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Mar 26th
Dear Bobby, Thanks for your continuin PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 24 July 2009 19:33
Dear Bobby, Thanks for your continuing efforts to let our kababayans and the whole world know of what Tonette (Ka Tonyang) Binsol did for her needy compatriots both in her homeland and in the diaspora, as well as the quiet, selfless, self-effacing, but total, consistent, and passionate manner by which she rendered service. As the days pass since Tonette died, I cannot help but wonder why our government does not seem to have heard at all about this modern-day "Mother Teresa" in cyberspace. So far, I have not heard nor read any news from any of the agencies which are supposed to assist, monitor, and recognize the accomplishments of our Overseas Filipinos. We all know, of course, that recognition from government or from anyone else was the farthest thing in Tonette's mind. As she set about conceptualizing, mobilizing, looking for partners, leading, and implementing the diverse projects that she launched, it was the urgency of the need of the beneficiaries that was always uppermost in her mind. Sometimes, she felt some impatience with the pace of government response. But she chose not to dwell nor harp on this. Instead, she went on to identify other resources that could be tapped, wherever they could be sourced. And when help came, she was supremely generous with her recognition and praise for those who gave assistance. For those who have worked with Tonette, this attitude and mindset of selfless service to those in need is probably her greatest legacy, even more than the type, number, and diversity of projects that she helped launch durng her all-too- brief sojourn on this earth. If only for this, Tonette Binsol deserves to be recognized and held up as a true role model for all Filipinos (and other citizens of the world) who strive in their own way to respond to the volunteer task of service. It would be nice if some institutional recognition (government included) could be given to someone like Ka Tonyang. It would be a testimony to the Filipino's capacity for true greatness that is not sought nor contrived but which springs from genuine love of God and one's neighbor. Jimmy A. Cura

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