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Jul 12th
Beautiful Poetry PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 10 January 2011 19:30
Pareng Romy, Beautiful poetry.... Thank you so much for sharing it and for mentioning my name. I've made my peace now with my so-called "mortal enemy, opps, friend now" (I hope), when I told him this: "... Let's move on na to bigger and better things. As you said, we were both "hurt" by what we've said to each other, and I am truly sorry for all that. So, let's don't refresh anymore those awful words that we've said in anger and hate. Let's move on to a good life, FREE OF HATE, ahead of us. Take care now, pare, and Happy New Year! Don answered: "Happy New Year to you, too!" And that to me is a good enough response and an acceptance, I hope, to my offer of peace. As you said, Pareng Romy, in your last poetic stanzas: "Waste not the time, waste not the day "We can frolic in fun, wait for that day." Also, as my good and dearest friend, Gerry Garrison said in his email: "These kind of emails are not the way. Who wins when this is done? I can tell you ... no one does. I believe apologies are the better way. This is God's way, the Christian way." Though in different words, I believe, both of you said the same thing. Thank you both for your precious friendships. Also, of course, to LOLO Bobby for his depth and wisdom and for his sharpness of wit and prolific humor that never fails to make me smile ... and guffaw. Jesse Jose Seattle, WA PS: Tumatanda na nga yata ako to be be writing of things such as these. I suppose there's a time for everything, ha?

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