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Oct 24th
Danding Cojuangco the mastermind of Aquino assasination at NMIA 1983 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 20 August 2010 01:22
Pres. Marcos was said to personally called Ninoy in the USA assuring him of his support and cooperation that Ninoy will be the next president on the condition that no harm will fall upon his family. This negotiation reaches and angered Marcos crony-monopolist Danding Conjuangco who made a swift moved to save his neck and his ill-gotten wealth. Marcos advised Ninoy not to leave US at that certain time for the Philippines. Marcos was said to have told Ninoy about an intelligence report that certain forces in his government and out of his control were plotting to assasinate him. It’s true as reported in the newspapers, that at the time of Ninoy’s homecoming, President Marcos was undergoing operation on after a failed kidney transplant. 1 of 15 convicted Ninoy killer–Sgt. Pablo Solomon Martinez confesses before, during and after the trial of the Aquino-Galman case that he was privy in the plotting of Ninoy assasination. He was with then Army Gen. Romeo Gatan the one who tasked him to look for an assassin and he hired Rolando Galman. Sgt. Martinez was told by Gen. Gatan that they are receiving orders from Danding Cojuangco. According to Sgt. Martinez, Gen. Gatan instructed him that if Galman fails–Sgt. Martinez must take the job of killing Ninoy and Galman too or if Galman succeed in killing Ninoy Sgt. Martinez will also have to kill Galman.

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