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Aug 20th
Concentrate Instead on the Illegal Recruiters PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 21 June 2010 11:07
Pareng Romy, Good story. How's Parungao going to help these so-called undocumented workers? Does he have the power or the authority to make them "legal"? Is this guy to be trusted to "confess" to as an illegal in Canada? Just asking, pare. I've heard stories that it's often our "kababayan" themselves who "tip-off" authorities on TNT's in our midst. It's those "unscrupulous" recruiters that Parungao and company should be concentrating on and going after. Because as long as these unscrupulous third-party reps exist, there would be plenty of "illegals" here in America and in Canada. Jesse Jose Seattle, WA

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