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Jul 11th
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Friday, 08 July 2011 07:21
This story is total BullSh-t, this man who did the reporting never left the basement of his home to verify any facts. The story is 10% factual and the other 90% is spam made up lies. The date of the article and the name of the internet basement reporter is the only true facts. The internet has become loaded with so called arm chair basement reporters that post & spew idiotic crap like this story. Who did you get your information from? Was the information verified? What branch was the military GI in? What is a U.S. Enforcement Officer? No U.S. serviceman would ship military weapons to the Philippines, Under the UCMJ would have him in prison for life. Whoever this idiot is that wrote this nonsense is a real full blown GQQF with zero common sense. This story has more holes in it than swiss cheese. The national enquirer has better stories with pictures of aliens from mars landing on the moon and visiting Chicago's Mag Mile.

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Comments (1)
1 Saturday, 09 July 2011 17:28
Dear Mr. Benjamin Dover:

Why are you changing your name from Mr. Paul McCauley to Mr. Benjamin Dover?
Don’t you know that some people change their names when they are concealing fraud or deceiving someone that will result in the financial loss of a third party or are committing an illegal act?
From our email exchanges, I know you have not committed a fraud nor have committed any wrongdoing. I know you are the victim of delayed delivery of 30 Balikbayan boxes during the last six months by Aerosend forwarding company owned or managed by Mr. Ferdie Santos when you first wrote me an email from out of nowhere?
But just because you made a mistake of entrusting your Balikbayan boxes on the wrong forwarding company and you made another mistake of mentioning in your email to me that your Balikbayan boxes are loaded with “U.S. government military-issue equipment” designed to intimidate Aerosend to prod it to release your boxes from the Philippine Bureau of Customs, you are turning the tables on me, the messenger when your intimidation did not work?
Perhaps, if your sad experiences happened to me, I might also do the same thing what you are doing to me. But you should confine your anger and frustrations on Aerosend, which assured me time and time again that it is looking for other parties, like Jolly Forwarder, who could help it put up additional money to “bail out” your boxes?
Why did you say my story above “is total BullSh-t”? Why did you say, my “story is 10% factual and the other 90% is spam made up lies?” when I based it 100% from the email you sent me?
I believe in the email of Mr. Santos that you were the same one, who identified himself as somebody from “ACI FEEDS from Mindanao area whose shipper is clearly from Michigan” and had assumed other identities, designed to force Aerosend to deliver your boxes.
Right now your best bet is to follow-up your complaints against Aerosend before the Chicago Better Business Bureau, the Illinois Attorney General’s office, the Federal Maritime Commission, etc. and say a little prayer that your boxes are finally released and intact. Hopefully without the “U.S. government military-issue equipment,” which could land you in Philippine jail and lend you more embarrassing collateral damages.
Cut your losses, Mr. Paul McCauley. Don’t turn me into your enemy. You are barking up the wrong tree.
God bless!

Joseph G. Lariosa

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