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Sep 27th
A. Solzhenitszyn, a Russian excile beca PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 14:33
A. Solzhenitszyn, a Russian excile because of his belief just said it right from the beginning. "One Word of TRUTH (Holy Bible) shall outweigh the whole world. That we can prove what we claim to be true WHAT IS,WHATEVER and WHAT WILL BE". All these things are happening because we've FORGOTTEN GOD. The solution we can only find it in the Word of GOD 0 2 Chronicles 7:14) which says; IF MY PEOPLE WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES, AND PRAY AND SEEK MY FACE/WAYS AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS - THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN, FORGIVE THEIR SINS AND H E A L THEIR LAND". Don't expect for an immediate solution for there is none except if we turn/return to GOD. Righteous judgment always start from GOD. Thee must be first, putting GOD wherre He is enthroned, GOD OF ALL. from the individual, to the family, then to the society and most importantly from the elected government officials. Corruption is so deeply rooted since the beginning of time and worse is yet to come. Only when a new godly-fearing generation who earnestly seek GOD and beg to be anointed, filled, guided and lead by God' HOLY SPIRIT can you expect to see any change at all. For now, settle with what you have, and pray and intercede and remind the Lord, "Lord, in your wrath, remember mercy"(Habbakuk 3:2). This is from the Word of GOD, so let's heed and do it. Please pray and call for a fast for the victims of the recent flood and that may the Phil recover soon. May GOD keep and bless the PHilippines once more. May we turn from ALL forms of IDOLATRY which GOD so hated. drbelga

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