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Feb 03rd
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Saturday, 24 April 2010 15:53
Everyone want change, crying out to make our lives better, to make our economy better, to ease poverty, to eliminate corruption. These are the issues that should be dealt with directly as well as how to straighten up things within the government to assure better governance. These are the ones that matter, and how to deliver is probably tackled only by some candidates, which would include Manny Villar. He has been a gentleman all throughout this campaign period without using Black Propaganda against the Black Propaganda which is the basis of the Aquino-Mar campaign, who by the way, instead of tackling and promoting what they can do to alleviate the problems of the country and offering concrete plans, they have resolved to (and , actually from the start of their campaign) lashing out negativities and give out wrong information inculcating it in the minds of the people to hide their own faults. They have built on a SMEAR CAMPAIGN for all other competitors, especially the one whom they consider their major threat, Senator Manny Villar, for they fear his strength and charisma so much that instead of rolling out to everybody HOW they can make our lives better, they have concentrated on how to POISON the public mind. Would we want our country to be deprived of the possibility of better economic improvement and good governance , and risk it to be led by someone who may be "trusted", who will "not do corruption" yet surrounded by people (vultures) who obviously are so hungry for money and power, that they will do anything to make sure of an Aquino win so that they can take over and protect and even increase their wealth and abusive power? He may(?) not do corruption, frankly, he may NOT DO ANYTHING at all! No! We don't need a transition leader. I believe in Ninoy, I adored Cory, but even my eleven year old son does not agree that it would necessarily equate to a son who will just carry on this legacy. He was just led on to believe that he can be president, mind you even his parents did not want him , moreso with his sisters. So who wanted him? The people around him who will "help" him! And according to him.."Hindi, AKO corrupt!".... next line supposedly.."yung mga nasa paligid ko lang, ako hinde"!!!! I believe that the good senator has good intentions for the country and for the people and that his economic vision and his style of governance and leadership are what it takes to bring us out of this mess that haunts even down to our children's children!
This is a comment on "Monsod´s C–5 “Analyses” – Errors and Consequences"

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