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Sep 28th
Cesar and Bobby, The idea is to addre PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:50
Cesar and Bobby, The idea is to address the feeling of alienation and loss of sense of belonging Muslims in Mindanao feel which drives them to undertake struggle -- both violent and peaceful -- to secede from the Philippine republic. Reinforced with historical facts that they never were a conquered people in their own homeland -- Mindanao -- they have re-coursed their struggle as painted with religion. This is the reason for their adoption of the Moro identity that necessarily resurrects the hatred and animosity their faith ancestors had against King Philip II in ancient Iberian peninsula. Their rejection of our present country's name PILIPINAS (and Filipino indentity) is an articulation of said alienation or loss of sense of belonging. A corresponding shift of our Filipino identity that matches their shift from Muslim into Moro -- which is incorrect because they aren't Moors but Malays like the rests of Filipinos -- should have been undertaken. Hence, we have this initiative for a shift of the present rootword of the name PILIPINAS now PILIPI into PILI INA, Ina referring to Mary or Maryam (in the Quran), the Mother of Jesus (Prophet Eisa to Islam). Roman Guerrero of Davao and Cotabato, Philippines

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