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Thursday, 26 February 2009 07:54
You and I…
Bound by blood, fractured by fate
The continents between us too vast to bridge
I have wondered about your decades --
Your lovers, your poetry, your torment
The sparkle of your soul I have missed
I have pressed my wailing face against the window
A thousand times, cursing the oceans between us
As you lie deathly ill in a Third World hospital
While I am sipping my damn Starbucks
Your dignity a prize I would wreck my comfort for.
You and I…
Here in a hotel room in Manila
Our ancestors long retrieved by the gods
We could not even pronounce their names
Little girls we were, romping through innocence
A quiet mother who made dull meals
A father who toiled till his skin cracked
At night he spoke of his dreams
In daylight we were matriculated
I would be a teacher, you a businesswoman
In a world too ignoble for teachers and businesswomen.
You and I…
Though now your eyes are vacant
Your essence slaughtered by disease
It is still you, from that rivulet we crossed
Each afternoon, to the crawlspace we dug
For our respective ghosts
My dear sister, you are the fortunate one, not I
For you have seen the squalor of Tondo
Mothers who sold their children in Pagsanjan
Ma and Pa as they burst onto the ether
Unspeakable pain a gift for your eminent soul.
You and I…
In silent, sacred communion
In our land of birth, a montage of memories
Close your eyes…it is our childhood home
Not the ICU in a sunless provincial hospital
But a palace that opens only to tears
I have come to share my vital signs
Today, you shall feel zephyr upon your face
Or you will listen to the symphony of angels
My prayer is for the former, for to lose you
Is a loneliness I can not bear.
Maya Teague
For: Julie Rorie Burgos
Manila, Philippines

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