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Jun 02nd
Home Sections A Poet's Corner SOLILOQUY, a Poem by T. Maya Teague
SOLILOQUY, a Poem by T. Maya Teague PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Monday, 24 September 2007 02:31


a Poem by Maya Teague


The inaugurates a "Poets' Corner", a new section dedicated to prose, poetry, and haiku's. For an inaugural piece, we are presenting  Maya Teague's poem. She is now working on her first book, an anthology of eclectic essays and poetry that she has written through these years. She hopes to finish the book by next year. As soon as we receive more data from Ms. Teague's public-relations director, we will publish them at the end of the poem.




By Maya Teague


My dear Companion,

I dare not question the love that consumes us,

Nor when our afflictive hearts might be restored.

But I can ponder the boundless possibilities of the voyage

And ask only questions that contain the very answers they seek.


So what is it to desire but to thirst evermore

With quenchless longing for the Beloved’s face

And to crumble with utter joy upon its appearance?


What is it to dream but to covet a place

Beside the Beloved, and to look into the eyes

That image a thousand happy tomorrows?


What is it to want but to arrest the light

Within those eyes, to confiscate the scent, to hold captive

The lips that speak of infinite covenants?


What is it to give but to impart your most sublime parts

Onto your Beloved’s most wounded regions,

That you may both rise to dance in flawless unison?


What is it to surrender but to stand naked

And melt into your lover’s tenderest gaze, and to renounce

All reason and rectitude for one stopover in his arms?


And yes…what is it to love but to embrace the journey,

To trust and consign your future to the Beloved, that you may

Listen at last to the glorious symphonies of your soul?


To desire, to dream, to want, to give and to surrender

Til there is not an ounce of power or pride or prudence left.

Love in its purest and most painful form.


Stay, stay while I deliver my Soul into your keeping,

Be still while I abandon my Heart unto yours,

Remain here ‘til the sun grows dark on us

And the heavens quake and eternity becomes no more.

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