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Sep 29th
As sent by Columnist Jesse Jose to Perry PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Tuesday, 10 November 2009 20:00
As sent by Columnist Jesse Jose to Perry Diaz, with CC this Editor: Pareng Perry, May I differ with you? I don't agree with that opinion. That's putting all Pinoys in a "BOX." In one box, where everybody MUST think alike, talk alike ... and even look alike. And that if you dare think or say anything outside of that box, you're "putting yourself down and all the Pinoys in the world" and that if you don't align yourself with Pinoys within that box, you're a "cock-eyed" Pinoy. That's limiting yourself and confining yourself within that box ... ONLY! You follow me, pare ko? We, Pinoys, or anybody else, for that matter, should be free to think and to talk and to voice our opinons freely, on anything or on anybody, without fear, whether that person you wish to comment on is Pakyaw or not. That's the American way. When George W. Bush was still the president, many Americans laughed at him and put him down, almost like on a daily basis. Late-TV comedians and liberal-minded journalists, print and broadcast, had constantly laughed at him. And he was the president of the United States, the most powerful country in the whole world. Surely those Americans who put him down and made fun of him did not feel that they were putting themselves down as Americans, do you? They were voicing out their opinions, and acting like the typical Americans. Si Pakyaw, boksingero lang, pare. True, he's got a lot of fans and Filipino admirers and one of our own. He's also a "public" person, and anybody who is a public personna, will have always have plenty of detractors and critics. If you remember, you yourself and several people on this list serve had also made fun of Pakyaw's Visayan accent and singing "talent." Nasa America na tayo, pare. We have chosen this country now as our country, and our children's country. And it's a great country, may I add. Therefore, we Pinoys, should now think like Americans. NOT as Pinoys within that proverbial box, thinking alike and talking alike and perhaps, even wanting to look alike. Pare, it's time to leave that box and join Mainstream America and voice out whatever opinions we want to voice out. As to that crab mentality of Pinoys, UNFORTUNATELY, you're right about that. We also possess a "monkey mentality." You know, as in "monkey see, monkey do." Do you know that Mariah Carey, that famous and very sexy American singer said that Filipinos are "like monkeys"? Did you hear about that? Not too long ago, she watched a concert in her honor, of Philippine singers, who imitated her. I suppose they were able to imitate her singing and stage antics so closely that she called those Mariah Carey look-alike singers as a "bunch of monkeys." She was right, because Pinoys COPY and IMITATE everything that they see of America. We are talented imitators. We are monkeys allright, with a "monkey mentality" ... monkey see, monkey do, yes, we are. That's another unfortunate trait that we have, don't you thinK? Alimango na nga tayo, tsongo pa. But back to Pakyaw, Scoop ... HE'S gonna lose, I tell ya! Okey ngarud, my friend, take care now. Jesse In a message dated 11/9/2009 5:26:05 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes: In my opinion, when you put down Pacquiao, you're putting down yourself and all the Pinoys in the world. I wouldn't be surprised to hear a redneck say, "Look at these monkeys, one of them bocomes the best pound-for-pound fighter and they pull him down!" Isn't that what we call "crab mentality"?

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