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Nov 29th
Atty. Maynigo Says It Right PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 01 July 2010 15:58
Yes, Atty. Ben Maynigo, you said it right. Many Filipino-American leaders do not understand that in politics, it is not only enough to deliver the votes but also the campaign donations to the Political Action Committees (PACs) of American politicians. Unfortunately there are no organized PACs in the Philippines. Many of the Filipino politicians just pocket campaign contributions. But this article can begin the real "reinvention" of Philippine politics and the participation of US-based Filipinos in American and Philippine elections. Good reading and good luck, Maria Clara

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1 Friday, 02 July 2010 07:37
Hi Maria Clara! Thank you for your comments. The recognition of political realities in relation to a perceived notion is the first step to a planned and successful programming of action. The actual numbers in terms of potential Filipino voters and expected financial contributors in strategic places like California, Hawaii, New York, Chicago and other areas could easily provide a perception of strength which we know to be “reality” initially. Your idea of PAC to pursue Filipino interests in Washington, D.C. is a good one so as to maintain that perception of strength.

Add that to coalition building with other minorities such as the Hispanics with whom we share cultural heritage, the Blacks, other Asians and the Native Americans who now claim to have come from Asia. From actual registration of voters and larger amounts of financial contributions to the delivery of electoral victories to our chosen candidates, the reality of Filipino strength would be unquestioned. The delivery of goods and services benefitting our constituencies would further reinforce both the perception and reality.

I look forward to working with people like you in this endeavor.

Best regards,


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