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Mar 27th
Home Sections A Poet's Corner Twelve Stanzas for Peace – A Celebration of Friends and Friendships
Twelve Stanzas for Peace – A Celebration of Friends and Friendships PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - A Poets' Corner
Monday, 10 January 2011 13:08


A Poem by Romeo P. Marquez


P rologue: Reading your respective comments and love(less) letters while I sipped instant coffee, I am moved to write some lines and tried to put them in verse. The falling snow that I could see from the window helped me come up with 12 stanzas that I would turn into a poem.


I gave my verse a title, thus, Twelve Stanzas for Peace – A Celebration of Friends and Friendships, heartily dedicated to you, Jesse Jose, and your mortal friend, oops, enemy, Don Azarias, since the two of you are fine gentlemen who, with blazing guns at the ready, are both impervious to fear.


I also dedicate this to all my friends, among them, Bobby Reyes, Joseph Lariosa, Lourdes Ceballos, Ting Joven, Bart and Yoly Tubalinal.


H ere goes . . .


Twelve Stanzas for Peace – A Celebration of Friends and Friendships


In the name of peace

let's not tease, please, please.


In the name of love

let's stop the blab, blab blab.


In the name of community

let's all aspire for unity.


In the name of our families

let's do our sacred homilies.


If fighting, fighting is our thing

No one's left to do the planting.


Foul mouths spew hate, insults and lies

Impacts all, friends, enemies and wise.


Weapons of war like knives, guns, bombs

Kill, maim and make us all hateful dumbs.


Nobody wants somebody's garbage

Dump, recycle them for cabbage.


New year, new decade, time to be new

Banish hate, be honest 'ven for few.


Friends we are, on earth, in cyberspace

Sharing good, bad, ugly thrown our face.


We all suffer in times of war

In times of peace we'll go far, far.


Waste not the time, waste not the day

We can frolic in fun, wait for that day.


As I worked on the poem, I got the inspiration to put it on video, with my photographs of the falling snow this morning as my backdrop. The result is a YouTube video:


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Comments (1)
1 Monday, 10 January 2011 19:30
Pareng Romy,

Beautiful poetry....

Thank you so much for sharing it and for mentioning my name. I've made my peace now with my so-called "mortal enemy, opps, friend now" (I hope), when I told him this: "... Let's move on na to bigger and better things. As you said, we were both "hurt" by what we've said to each other, and I am truly sorry for all that. So, let's don't refresh anymore those awful words that we've said in anger and hate. Let's move on to a good life, FREE OF HATE, ahead of us. Take care now, pare, and Happy New Year!

Don answered: "Happy New Year to you, too!" And that to me is a good enough response and an acceptance, I hope, to my offer of peace.

As you said, Pareng Romy, in your last poetic stanzas:
"Waste not the time, waste not the day
"We can frolic in fun, wait for that day."

Also, as my good and dearest friend, Gerry Garrison said in his email:
"These kind of emails are not the way. Who wins when this is done? I can tell you ... no one does. I believe apologies are the better way. This is God's way, the Christian way."

Though in different words, I believe, both of you said the same thing. Thank you both for your precious friendships. Also, of course, to LOLO Bobby for his depth and wisdom and for his sharpness of wit and prolific humor that never fails to make me smile ... and guffaw.

Jesse Jose
Seattle, WA

PS: Tumatanda na nga yata ako to be be writing of things such as these. I suppose there's a time for everything, ha?

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