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Jun 26th
After reading (Parts I & II), I thought PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 19 October 2009 05:29
After reading (Parts I & II), I thought that what JJ wrote about his PI trip experience was sad but unfortunately true. We've been back (currently studying at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, where Pastor "Bot" Samson taught) for over two years now. Christine will be graduating in 2010 with a Master in Christian Education. Our Lord brought us back to do ministry here, but what exactly, we're not sure yet (although there are several possibilities). When we came back in 2007, we realized a lot of cosmetic changes in Metro Manila (one of which is the railway system), and of course, not to mention the SM Malls that sprouted all over the country (and more to be built). The city's look may have changed but people's sentiments toward each other have not. It made me realize that Filipinos are truly a consumer society. They'll get any "new" gadget they can grab, legally or illegally (especially computer softwares and A/V computer files). What is sad is that they can find within themselves a way to justify their illegal actions. What is even more sad is that even Christians (evangelicals) do and think the same way! The bad environment that your reporter friend saw is indicative of people's mindset, which is really not surprising to me. It is like before I left over 27 years ago and it's still the same mindset today compounded by the growth in population. Both the government and the media are doing very poorly in educating the masses. But I'll start with the media in paving a way for a solution. If I have the funding to create a news media, I'll focus the reporting on ordinary people (educating the people about themselves). Almost all TV shows you could watch are about politicians, noontime variety shows, dramas and sitcoms. It feeds their consumeristic appetite. Even with the catastrophe we just experienced, you've seen a lot of video reporting of what happened to people's lives, but you rarely see interviews of people about people (what they feel about their situation, how they're coping, how they're taking the problem, etc.). We're materialist then, we're even more materialistic now. Unfortunately, I'm just an ordinary "Juan" (even though I came from the States) to be able to do anything productive that will make a big impact on people's mind and life. The only thing I can really do is obey the Lord. Whatever resources He has given me to accomplish His will in my life, I'll use them fully for His glory. Praising our LORD always, Gerry Escobar

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