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Apr 01st
After the big amounts other countries ar PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 16 October 2009 06:51
After the big amounts other countries are sending, now the politicians are using those agences POLITICALLY, UNETHICALLY. Philippine Red Cross - you will see him shedding tears, of course he is running for something, President? ABS-CBN - Kris Aquino and his brother, who is running for President? NAKARIRIMARIM!!!!! I am here in the Philippines. I see billboards all over the country , every single one of them have a smiling face of a governor, mayor ,congressman, etc. Project of Mayor so and so - road constructions, project of Governor so and so with smiling faces. Those are not their money for crimminy sake, those money are people's money. Why do I see Gordon's face on Redcross billboards, Gloria on Tesda? If Toto Causing, Anita Schon will be the President and Veep - what will go on the billboards will be: YOUR PESO IS BEING SPENT ON THIS ROAD CONSTRUCTION.' picture, the people of the Philippines. ABS-CBN - I will get an endorser from the people especially from the disastered place.... YOUR DONATIONS ARE HELPING US. ..... not Kris Aquino and Noynoy Aquino. When will the people learn to do the right thing? OK MY VP IS RISING!!!!! Anita P.S. Politicians and the photo-ops - for heavens sake, they have photographers with them.

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